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Mar 24 2011

For those of you keen to obtain the latest technology first, the recently announced Samsung SMT-S7800 is now available from both Comet and Laskys priced £299.99.

Laskys are currently offering 2.5% off all orders using discount code LENT25.

Alternatively, it seems Dixons and Currys are now selling cheaper at £249.00.

You can also keep an eye on our Samsung SMT-S7800 product page for more price inclusions once retailers gain stock; and if you do buy one, be sure to leave your thoughts/review on the product page.

61 Responses to “Samsung SMT-S7800 Now Available”

  1. Neil Says:

    I do like the look of this unit, glad to see it’s arrival and will provide a good alternative, just at the time Freesat’s HD offering is on the increase too!


  2. admin Says:

    Quick edit, it seems when Comet/Laskys state “in stock” what they actually means is they will get stock in a few weeks but can’t deliver before then! They must not know what “pre-order” means either 😉


  3. Neil Says:

    Are Amazon planning on selling this Receiver?


  4. admin Says:

    Not sure yet, imagine so, but stock hasn’t arrived and unlike Comet, if Amazon don’t have a pre-order option, they won’t put it on the site.


  5. Neil Says:

    Yep, I’ve noticed that with Amazon too. I must try and have a play with one of these at some point, I wonder whether the EPG and general on-screen GUI will be as responsive as the HDR?


  6. ztoppe Says:

    I have had freesat on my Panasonic (GT20B) TV since a few weeks before Christmas. But my Sky+HD box will be turn off on the 6th April and I was hoping to get the Samsung SMT-S7800 as a replacement.

    One reason I was going for this one is that I had seen some where that this Samsung box will be upgradeable to G2 spec via software downloads.
    Also there might just be a chance to get “Lovefilm” on it like some other Samsung products. (would be a plus item for me) I did ask Samsung about Lovefilms before their site drop the pages on this box.

    So I was hoping for some reviews on it before buying one. But as it now looks like it will not be out until sometime in April if stocks come through to the shop/stores. I tried both Comet and Laskys and both are looking at 4th April onward but only if they can get stocks in that is.

    So I don’t think I will see a review until people can get their hands on one.
    So nothing to do but wait.


  7. admin Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on available at Dixons and Currys ztoppe; product page and this post updated.


  8. ztoppe Says:

    Well I am going down to my local Curry store tomorrow (Sunday) to see if I can pick one up for £249.


  9. ztoppe Says:

    Well there are no Curry stores with any units in stock at the moment, But I found out there are 999 units in the Curry’s warehouse waiting to go out.
    So I have ordered one on line and hope to have it before the weekend, so will see then what it is like.


  10. Rozzo Says:

    Did Currys advise a delivery date before the weekend was a possibility?

    I wish a copy of the manual would get put online, ideally by Samsung, although its worrying why the product page has disappeared.


  11. ztoppe Says:

    I have just got it about 2 mins ago came by DHL :)


  12. ztoppe Says:

    I have took some quick phone photos and put them on this link

    I will add more later on


  13. AndyPandy Says:

    zstoppe – the permissions aren’t set properly for us to see those photos.

    Post up you first impresions ASAP as I’m very keen to get hold of one of these in th next few days.



  14. ztoppe Says:

    OK try now


  15. ztoppe Says:

    There is now about 54 Photos on the above link. I know they are not the best photos but their were took on my phone for speed so to get them up on flickr as soon as I could. So I will say sorry now for some of them, but I hope they help you.


  16. Jon Says:

    So what are your first impressions?


  17. ztoppe Says:

    Ok my first impressions of it is very very good I like the feel of the remote and it works from any part of the room I am in and from any angle which is good. Plus some of the keys glow in the dark. I have try the remote from 22 feet away and it works fine.

    It is very easy to set up and the menu system is fast. I also got Channel 4 HD on the Non-freesat part and did a test recording of what was on at the time and it played back OK.

    The iPlayer works well and I had NOT even set up the network yet. The Samsung box find and set the internet network up by itself without me having to do anything apart from pluging the network cable in the back of the box.

    YouTube work well and quick also, I had a quick try out and was happy with it.

    Now the thing is am I happy I got this? Well at the moment that will have to be a big YES as what I have seen so far is very good.

    But remember I have only had this for a few hours so far.
    So that is my first impressions.


  18. admin Says:

    Thanks for your contribution ztoppe


  19. ztoppe Says:

    @amin I hope the above link is ok on here..


  20. admin Says:

    No problem at all.


  21. admin Says:

    …thanks for sharing


  22. Jon Says:

    Thanks for the quick review and the photos, going to pop to dixons after work to see if they have any in stock.


