Shortage Of Freesat Everywhere

Freesat must be absolutely furious at the moment, having announced a fantastic 200,000 sales in 8 months since May 2008, it appears that the majority of retailers have no stock of the biggest selling products.

Alba Group have not distributed any Grundig or Goodmans SD/HD boxes since October/November 2008, and with Argos now owning the Bush brand, these are unlikely to be seen for sale anywhere but Argos. We are waiting for confirmation from Alba Group, but it’s been hinted that a 2nd generation box is in development which might mean no supply until February or maybe even March!

There’s no such issue with Humax’s HD Freesat box (FOXSAT-HD), they are still available everywhere, but the PVR version (FOXSAT-HDR) remains in very short supply, with no distribution since before Christmas! Humax have indicated that the PVR’s will be available from the major retailers and independents this week, but not in large volumes, with increased quantities expected from February. We of course will let you know when/where stock becomes available, alternatively visit Maplin who are taking pre-orders with an estimated delivery date of 14 days.

Panasonic’ supply of Freesat IDTV’s seems fine, no major issues on any of their screen sizes. John Lewis have said to a number of potential customers that the 42in Freesat Plasma (TH-42PZ81) has been discontinued. Panasonic have confirmed to us that this is certainly not the case and both the LCD and Plasma’s have all been selling very well.

Hopefully all these shortages are just a blip, a result of Christmas shutdowns etc; using the excuse of the present economic climate shouldn’t be much of a factor given that the large majority of the distributors have firm orders placed, they just can’t get the supply.

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  1. I’d encourage folks to phone John Lewis, which I did and got a HDR within 3 working days! Seems that a lot of shops/websites are struggling to meet existing requests and so have very few for shoppers. John Lewis indicated they were receiving a significant shipment to their distribution centre very shortly. So I’d encourage potential Freesatters to phone the shop who they anticipate buying from as the stock levels are likely to be more up to date. Certainly John Lewis seems the best bet as far as I can see. I’ve found the HDR an excellent product picture quality is fab, fab, fab and I’ve personally not experienced the glitches described elsewhere

  2. Just an idea it might have someting to do with The Chinese New Year. Where I work we’ve been waiting for ages for a certain computer peripheral to be shipped. Now they say nothing is due out of China until after their New Year celibrations at the end of Jan, we’re being told their factories all shutdown, not sure how true all that is but you never know!

  3. None of this surprises me as the whole thing seems to have been botched from the start. The early promotion of the service raised people’s hopes of a comprehensive HD service; HD boxes were much more readily available than SD (profit margins?) but there was very little HD material broadcast. Early adopters of the HD hardware are still clamouring for an HD service.

    As we approach the anniversary of Freesat launch, there is only one PVR available (well, sort of!) and that is nearly twice the price of its Freeview counterpart.

    Surely the way receivers have been selling to date is a wake-up call to both the box builders and the content providers. Digital switch over is gaining momentum – Freesat ought to be an easy choice to implement for those who choose that route.

  4. Talking of a shortage I have lost a number of channels over the weekend. Channel, 2, 5, the music channels and shopping have all gone and it says bad signal.

    Not sure why only those channels went as you would think if there was a problem with the dish all would have gone.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Currently waiting for Comet to call back……..

  5. Faults in a satellite dish don’t always affect all channels, if there is slight movement in the dish then certain frequencies can be lost, in the same way as a faulty LNB or moisture in the cables can cause issues. If Comet carried out your installation, have them revisit to determine the possible problem.

  6. Well I gave up waiting to get a HDR a couple of weeks ago and bought myself a Hauppauge Nova-HD-S2 card for my PC and set up the free PVR software GBPVR.

    Originally this was just a stop gap until I finally managed to find the HDR but actually I am glad I did as I can now record and watch all the channels (including ITV HD) on any TV in house (need a PC attached) and also copy the recordings to my netbook and watch on the train. Seems like all around a better option (at least for a tech nerd like me!)

  7. Darren Speck – to expand on what Admin said, your dish actually looks at both Eurobird at 28.5E and the Astra cluster at 28.2E. A careful installer with a good signal strength meter can optimise the alignment to get the best signals from both slots. The bigger the dish, the more precise the alignment has to be.

    Once the right position is found it is essentail to get everything really tight without disturbing the alignment. Over the weekend we had some of the worst gales so far in the 21st century enough to move a loose dish. Depending on the movement you might lose one, or both, slots. Hopefully Comet will be man enough to fix it for free whatever the explanation.

  8. Yes, we want a few more HD channels on freesat please, at least C4 HD and sky news HD. I managed to manually tune in LuxeHD and FX HD.

  9. ‘Early adopters of the HD hardware are still clamouring for an HD service.’

    We’ve got one – BBC HD. Worth the price I paid for the box alone. Euro 2008 and the Olympics were amazing in HD as just a couple of examples.

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