Sagem Launch Freesat Range

Sagem Freesat HD Digital Box
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Sagem, a digital satellite box manufacturer, are said to be launching a range of Freesat digital boxes over the coming days and weeks. The range includes a DSI86HD Freesat HD digital box including HDMI output and a USB port believed to be available for accessing your home pictures etc, although not for recording content to. The box is expected to retail very soon through major and independent retailers for around £130.

Sagem Freesat+ PVR Digital Box
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In addition, Sagem will launch their own range of Freesat+ PVR’s, the DTR94250S will have a 250GB hard drive and the DTR94500S will sport a 500GB hard drive, similar in spec to the Harvard range and made to a similar quality; although the prices are expected to range from £250 for the 250GB model, to £300 for the 500GB version.

Argos currently have all three units displayed on their website:

Sagem DSI86HD Freesat HD Digital Box
Sagem DTR94250S Freesat+ PVR (250GB)
Sagem DTR94500S Freesat+ PVR (500GB)

Freesat’s official statement says;

Freesat is pleased to confirm the imminent launch of several new Freesat products. Sagem and Harvard are both developing new Freesat HD digital boxes and Freesat+ HD digital recorders that when available in the coming months, will increase the range of great value and high quality Freesat receivers on offer.

24 thoughts on “Sagem Launch Freesat Range”

  1. I have used Sagem Freeview+ boxes for some time and have only moved to Freesat via the Humax PVR in order to get HD. When the Sagem Freeview+ was launched, the software was clunky and unreliable, but after a few months of software updates the EPG was slick and reliable and generally easier to use than the EPG on my much loved Humax. The upcome of all this is that people who buy the Sagem Freesat+ are likely to be pleased and it will hopefully encourage Humax to overcome the few minor niggles with their PVR. It can only be good for Freesat.

  2. I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with Sagem Freeview boxes, so I have no intention to buy one of these. Also I’m happy with my Humax HD box.

  3. What a strange place to put HDMI connectors, on the front. What is the box going to look like when connected with cables running across the front panel. The idea is to hide ugly cabling as much as possible not show it off!

  4. @ Al

    Thats a USB port on the front, not a HDMI port. Zoom in on the pic, you can clearly see the USB logo.

  5. I also had a Sagem Freeview box which worked for four days then it died, so no thanks. .
    I will stick with my Humax boxes here which have proved to be reliable and give good results also.
    I had a Bush Freesat box which worked reliably but picture was better on Humax .
    If Goodmans box proves as reliable as the Bush ( same makers) and is cheaper might be worth looking into for some folk after watching the reports from a few new users first.

  6. I would have expected it to look a bit better, also for £300 I could get a Humax HDR and buy a 1TB drive to stick in!

  7. Good memory but would you really have the ugly thing next to your 2.5K TV, amp etc.? I wouldn’t!

  8. @ Mj you’re right. I never zoomed the picture and as a result thought the buttons underneath the HDMI logo on the Sagem were HDMi ports! My bad.

    Does seem strange to shout about having HDMI on the front though. Hardly a ground breaking technology.

    @ Boingle, I have to agree. They do look like clock radios.

  9. I say stick to Humax better quality and price £219 for freesathd pvr on there site humaxdirect

  10. @Alan M £229 at the moment plus at least £5 delivery so £234, I think its worth paying Amazon £12 more for a new box delivered free.

  11. i also had a sagem freeview pvr and it was dreadfull so there is no way i would buy a sagem freesat + box (unless there was £100 off the price 😉 )

  12. Maplin have had the product on pre-order for a few months now, but with limited information I’d be surprised if they have any orders.

  13. Does anyone know whether the new Sagem recorders are likely to have decent non-freesat abilities such as timer recording and diseq control?

  14. Admin
    This subject has also dropped off the home page so most people do not seem to see it. Is there any mews when the Sagem recorder will be available, it was due in September, is that still the case? Where can we find out about its non-freesat and diseqc features?

  15. I have a sagem freesat box bot a lot of the channels are in 4-3 picture mode, how can I get them to fill my 16-9 screen.

  16. I recently cancelled my sky hd subscription and got the sagem freesat box, the picture quality with upscaling is far superior to sky The HD picture is amazing, but to be honest with sagems upscaling its difficult to tell the difference it’s that good.

    Some broadcasts are 4:3 and after phoning sagem support uk, who were extremely helpful and talked me thru my samsung hd tv setup and sagem box setup to ensure everything was tuned in properly, they explained that their boxes do not ‘stretch’ broadcasts in 4:3 as sky and some other freesat box manufacturers do, as it degrades the picture. So if you can live with a few broadcasts in 4:3 on your widescreen tv, it’s not a problem.

    This little box might be ugly, but it sits at the back of the tv out of site and gives the best picture quality of any freesat box I’ve seen.

    Highly recommended.

  17. What a shame that Sagem do not ensure that all broadcasts that are received by the freesat box are converted to widescreen automatically.It lets the box down and I cannot recommend that people buy this box when other manufacturers do a fine job of all broadcasts converted to widescreen. I’m thinking of buying another box by a different manufacturer to over come this problem.

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