  23. JGH Says:

    It’s very generous of ztoppe to share his experience so quickly when I’m sure he will enjoy using it himself rather than answering other people’s questions, but… a couple of things I would like to know, if he has a chance sometime:

    – Does the responsiveness of the menus extend to the EPG? I have always found the Foxsat-HDR programme guide navigation slow and jerky (nothing to do with the remote control as I use a Harmony)?

    – What file types, if any, have been tried using a USB connected drive (eg AVI, ISO, MPG, MKV, MP4, VOB)


  24. Neil Says:

    ztoppe: Good to see those photos, this unit looks well thought out and has a good GUI (user interface) as well as being flash-looking from an aesthetic point of view too.

    This will be a good addition to the family of PVR’s and receivers, also I expect Samsung should be releasing their 2011 range of new Freesat enabled TV’s soon’ish.


  25. ztoppe Says:

    Q: Have you tried recording from the buffer yet for a program which has already started?

    A: Now Been tested

    I put it onto a channel before the program started and then waited until it was around 20 mins into the program.
    Then I press record and a menu pop up giving 3 choices so I pick the first one “record program” and then waited until the program and recording finish.

    Now 1 of 2 things can happen here
    1. did it just record from where I had press record in the program missing the first 20 mins.
    2. did it use the buffer and added the missing first 20 mins.

    Well when I went to play it back it had recorded from the beginning of the program, so using the buffer to record from.

    So we now know that this is working on this box:D


  26. ztoppe Says:

    Just finish testing

    I have recorded two channels at the same time while watching a third channel.

    The two recorded channels were CBBC and Popgirl and the third watch channel (all at the same time) was Pop..:D

    see my photo link above and go to the new photos number 055,056 and 057 to see.:)


  27. ztoppe Says:

    Q: Can you try recording BBC1-HD and BBC-HD at the same time and see if you can live watch ITV1-HD and live pause it ?. If this works can you record the buffer at the same time.

    Just tested this out

    A: and it is a YES recording BBC1-HD and BBC-HD at the same time as watching ITV1-HD and pause live TV then play it then fast forward to get back on to the live TV on ITV-HD.

    So that is another thing that is working on this.


  28. ztoppe Says:

    How to record Three programs on 3 channels which are on at the same time.

    HOW it is done:

    Schedule the first TWO channels to record as normal.
    Then go to the Third channel a few minutes before the Program start and leave it on.
    When one of the other channels finish recording (you can check by pressing the “info” on the remote) just press record on the channel you are on and then press record full program on the pop up.
    It will then take the full program from the buffer and record the start of full program on to the samsung drive.

    You will end up with all three programs recorded on the drive.
    That is how I did it. ( I did it my way) :)


  29. ztoppe Says:

    @ admin
    Both Currys and Dixons have now put their prices up to £279.99 That is a jump of £30.99
    They did have 999 units in their warehouse on Sunday so they might be running low now.


  30. Richard Crichton Says:

    ztoppe. Is it possible to turn off the blue light? (annoying)


  31. alan barragan Says:

    does it have a ci slot and does it support a motorised dish


  32. lee b Says:

    What’s the SD picture quality like, I find the humax a little soft for my liking and prefer the SD picture on the sky box. Humax is excellent for hd though.


  33. ztoppe Says:

    @lee b

    I have got a Panasonic GT20B TV and Both the SD and HD Pictures from the Samsung Freesat box is very good on this TV. ( they are better then my Sky+HD box which is also a Sumsung)

    @ alan barragan
    It does have a CI+ Slot
    “does it support a motorised dish” No not as it is


  34. ztoppe Says:

    @Richard Crichton blue light

    I don’t know. I am waiting to see if there are any hidden menus.


  35. Jon Says:


    I have just received this player and like everything, except for the guide which takes ages to populate every time I access it. Are you having this problem?



  36. Jon Says:

    Ignore me, it’s fully populated now.


  37. Ammarok Says:

    Jon Says:
    April 1st, 2011 at 4:44 pm
    …takes ages to populate every time I access it…
    Jon Says:
    April 1st, 2011 at 5:36 pm
    ….Ignore me, it’s fully populated now.

    52 min – could be a little bit faster 😉


  38. Jon Says:

    Ammarok – lol

    I’ve had a good play with it now. Really impressed, the iplayer is ten times faster than the one on the Humax, I just wish BBC gave us a proper HD option. I have a Boxee Box and BBC HD Iplayer on there is superb.


  39. Jon Says:

    After having had the box now for a couple of days there are some HUGE problems with it. Firstly, when I originally set up the box I removed the Adult channels, then yesterday I noticed they had come back. I went back into the menu which stated they were hidden, but they were not. Now I cannot get rid of them from the guide.

    Programmes keep going missing from my schedule??? Series link ones seem to stay in there but movies and one off shows for some reason go missing. Also when I record an item on BBC HD the box may decided to record another BBC region and not in HD.

