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Probably should have mentioned this a few days ago but John Lewis are now showing the upcoming Humax FOXSAT-HDR on their website, allowing you to register your details for news of when available to buy. Certainly no harm in putting your name down:

Email me when in stock – John Lewis

Don’t forget you can also keep an eye on our price comparison product page, for news of availability and price:

Humax FOXSAT-HDR product page

19 thoughts on “Register for Humax PVR at John Lewis”

  1. I saw that at the weekend and put my name down.

    However, I remember a helpful sales man at my local JL (High Wycombe) telling me end of April they weren’t expecting Freesat stuff in stock until July, though I didn’t check on this later as I’d managed to get hold of a Humax box at Comet.

    I hope they’re up to speed this time.

  2. Went into the Sony Centre in Coventry last thursday. The new Humax is listed on their system and I was able to preorder.

  3. anyone know of anywhere else where you can pre-order, what is the most recent update as to when it will be on the shelves (or at least on my shelf)

  4. tried to sort it at hughes electrical in kings lynn yesterday and they said even though they are advertising it they have been told by humax that the boxes will not be available now until the end of november

  5. This all gets very frustrating doesnt it!!! I am sure a big firm like Humax can actually release a specific date. They should of just said available in shops from 01 December then distributed the box to all the retailers under the instruction that it cant go on sale or delivered to customers who have pre-ordered the box until then. There would then be no guessing of dates by the consumers and the retailers would know exactly when it is available allowing them to give a good customer service, or am I taking a to simplistic view on this??

  6. The problem is that Humax don’t even know when it will launch, having already been delayed by 2 weeks in November. An official launch date is supposed due from Freesat but knowing how these things work, will probably come after the retailers are selling anyway! Agree though, stock should be supplied to the retailers in advance and a date given for release, that way retailers know how many they can pre-order for customers and customers know when they are likely to get their order. Last week in November is likely now.

  7. Hi Admin, thanks for the quick response. Not sure if you can really answer this or not, but this delay you talk about, is it a Humax delay or a Freesat delay? Are Humax basically waiting for Freesat to say go ahead and distribute the box’s to the retailers? Or have Humax had a few problems sourcing parts or something? I presume that any delays caused by Freesat is because the epg to allow recordings etc isnt quite functioning correctly yet?

  8. Humax manufacture and assembly delay, nothing to do with Freesat. Humax are just running a couple of weeks behind schedule, as they are having to test the first production batch off the line to make sure they are ok, before they can move head at speed.

  9. i am shocked when things like this happen, you have possibly 1000’s of people awaiting to spend £300 on a set top box and they cant get the date right, can you imagine j k rowling giving a release date for her books and then going looking for a printer to produce the books.

  10. Printing books is rather different; a bit of kit like this has to interact with the data sent by the broadcasters to control series links, amongst other things. It has to work reliably with the interactive services, too.

    Anyone who’s looked at Freeview PVRs in depth will be familiar with tales of boxes that crash if you try to look at particular interactive pages, or only do that if you’re recording two things at once. Or series links that are programmed differently by different channels, so things work fine on BBC1, say, but on five you get multiple copies of each programme.

    Freesat is brand new; five isn’t even on the EPG yet. Interactive services are still being rolled out.

    This is the first Freesat PVR; if it came out and people discovered that they could make it crash reliably, there’d be loads of people complaining on the net about how rubbish it is, Freesat can’t organise anything, Sky’s much better, blah blah blah. Even small bugs are going to get some people ranting.

    I really don’t blame Humax for taking their time to make sure it’s as reliable as possible when it goes on sale. If it means waiting to make sure, for example, five’s EPG data works properly for series, or something about to be launched on BBCi is reliable, isn’t that worth it?

    A book is a finished product, long before a publication date is set. The firmware for a complex PVR can be tweaked until the very last minute, and the more testing the better.

  11. Hi Nigel. I for one would definatly prefer Humax to take their time and get it right, there is no doubt about it, this is a complex piece of kit and will represent excellent value for money at the £300 price tag even more so when the iplayer functionality is released. The only problem I have is their mid November ish maybe give a week or six release date. Like I said in my previous post a big company like Humax should be able to give a release date and get the box’s out to the retailers before this date.

  12. Well, yes, they should, in an ideal world. But remember that there are lots of different people involved in broadcasting the data for Freesat. If something cropped up in the way one of the broadcasters was flagging their series, or an interactive app, they may not have had any other choice.

    The press release gave a mid November date; you can’t just keep sending out a new one each time something changes – and much of what’s been said online beyond the original release is largely speculation or third party information.

    On Freeview, for example, five was very late in adding series link data, and uses it in a slightly different way. If someone was just about to launch a box, and then discovered that, and it meant their firmware needed an update, I think it’s entirely understandable holding off to make alterations – even if it leads to the usual rounds of online speculation.

    Companies give a date they think is realistic, and they don’t intend to be vague, or miss it. But sometimes, it really is unavoidable.

  13. A word of caution on pre-ordering any newly released equipment. Where possible I like to support local traders (Bath area). When the Humax HD was released most of you will remember that you could hardly obtain one for love nor money.

    One local independant retailer managed to secure some of the first release batch. I asked how much they were and he said £200! I said that Comet were selling them for £150 (although non were available anywhere else in Bath at that time) I finally managed to negotiate a price of £165.

    When the proposed release of the PVR was announced he said he would need a deposit from me to secure one. He wouldn’t commit himself when I asked him what the selling price would be. Needless to say I declined that offer.

  14. Humax should not give people false hopes on when they launch there product. If they can not get a simple thing like a launch date right, and you say they may be having problems, it dose not bode well when we buy it. why say the middle of november now they saying the end of november, or is this another false dawn ,we will wait and see if this happens.I think they will lose customer confidence. If they do not sort them selves out very quickly.

  15. Has anyone bought the Argos “Freesat add-on for Sky installations” (515/0735) yet?
    It’s basically a Quad LNB to replace the orginal single, with cables & connectors so I was wondering if it’s that easy to install, maybe I’ll get the ladder out…

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