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Jun 06 2010

STV Launches HD Service

News taken from STV website

STV is to launch its first High Definition service, STVHD, bringing viewers Scotland’s most popular peak time TV schedule in crystal clear clarity, making programmes brighter and sharper than ever before.

STVHD will be a completely separate channel on Digital Terrestrial Television/Freeview on channel 51 and on Virgin Media on channel 113. It will be available in time for the World Cup launching on 11 June.

STV HD brings football games to life, adds more energy to entertainment and offers drama in all its gritty glory. The channel will feature all of the 2010 FIFA World Cup games exclusive to STV throughout the tournament in High Definition, bringing viewers closer to the most exciting sports event of the year like never before.

Viewers can get closer to the action of all their favourite shows, such as X-Factor, Coronation Street and the new series of Taggart, as this cutting edge technology presents STV in amazing detail.

Bobby Hain, managing director of Broadcasting at STV, said;

We’re thrilled to be bringing viewers a brand new STV HD service, offering our programmes in crystal clear vision and incredible clarity. We’re particularly pleased that we’ll be offering all of the STV World Cup games in HD for our nation of football fans on both DTT and Virgin Media.

STV is currently working with Sky, Freesat and ITV Network with a view to making STVHD available via satellite as soon as possible and will provide an update on this in due course.

57 Responses to “STV Launches HD Service”

  1. masonj98 Says:

    A bit late don’t you think. Typical STV


  2. Richard Crichton Says:

    Better late than never. Freeview HD is only available in the Glasgow area so having it on Freesat will be good.


  3. Terence Says:

    just in time for the world cup.
    scotland will love to see england do well in hd


  4. Tony Hales Says:

    In your dreams.


  5. andybell Says:

    Unfortunately it looks like STV HD won’t be on either Sky or Freesat’s epg in time for the World Cup. So it may well be the case that we’re still going to have to use the “postcode dodge”. In other words a Border TV postcode to give access to ITV1 HD.

    Other forums are claiming, rightly or wrongly, that STV is only showing ITV network programmes in UPSCALED format rather than HD – though that may just be temporary.


  6. Jock Says:

    When our team falters we love to get behind the auld enemy and give them our support. “Anyone but England” is just a wind-up.


  7. Iain D Says:

    Richard 2. I’m in Fife and can get BBC / STV and Ch4 HD service on freeview. I have both STV and ITV HD covered. One on freesat, the other on Freeview.


  8. kevin Says:

    i no thay is football comeing on to stv HD but will any wrestling come on for the fans please can you reply back thankyou freesat team


  9. Graham Hall Says:

    Not much good to freesat viewers?


  10. C14R4N Says:

    @8, Kevin

    As you appear to ask lots of questions I suggest you use a forum such as AVForums and DigitalSpy. You might also want to use a spell checker from time to time aswell.

    As to your question, it is only likely if ITV1 show any wrestling.

    Also, we are not the freesat team, we are mostly a group of enthusiasts and users of the freesat service


  11. Phil Says:

    Can it be added as a non freesat channel? If so, whats the frequency please?


  12. Richard Crichton Says:

    @7 Ian D
    You must be on the Black Hill transmitter which serves the Glasgow area and parts of West Fife including Dunfermline. Mid Fife (Glenrothes) and Edinburgh is covered by the Transmitter on the Binn above Burntisland and will not have Freeview HD until 15th June 2011. Since I am near Glenrothes Freesat HD is very handy until at least next June and hopefully much longer if Freesat gets 4HD.
    There is a handy Freeview coverage checker on the link below.

    @11 Phil yes it can at 10.936V 22000 5/6. It is called 3855.


  13. AlexR Says:

    I did ask about this on another thread but why is in even on here?

    I was looking forward to my Update Scan until I read that its for Virgin and Freeview.

    When its coming on FREESAT – then tell me about it!!!


  14. AlexR Says:

    I have noticed more of the HD Red Button access on STV so I take it it is actually being broadcast as #12 Richard C has given the non freesat channel.

    Get a move on STV and get it on the EPG this week, please.


  15. Phil Says:

    #12 Richard, I cant find any channels on that frequency


  16. Dave Says:

    Exciting news for the Freeview platform and VirginMedia viewers, but can I ask why this has been posted onto the freesat news area?

    When the channel is due to become available on the freesat platform THEN it should be news on here…

    oh, I see… it’s been posted here to just show freesat uptakers what they are missing – right ?


  17. admin Says:

    No, it has been posted as a follow up to a previous piece we ran on the expectation of STV HD launching (at all). We have many enquiries on why ITV1 HD isn’t available in Scotland and whether STV HD will launch instead; this is to answer that question.


  18. Richard Crichton Says:

    #15 Phil
    They are on there I just checked. Did you put in a symbol rate of 22000 and vertical polarisation?


  19. Phil Says:

    #18 Richard, yes I did, it just says no services added


  20. Neil Says:

    This is welcome news for those north of the border, must have been part of a deal to free up TP56 for STV’s HD service.

    #5 (Andy) – It looks like it’s potentially not going to be available on Freesat for the start of the world cup although they are currently testing and it looks like it’s ready, just needs adding to the relevant EPG’s, Makes you wonder if there is an agreed channel update sent with bundled changes rather than an ad-hoc ‘as and when’ update for each new channel added.

    ITV1HD is also due to be regionalised in due course with a Granada variant currently testing. I’d have thought STV and the ITV regions would all be added to all satellite platforms prior to the 11th when the World Cup starts but maybe ITV have other advertising deals to suit a later reshuffle?


