Samsung release SMT-S7800 software update

Samsung release SMT-S7800 software updateNever expected this to happen but Samsung have today released a long promised software update for the SMT-S7800.

There doesn’t appear to be any sign of an OTA download, so the only way to update your receiver is via USB install.

The updates in version V6.0.376 include:

– Resolved the issue with YouTube log-in.
– Resolved the issue with the number of media files listed.
– Improved the recordings.

Note 1: Some users may experience schedule conflicts when recording some regional programmes in series because of broadcast information. Samsung is working with Freesat to resolve this issue.
Note 2: This includes major fixes or improvements, compared with V5.0.300 or V5.0.301.

You can download the software update from the Samsung website here

If you have this particular model, please leave a comment below letting us know how you get on with the update, as we’ve long felt that this receiver could be the best of them all, apart from the dodgy software!

(many thanks to Eamonn for spotting this)

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  1. I have a similar problem as MikeS. Since the upgrade I have problems with the hdmi connection. I have the pvr connected to my Sony home cinema receiver which in turn is connected to my Samsung 720p plasma. Before the upgrade I had sound via hdmi and was able to set picture resolution to either 720p or 1080i and display hd pictures. I now have no sound via hdmi (only from scart or optical) and setting 720p or 1080i resolution results in no picture just snowy interference. I can only get a picture by setting the resolution to 1080p which I would have thought should not work on a 720p screen. This setting also seems to cause resolution detection problems when switching between other devices (ie PS3). Any help or further advice on getting round this would be welcomed. Will also write to Samsung to alert them.

  2. Just now my machine stated upgrade software as I turned it off manually to watch a movie via USB on my trusted old HT-Z310 home cinema system which plays back USB movies far better than the S7800.
    Connected it to the home hub via Ethernet and its downloading new software so that works which I hope will make things a lot better.
    All hooked up to my much loved Samsung PS42b451 plasma TV which after 4 years from new works as new still because I always turn the lot off at the mains every night. The home cinema HT-Z310 does play up now and then but it’s so easy to resolve when it decides to piss me off…

  3. So does no one know why my box wont take the upgrade? When switched the box on standby it started to do a over the air software upgrade but didnt really do anything, still saying it had version 5 of software on box??????


  4. Or could someone here email me the files you need to do the upgrade on usb, im sure im not doing this right even though ive followed the instuctions on the pdf file

  5. Ben C said:
    Any idea if an upgrade will appear to allow the use of the new freetime epg and roll back of programs?

    Won’t be possible due to the processing power required.

  6. My box updated itself last week (it had been in storage for a while) since then I have no sound over HDMI to my LG LCD TV. Is there anywhere I can download the older firmware or are Samsung aware of this issue and working on a fix?

  7. EPG problem. On moving around within EPG it always returns to the starting point after about 15 seconds. Extremely annoying. OTA upgrade plus reset does not stop this. Problem was there before Upgrade and persists.. Not connected to Internet. HELP PLEASE.

  8. Why does my Samsung freesat box stop recording before the end of the programme…. grrrrrr. Also, if one recorded programme finishes at say 6pm, then the next programme to be recorded starts at 6pm, why does the freesat box fail to record the second programme.

    Damm Samsung……. can this be fixed ? waste of money IMO.


  9. Hi,
    Is anyone else still losing scheduled recordings even when using the latest software version 7.0379?
    For several weeks and twice in the last week alone, nearly all of my scheduled recordings have been disappearing and the only way to correct the problem is to perform a complete reset to default settings and then set up all the recordings again.
    I have emailed Samsung support (not easy, as the SMT-S7800 is not an available option in the email reporting system!)
    Just can’t trust the box to record properly any more. Does anyone know of any available fixes?

  10. Best solution is to junk the box, we have lost the begginings, ends, and all of some recordings….. we thought it would be a better option than sky, it is certainly cheaper, but at what cost ?
    I will be upgrading to a Betamax video recorder, at least they did what it said on the tin.



  11. Does anyone have the following problem and if so can you give me the fix?

    When i do a freesat scan i get all the available programmes without a problem. However after a few minutes my ITVplayer & ITVhd programmes both disappear! Why is this happening?

  12. This bl@@dy Freesat is still causing us more problems,the handset has started to lock up , and once a selected programm has finished the stb wont respond to any commands from the handset. This means that we have to do a 3 pin reboot,( unplug, wait, plug in again) That in turn means that a programme we were recording has stopped,once the handset was working again, we tried to resume the recording, but it would not let us, a screen message said ” check library, programm already recording ”
    I feel a quick axe job is in the offing !


  13. My review on
    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Mine has just started to go into a continuous reboot cycle. I am unable to interrupt it to do a factory reset. Will be emailing Argos, who I bought it from along with Samsung. I expect this to be sorted even though it was 14 months since I bought it. Would not recommend you go for this item.

