60 thoughts on “Scuzz Returns To Freesat This Week”

  1. @38 Paul
    £30k was the fee at launch. It’s gone up since then presumably due to the increased audience figures and inflation.

  2. Just read on DS that according to Scuzz twitter account, they are replacing NME.
    I like Scuzz, I like NME.

    Why can’t we have two good music channels? (going by my personal taste obviously)

  3. I too have both Freesat HD and a standard Freeview box. When I upgrade the TV it will be definitely with Freeview HD built in

  4. Well this is fantastic news! There is only one reason/channel I have my freesat box for and that is Scuzz. When Scuzz first disappeared I manually tuned my freesat box and still had Scuzz 🙂 Then I was getting worried that it was gone for good when manually tuning was not adding a new service. Only just worked out that the reason no new service was being added was because it was already there on 503. I use freeview for all other channels as it saves having to input 3 digit channel numbers! True lazyness I know.

  5. Music fans ! – WMF has started on Non-Freesat mode…..

    Other Music Channels available in Non-Freesat mode are:

    Channel AKA
    Dance Nation TV
    NME TV
    Starz TV

  6. What annoyed me about Scuzz launching is the fact that they literally switched NME off and then claimed Scuzz was back / new channel added … no … new channel not added. Channel replaced.

    Bring NME back. In fact bring the music channels above ^ onto Freesat … they’re free to air anyway.

    I know I know the channels above have to pay to be on the EPG but still it’s mad there’s loads of channes in “Non-Freesat-mode” but they aren’t in the EPG.

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