  21. Jock Says:

    #19 – Phil

    I can confirm what Richard Crichton says. I have added 10.936V to the non-freesat option on my FoxSat-HD box and it works a treat. STV-HD is now available to me in Central Scotland.

    It leaves me with two problems – it will shortly be saturated with football and, like ITV1-HD, there are no subtitles. I got Freesat to provide an escape route from sport, so it will earn its keep this summer!


  22. Phil Says:

    I will try it again tonight on my Bush box. May have been the bad weather that had an affect on it.


  23. shane Says:

    Freesat are now transmitting epg information for STVhd and ITV1 HD granada. Probably for a freesat epg launch this thursday hopefully.


  24. Phil Owens Says:

    @22 Phil..
    Not the weather. On the Bush you can’t change the FEC to the correct one.


  25. Richard Crichton Says:

    @24 Phil Owen.
    Not sure that’s the reason as you can’t change the FEC on the Technisat either but it still finds all the channels no bother.


  26. Liamo Says:

    With regards to the Bush/Goodmans/Grundig issue with the FEC – ITV1-HD is FEC5/6 and yet i can tune it in manually – Im wondering whether this problem will vanish once STV-HD is actually added to freesat – I am hoping that it will as i frequently watch STV (Manually added) –


  27. Shane Says:

    @26 good point. Think we had the same problem with the Food Network before it was added to epg?


  28. mediaman Says:

    My contacts suggest that STV and SKY may have had an arguement over encryption resulting in SKY stopping STV from going on their EPG. However this seems unlikely to me as SKY need’s world cup footage in HD on it’s platform otherwise they will be a lot of angry SKY subscribers and ITV HD is not aloud to broadcast in Scotland leaving STV HD as the only option for them.

    Whether or not it is true it will not affect the launch on Freesat.


  29. Daniel Says:

    Ok, ppl.
    STV HD is available if your using “Windows Media Centre”
    Scan 10936.00 V @ 22000
    Your get a channel named 385, and thats it.

    It on Freeview on SKY (No Encryption), So I dont see why Freesat hasnt got it yet.
    And yet another HD channel that the Freesat hasn’t got yet! (Thats free).
    Come on Freesat I can pick these channels up with MCE 7 so add them to the EPG for everyone else to see.


  30. AlexR Says:


    Hopefully the Red Button option will be there to get HD for the World Cup or else I feel a retune to a Borders Postcode coming on


  31. stef1916 Says:

    I have manually tuned STV HD on my Humax Freesat box but why has this still not been added to the Freesat Epg?

    Talking about scoring an own goal, if you pardon the pun. Think I will continue need to use the Post Code dodge to watch ITV HD.


  32. admin Says:

    It’s not for Freesat to add as such, it is for STV to stump up the £30k for inclusion on the EPG. Suspect that whilst they are having ranglings with Sky, they won’t submit to any satellite platform (Sky approval process etc).


  33. Mac Says:

    Confused like me – you soon will be I suspect !!!

    I was under the impression STV HD was not yet available on Freesat ?

    I’m also curious – what HD programmes will STV carry that ITV HD don’t already ? I’m tuned to a London postcode and more than happy with that service. I can pass on regional news etc.

    Or will STV put their own commentator on the World Cup broadcasts and claim that as their unique service ?


  34. Guy Says:

    Did a non-Freesat scan today and STV is there. Scanned for all available FTA channels and it is on channel 5119, right alongside ITV1HD. The channel as suggested above is being called 3855 right now but I can only assume this is in the imminent preparation to have it on the Freesat EPG.

    As said above, you have to be in Non-Freesat mode, but easy enough to find in the list as there are only 6 or so HD channels


  35. Dave Says:


    what exact frequency/settings did you use to tune in STVHD for your FreesatHD box?

    I’ve got the Grundig FreesatHD box and used 10936 V 22000 but didn’t get STVHD or 3855 etc? (and the Grundig box can’t change the FEC, it’s always 2/3)

    still happy managed to tune in ITV1HD so now just watching the SA v Mex game on ITV1HD.

    I’m in the Tayside area btw.


  36. Chrisupyonder Says:

    Astra 2D 10936 V 22000 5/6 DVB-S2 8PSK No probs with ProgDVB

    ITV 1 London [LyngSat Address] MPEG-4/HD 3851 513 641 E
    STV West [LyngSat Address] MPEG-4/HD 3855 512 640 E


  37. Richard Crichton Says:

    @35 Dave
    The Harvard Group boxes eg Grundig,cannot tune STV HD as the FEC is 5/6 at present.


  38. John McDonald Says:

    Well so much for the so-called, ‘Freesat’ box standards. As usual, everyone has to bow down to the the great Sky god.


  39. Richard Crichton Says:

    It’s not on ‘Freesat’ EPG yet which means it aint on Freesat.
    When its actually added the problem should disappear.


  40. Mediaman Says:

    My contact now suggests that STV will not be on Sky’s EPG as STV has refused an encryption deal, and a deal with Freesat has been done and STV could be on their EPG as early as next week. I have Freesat so I am hoping his information is right.


  41. Neil Says:

    Oh dear, looks like Rupert’s thrown his toys out of the pram! I say that’s a 1-0 goal to Freesat in Scotland then!

    So we suspect unless Sky agree to exclusivity they weren’t interested in carrying the service although they’ve obviously come to a deal to lease bandwidth on the transponder?


  42. