Strong Freesat Sales Continue

Freesat continues to see a positive increase in sales ahead of a planned advertising campaign showing on television from tomorrow.

Since the previous announcement of 200,000 sales up to the end of 2008, that figure has now increased in Q1 of 2009 to 300,000. In the current climate and often at a time when retail sales dip, this is very positive news for Freesat.

We shall try to find out officially the split of receivers purchased but on asking previously, were told that this information is not released as the manufacturers prefer such figures to remain private for competition reasons. We understand that it’s around 190,000 HD, 110,000 SD.

15 thoughts on “Strong Freesat Sales Continue”

  1. Good to see things moving steadily but im sure when ch4 hd does finally crop up things will move faster plus other channels like sky news,paranormal(sad i know)and a few others.

  2. good to see freesat on the up,should be even better when more pvr’s hit the market and when sony bring out thier idtv”s 🙂

  3. I think the fact that Sky have reduced the price of their Sky+HD box to £49 in the run up to the Easter Freesat marketing campaign speaks volumes. They wouldn’t be doing that if they weren’t a. loosing subscribers and b. worrying about the raft of new Freesat PVRs coming out soon.

    Personally speaking I can’t wait to get my hands on the new LG LF7700 42” LCD TV. Had considered the Panasonic 42” Plasma but the screen struggles to match the clarity of an LCD.

  4. I wonder if Freesat planned advertising campaign in April has got anything to do with the old sky (house) cards being switch off in April also?

    A lot of people will lose some of their channels unless they sign up with sky or get a new sky card.

  5. Given the lack of advertising the service is doing well.

    It just shows the demand and shows that the appeal of the service goes beyond those who can’t get Freeview in their area.

  6. I think companies generally hold off on advertising until there is plenty of stock to cope with the demand, here’s hope the Humax PVR shortages are solved!

  7. I agree with garry above, but we want Dave and Dave +1 as well as Ch4HD. But Freesat are doing a great job. I wish ITV_HD would put more programs on and move to a proper channel like BBC_HD. That said with my Humax Foxsat HD box our family enjoyment is almost complete. My old Sky box will go in a future carboot sale (if anyone will buy it!).

  8. If C4 could just launch C4HD on freesat it would be such an improvement to the service. In fact if all the HD channels used the new Ateme encoders they could produce an amazing picture for just 6 Mbps just like Luxe TV, it would cost them less to broadcast, or the BBC would instantly have enough room for 2 HD channels!

  9. from reading the various comments above, does anyone know when sky will turn there non subscription cards off? -if true ?? -The number of people who use the old cards / boxes will be forced to play there hands… & buy a freesat box.

    Just like to say how good the Humax PVR is. If you have had sky plus for years like me, it can take a few days to get the hang of it. at first it does not seem as easy / simplistic to use as sky+. a few days later and its a real winner ! a satellite pvr without subsciption! sky watch out !

  10. Jimbo; Sky are not allowed to swich the non-subscription off. As part of the digital change over, anyway they do a deal for no-subcription where you pay for a sky box and installation.

  11. Are there any channels due tomorrow? My Humax has had several false rescan messages over the last week.

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