    Finally sorted it, I’ve removed the hard drive from the box and reconnected all up and hey presto all working okay. Obviously I got the hdd not ready message on reboot. So it looks like Samsung have basically put a small ‘computer’ (I suspect Linux based) system together with the satellite receiver. Now recording movie type data in whatever format and continually moving and deleting it and replacing will cause the drive to become fragmented. I know this from my experience with astrophotography. I sometimes take 100/200 pictures at a time which are all stacked into one then delete the 100/200 source photos. Windows will then advise me to defrag the disk.
    This is what I think Samsung have overlooked. While you have the option to format the disk you don’t have a defrag option in their ‘OS’. I have now ordered a 1TB replacement disk which I hope to install over the next day or so and will see how it responds. I believe this to be a major oversight on Samsungs part. It would appear though that this will need doing again perhaps once per year. IE. remove hard drive, back up the data you have recorded then format the disk. You do not get any warning from the box about the disk state except when reaching low disk space, the symptoms appear to be the unit is slow to respond to the remote controller, lock ups and repeated pulling the plug to force a reboot. Serious boo boo Samsung.

    The new disk arrived this morning, exactly the same make and physical size as the original except it has 1TB capacity. Fitting is as easy as you would find building your own desktop computer. If you’re reasonably competent at that then you shouldn’t find and problems swapping the drive out. The machine booted okay and recognised the drive straight away, initialising it and it was up and ready with 998mb available.

    I now have the original disk which I will hook up to my desktop and shift the data recorded off to an external 1TB hdd then utilize the original in my desktop.
    Whilst I am happy I’ve fixed the problem I expect to have to do this occasionally and this is a serious oversight by Samsung who at this moment refuse to publish my ‘fix’ on their website.

  14. My remote will not work except to turn it on and off. It’s jammed on BBC1 and will not allow me to change channels or use the guide in order to record. Also, I cannot access the library in order to watch any recordings. PLEASE, can anybody come up with a solution. I’ve tried the unplugging and plugging back in jobby, but nothing happens.

  15. I have the same problem with the remote only activating on / off. It is possible but very inconvenient, to operate the machine from the front touch screen starting with ‘Menu’. I have sent emails to Samsung requesting their support but after reading so many of these comments, I’m not holding my breath!

  16. Eamonn said:
    One thing about this box that still annoys me is that when I power up the box it first goes from just ‘blue light’ on front to ‘LED clock on front’ and then another ‘on’ push to get the box fully working. I just want it to power fully up with one ‘on’ button push. If anyone has a solution to that problem I’d be very happy.

    My box never does this, I wish it did as the blue light is always on – can’t get the clock to stay on at all!

  17. Robert Johnston said:
    EPG problem. On moving around within EPG it always returns to the starting point after about 15 seconds. Extremely annoying. OTA upgrade plus reset does not stop this. Problem was there before Upgrade and persists.. Not connected to Internet. HELP PLEASE.

    Yes happens to me too, I have the Samsung and my brother has a Humax, his does the same also therefore could be the Freesat guide, only seems to happen when I first go to the EPG, best to load the guide and wait 15 seconds or so before searching!

  18. Since the latest upgrade, some channels – mainly CBS (inc. Horror) and challenge, go to 4:3 mode (if there is a 4:3 program on that is)!

    This can be cured by pressing the screen format button – bottom right on remote, but when the 4:3 program ends, the screen has black bars top and bottom and I need to scroll through the screen formats again!!

  19. Is there a way of keeping the clock display on the front panel instead of (or even with) the bright blue light?

    When I switch the unit off, the clock displays for a while then goes off!

  20. Castle said:
    lip sync has been my bugbear since having the box 18 months ago… both on iPlayer and media Player (over network) – along with the occasional hanging when playing back, that corrupts any recordings taking place… my scheduled recordings sometimes disappear but come back after a reboot usually.
    Very co-incidental them releasing this so soon after new freesat specs eh? Is something else going on or is that wishful thinking?!

    All recordings on my S7800 are corrupted, including stop live and play back. It was fine until a week ago but has suddenly failed. Live satellite reception is fine; disc has 13% free space. I have tried full power off and reset. Any suggestions on a fix?

  21. I have freesat+HD Samsung Smart S8700 before problem box in back 1 LNB and 2 LNB but 2 LNB is not working properly Problem broken down cannot channels recorder information can’t delivery not need fix difficult cannot fix anymore old an box. Buy new one freesat + HD Humax freetime box better. No guestion by Samsung Smart S8700 box.

  22. I have a Samsung freesat SMT S7800 I have a youtube Account but it want let me sigin I put my email in and pass failed can you help
    thank you

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