Software update January 2014

Freesat are releasing new software from Humax for Freesat+ HD with Freetime boxes later today (7th January). This is an update for both the 500GB & 1TB versions. A release for the Freesat HD with Freetime box will follow tomorrow (8th January).

Software details as follows:

Model Number HDR-1000S & HDR-1010S
Software Version UKSFAA 2.00.05
System ID 809C.7D04
Update Release Date 7th January 2014

Model Number HB-1000S
Software Version UKSFAC 2.00.03
System ID 89C.7D10
Update Release Date 8th January 2014

And here’s what it means for you

– Support for remote recordings and reminders from the companion Freesat iOS App. The App will be available in the App Store later this month
– Support for remote control of Freetime box from the companion Freesat iOS App. The App will be available in the App Store later this month
– EPG Improvements
– Confirmation prompt when deleting a recorded series
– Improved stability when changing channels in non-Freesat mode
– Improvements when reading a Media list from a NTFS formated USB device
– Improvements to the display of Recorded Programmes when switching on from Standby
– Improvements when Copying media or Deleting recordings
– Improved display of Server contents in Humax > Media Share
– Fixed issue with YouTube Back key

Freetime boxes will update automatically. But if you can’t wait, you can do this manually, simply search for new software by pressing Home, Settings, System settings, Software update and Search new software.

162 thoughts on “Software update January 2014”

  1. Dave W said:
    There’s a report on the My Humax forum that a new version of the firmware is being released today for the HDR-1000S. Youtube update and time added to planned recordings are the two things mentioned.

    Yes it goes to V2.13, mine’s updated no problem in sby.

  2. It also says the update includes “Support for new interactive services” any ideas what new interactive services are coming? BBC connected red button maybe?

  3. Rob said: Update related or not still not good for a device boasting”Pause and Rewind live TV”. PVRs have been around long enough for this kind of thing to be prevented by better written software. If the operating system of PCs and laptops etc. had to be reinstalled each time losing all data for such a simple system fault then we would have dumped such computers years ago.

    I installed the App on my iPad
    then immediately found I cannot pause or rewind live TV
    contacted Freesat they said Only option left was to format drive, BUT it was ok before the App ??

  4. Just found this thread where someone else is having problems with black screen on their YouTube. We get that quite often; then sometimes we can play a few clips, but once we come out of YouTube and go back in – we just get the black screen. Other days, it won’t load anything at all. It is infuriating. Any ideas? We have rebooted but no joy. It worked fine before the update at the beginning of January!

  5. fusion said: Since the update live pause has stopped working. .If I format my HD I will loose all my recordings,I’m ready to throw this thing in the bin. Loads of people are having this issue if you search the net.Why release an update that’s not stable and will break your box. …!!!!!!!!!

    RichardC said: That would be a major bug. Anybody else with that? My HB is ok with both.

  6. Pete G said: I installed the App on my iPad
    then immediately found I cannot pause or rewind live TV

    Not sure if it was the new software or the APP but it has finally dawned on me that I too cannot pause live TV – obviously a glitch. HDR1000S.
    Seem to be a lot of people with this problem now although clearly not the majority?

  7. We too have noticed that we can’t rewind or pause live tv. On our freetime box . Also if we are watching a programme & decide to record the same programme it only records from that point not all of the programme from the start as it should . If enough people complain about this fault something might be done so if you are experiencing the same fault then post it on line !

  8. I too have noticed that pause and rewind of live TV doesn’t work since the last upgrade. Why doesn’t Humax publish their ‘known bugs’ for each release ?
    I am also very disappointed that the file manager function is missing on my HDR-1000S/500GB. Thinking of reverting back to my old Foxsat HDR.

  9. Michael said: That’s the date that software version was finished before being sent out for testing.

    Do you mean to say this software was tested?????

  10. Just been onto Netflix and asked them when will it be available on freesat boxes. this is the reply I got..

    Thanks for holding Ian, I just double check this information for you, at the moment Netflix is available on many devices and planning on expanding, the Freesat box are not compatible yet with Netflix but we are working to have it available soon, we have just added the Dish receiver yesterday to the list and we are working to have the Freesat soon!

  11. I don’t like it this one Sagemcom box anymore because it problems HD channels is broken down not working properly recording HD pictures stop not very good.
    I want to buy new freesat+HD Humax freetime box better get new one shopping.

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