    This is such a shame because the box is otherwise a great bit of kit but I cannot believe Samsung released this and Freesat let them put there marker on the box. Samsung need to let people know that these problems are known and they are working on a solution. Otherwise the box is going back and I will wait for Humax to release their next box.


  40. ztoppe Says:

    Well Last night was the first time I have spent some time using this box without others wanting to watch things on it. Most of the week I have been working or people have been watching their programs and so on.

    First of all I do like the box and it has got a lot going for it, but after spending half the night playing with the box (no work today) There are some big problems with this box which should have been sorted before Samsung release it.

    These are some of the software bugs that need to be fixed

    1. In settings/channels/Adult services – Hidden or Visible.
    With Hidden turned on, The Adult services are not hidden.
    Children CAN still watch the Adult channels.
    (I was wondering why the lad and his mate was watching a shopping channel and looking a bit jumpy when I walk from work)

    2. If you delete unwanted channels (Adult & others) from the channel list.
    When the Samsung go into Standby and you wait for the clock/time to go off and then you turn it on (Active) all the deleted channels come back on to the TV list including the Adult channels.
    It looks like it is not saving the channels settings or something.
    It also tells me it is not deleting the channels but is only hiding them.

    3. When I have set to record an item on BBC HD the box has recorded in other BBC regions and not in HD. It is not ever recording in my own region but take a lucky pick from any of the regions. ( I first notice this the other day but put it down to the kids messing up the recordings again which has happen on the sky box with them)
    Even when you have deleted all the BBC regions from your channel list, it still records them. So it is just hiding the channels and not deleting them as it says. If the channels where deleted then you would have to do a rescan to get them back onto your box.

    4. I seem to have problems with picking two programs one after the other on flimfour to record from the Guild. Odd because I can do it on other channels from the guild.
    Also there is no manual timer so you can’t set it manual which is something which need to be added for when record from the Guild don’t work like with the above.

    5. Unlike sky boxes your schedule and your recording are not in the same place and so can not be seen at the same time.
    Your find schedule to record and Series links to record are under “Timer”
    Your recorded one offs & Series link recordings are under “Contents” so you have to go from timer to contents to see what been recorded, It might have been more easy to have everything in one menu like sky does. But that might just be me nit picking.

    As I said already there is a lot I like about this box but the above bugs need to be fix very soon. A big company like Samsung should have sorted all this out before releasing this box. I know other boxes also had bugs problems when release, But why rush it out before it was ready?


  41. Rozzo Says:

    For the recording issues, I can only conclude that whatever testing these companies do they do not do much of it in the UK with the real freesat reception.
    But that doesn’t explain other faults.

    It has been suggested that people use the reviews and Q&A section of the website to report their experiences of malfunctioning software and ask questions such as “where can we get a downloadable manual in advance of purchase?” But note they will only post your questions after moderation / 72 hours so recent additions I and others say they have made are not yet listed.


  42. ztoppe Says:

    @Rozzo (number 41)
    I did ask about Lovefilm last Monday before the site went let say missing for a few days. So after 6 days you can only see what I had put in the title bar and can not see what I put in the details boxes. This was asked before I received my box.

    This weekend I have reported (about 5 times now) a range of software bugs on there. I have also phone them up about the software bugs and I am now waiting for someone to phone me back some time in the week.


  43. Rozzo Says:

    A review has also appeared on Samsungs website but only the first few lines are visible and if you click on more a headed but blank page appears. Reviewer gave it one star! No surprise / Hope it stirs Samsung into action.


  44. Mike + Says:

    I bought the Samsung-S7800 from Currys, about 5 days ago. Without the slightest clue what I was buying. I just went out and bought the latest ‘thing’, to replace Sky, which I have just cancelled.
    The most annoying problem I am finding atm, is the constant, on screen message, stating “This channel is not available, Please check connection”. If I go up a channel, then back again, the errant channel works fine. Although, this might just be my Sky dish, requiring adjustment.
    There is no mention, in the manual, about the Cam card slot, on the side.
    There was no registration card in the box. So how will Samsung recall the box, if they have to, to sort out the software problems?


  45. Rozzo Says:

    Mike 44
    Should we assume you have connected both LNB1 and LNB2?
    Freesat don’t have a use for the cam slot as yet.
    Assuming they do create a sw update it would be transmitted over the air.


  46. Mike + Says:

    Hi. atm, I only have LNB 1. LNB 2 is on it’s way.
    I have since found Cam settings and variations in the ‘System’ folder, plus, I note that you can disable Freesat in order to go after alternative sources.
    It did occur to me, after I had posted, that S/W updates might be, over the air.
    All in all. I like the S7800. It does take a while to ‘warm up. And I have found that it is best to turn it on or off, before the TV. (If I turn the TV off first, turning off the S7800, turns the TV back on again)


  47. Rozzo Says:

    Did you find anything called DiSEqC settings in the System folder or anywhere else for that matter, no-one has been able to confirm to me yet if DiSEqC is provided for. It may not be a feature you would use but I would love to know.

