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Mar 24 2009

Sony has indicated that they expect to release a new range of televisions with integrated Freesat by the end of the year. This follows the hugely successful rival range from Panasonic, which have been on the market for many months now and have recently announced the launch of a new range themselves.

This news is reported to have been given by a Sony representative to What Satellite & Digital TV magazine at a function on Monday evening. Wotsat have said;

At a UK press event last night, a Sony representative told What Satellite that Freesat HD-ready TVs would be available by Christmas but did not disclose features or screen sizes.

This is further good news of the intent of major manufacturers to get involved with the Freesat platform. As and when we have further news we shall let you know.

10 Responses to “Sony To Release Freesat IDTV’s”

  1. Andrew Cameron Says:

    Excellent news, seems momentum is really building behind the Freesat format. I’m sure we’ll be seeing other providers of digi boxes and PVR’s getting involved too… which can only be a good thing for features and prices. Kudos to Panasonic though for spotting the potential early!


  2. Dave Says:

    With freeview HD tuners also I hope otherwise they are ‘out of date’ already…sort of !


  3. Dave Says:

    Plus PVR functionality for both formats then you really have brought some thing future proof..


  4. Lee B Says:

    Really good news, looks like freesat is going from strength to strength, like Dave says a premium version with a PVR built in would be nice and gets rid of a pesky box and wires! The ability to also support the new freeview HD format would also make sense.


  5. MJ Says:

    I thought that the HD standard for freeview has not been officially ratified yet… There are no official DVB-T2 receivers on the market yet. Perhaps by the time Sony release their IDTV’s there might be…


  6. Michael Says:

    Fast foreward five years and Sky could very well become the minority satellite service provider. The only way they could move into integrated premium products would be to market their own TV’s to existing customers. Perhaps at last there excessive protectionism and control freakery will begin to backfire on them!


  7. Chris Guest Says:

    Given what Michael says, above; Sky would do well to buy-out troubled TopUpTV . They could then offer a limited fare of Sky channels, but with a view in future to offer HD ‘freeview’ channels (as they were already intending to do with the apparently abandoned ‘Picnic’ project).


  8. KDHUK Says:

    @MJ Specifications for the next generation of Freeview have been published by the Digital TV Group, the UK’s industry association for digital TV.


  9. Sony Launch Two Freesat Televisions | Join Freesat Says:
  10. Mb Says:

    Over a year later than Panasonic, but at least this should be a good product!


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