STV Ends Legal Stand-off With ITV

A long-running legal dispute between the broadcasters STV and ITV has been settled amicably after the Scottish company agreed to pay ITV £18m. This could mean that STV HD will finally come to Freesat, though we suspect we might be a while off that just yet.

More on this story on the BBC news site.

53 thoughts on “STV Ends Legal Stand-off With ITV”

  1. ITV player will be replaced with STV player but they will carry some ITV programming as agreed in recent discussions. STV in general is not going to change.
    Still pick and choose their own programming and schedule but buy programming up front rather than investing in most ITV shows. However more ITV dramas will be seen on STV but sport may be sacrificed for STV to buy in from other companies or show local content. Some ITV shows may not get a repeat on ITV 3 quite as fast as in recent years.
    We should see STV HD and STV+1 on Freesat very soon and the next couple of years could see STV 2 replace ITV 2 in Scotland. Sort of S2 reborn.

    “Thanks to the new management at ITV a better working relationship for both ITV and STV is ensured for the future with ITV and STV working side by side equally along side UTV and Channel to turn channel 3 into the nations number 1 choice for quality news and entertainment”.

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