Samsung SMT-S7800 Now Available

For those of you keen to obtain the latest technology first, the recently announced Samsung SMT-S7800 is now available from both Comet and Laskys priced £299.99.

Laskys are currently offering 2.5% off all orders using discount code LENT25.

Alternatively, it seems Dixons and Currys are now selling cheaper at £249.00.

You can also keep an eye on our Samsung SMT-S7800 product page for more price inclusions once retailers gain stock; and if you do buy one, be sure to leave your thoughts/review on the product page.

61 thoughts on “Samsung SMT-S7800 Now Available”

  1. I wish I had read up a little bit more about Freesat. Dave, PickTV and a few other channels are not on.
    Apart from that box seems to be ok, wanted to keep all on one Brand so the Samsung box was the one! BBC iPlayer is instant, can’t believe how quick it is. No ITV Player Yet.
    Anyone know if there are any other channels coming.

  2. To, @Zap. I have this problem. I was advised that it is because I only have a single cable coming from my dish, although I have a quad LNB.
    I am hoping that the problem will go away, once a 2nd cable has been attached (which you need, anyway, to watch one channel, whilst recording another)
    I am also going to run a 3rd, to my, soon to be redundant, Sky box. Incase there are any channels, not covered by FreeSat.
    Also. Samsung are releasing a software update to iron out the known bugs.

  3. Well. This thread has been sorely neglected of late. My Sky service was eventually discontinued yesterday. So now I rely solely on FreeSat.
    We appear to have lost one radio channel, according to my latest channel scan.
    I would still love to know what the cam card slot is for. And if I can make use of it.
    Plus any other tips, or words of wisdom, on how to get the best out of the Samsung.

  4. I tried several times today, unsuccessfully, to register my SMT-S7800 on line. But it kept getting rejected.

  5. Hi all. I’ve just unpacked my unit. Couple of questions if anyone can help.
    Firstly – programming the remote to control my Panasonic screen – the manual says hold the TV button for 5 seconds til the LED flashes – well I;’ve held it down for a long time and no flash. So it isn’t entering edit mode and I can’t control my tv. THink it might be a faulty remote but wondered if anyone else has had the same problem?

    More important – has anyone been playing with the networking facility and had any success? I have all my home media on a Netgear NAS which I understand supports media player. Other devices in the house can see the NAS like my pioneer hi fi, but the FreeSat boz certainly doesn’t seem to want to. I’ll carry on playing, but it would be interesting to know if anyone has had any success


  6. Hi looking at the above threads and noticed that mike+, @zap, had the same problems as i am now having (brought yesterday) regarding the channels, i do only have only lnb1 at moment. Help what was the answer!!! Thank you in advance..

  7. @del boy:
    1. update software to 5.0.300 (firmware from samsung site)
    2. reset to factory defaults and choose sat1 (or sat2) on Antenna settings in first installation menu.

  8. Ammarok said:
    @del boy:
    1. update software to 5.0.300 (firmware from samsung site)
    2. reset to factory defaults and choose sat1 (or sat2) on Antenna settings in first installation menu.

    Mine bought from Currys today has the same issues, lots off missing channels and it has software version 005.000.0301 loaded and software version 0.39/1.43.
    I have a quad LNB with 2 cables and bought this as a replacement for a Humax FOXSAT-HDR which I have given to my son.
    If I cannot get the issues resolved by the end of this week, it is going back to Currys and I will get another Humax. I have several Samsung products which I am happy with, but so far not this one.

  9. I returned the box to Currys today and got an identical replacement to rule out one dud box.
    I have exactly the same issues with the replacement box.
    Have tried every possible setting but I am unable to resolve the problem, so unless a miracle occurs overnight, it is going back and I will get the Humax instead.

  10. @Aldby:
    If you have quad lnb, choose two cables and check your dish alignment. Also check the signal status: start recording, change channel, 3xinfo key, left right changes tuners. I’ve read on some forum, that samsung tuners requires better signal quality to operate properly.

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