    Your channel not available might be due to only having the single cable, there may be an option to set the box up to operate with only one cable. Otherwise, I hope installing the second lnb connection will clear away the message.


  48. Mike + Says:

    I didn’t notice, but I will have another look, when I next set it up. atm, I am using my Sky box, until my contract runs out.


  49. Mike + Says:

    I just bought a new quad LNB for my Sky dish, off eBay. Thinking it would be more efficient, with my Freesat box.
    When I opened it. It looked familiar. It would! It’s identical to the one, Sky replaced on my dish, a few weeks ago.
    How was I supposed to know, they would put a quad LNB up, for a single input Skybox? Luckily, it didn’t cost a lot. D’oh!


  50. @Zap Says:

    I Bought the Samsung Freesat+ and have found a fre bugs I have also had the banner apearing stating the “This channel is not available, Please check connection” but Nothing is at fault , the second is I can’t get the remote to work in place of my TV remote.


  51. Rhys Adams Says:

    I wish I had read up a little bit more about Freesat. Dave, PickTV and a few other channels are not on.
    Apart from that box seems to be ok, wanted to keep all on one Brand so the Samsung box was the one! BBC iPlayer is instant, can’t believe how quick it is. No ITV Player Yet.
    Anyone know if there are any other channels coming.


  52. Mike + Says:

    To, @Zap. I have this problem. I was advised that it is because I only have a single cable coming from my dish, although I have a quad LNB.
    I am hoping that the problem will go away, once a 2nd cable has been attached (which you need, anyway, to watch one channel, whilst recording another)
    I am also going to run a 3rd, to my, soon to be redundant, Sky box. Incase there are any channels, not covered by FreeSat.
    Also. Samsung are releasing a software update to iron out the known bugs.


  53. Mike + Says:

    Well. This thread has been sorely neglected of late. My Sky service was eventually discontinued yesterday. So now I rely solely on FreeSat.
    We appear to have lost one radio channel, according to my latest channel scan.
    I would still love to know what the cam card slot is for. And if I can make use of it.
    Plus any other tips, or words of wisdom, on how to get the best out of the Samsung.


  54. Mike + Says:

    I tried several times today, unsuccessfully, to register my SMT-S7800 on line. But it kept getting rejected.


  55. tim Says:

    Hi all. I’ve just unpacked my unit. Couple of questions if anyone can help.
    Firstly – programming the remote to control my Panasonic screen – the manual says hold the TV button for 5 seconds til the LED flashes – well I;’ve held it down for a long time and no flash. So it isn’t entering edit mode and I can’t control my tv. THink it might be a faulty remote but wondered if anyone else has had the same problem?

    More important – has anyone been playing with the networking facility and had any success? I have all my home media on a Netgear NAS which I understand supports media player. Other devices in the house can see the NAS like my pioneer hi fi, but the FreeSat boz certainly doesn’t seem to want to. I’ll carry on playing, but it would be interesting to know if anyone has had any success



  56. del boy Says:

    Hi looking at the above threads and noticed that mike+, @zap, had the same problems as i am now having (brought yesterday) regarding the channels, i do only have only lnb1 at moment. Help what was the answer!!! Thank you in advance..


  57. Ammarok Says:

    @del boy:
    1. update software to 5.0.300 (firmware from samsung site)
    2. reset to factory defaults and choose sat1 (or sat2) on Antenna settings in first installation menu.


  58. del boy Says:

    thank you trying to load the sw but box not reading sd card will try with anothey laptop.


  59. Aldby Says:

    Ammarok said:
    @del boy:
    1. update software to 5.0.300 (firmware from samsung site)
    2. reset to factory defaults and choose sat1 (or sat2) on Antenna settings in first installation menu.

    Mine bought from Currys today has the same issues, lots off missing channels and it has software version 005.000.0301 loaded and software version 0.39/1.43.
    I have a quad LNB with 2 cables and bought this as a replacement for a Humax FOXSAT-HDR which I have given to my son.
    If I cannot get the issues resolved by the end of this week, it is going back to Currys and I will get another Humax. I have several Samsung products which I am happy with, but so far not this one.


  60. Aldby Says:

    I returned the box to Currys today and got an identical replacement to rule out one dud box.
    I have exactly the same issues with the replacement box.
    Have tried every possible setting but I am unable to resolve the problem, so unless a miracle occurs overnight, it is going back and I will get the Humax instead.


  61. Ammarok Says:

    If you have quad lnb, choose two cables and check your dish alignment. Also check the signal status: start recording, change channel, 3xinfo key, left right changes tuners. I’ve read on some forum, that samsung tuners requires better signal quality to operate properly.


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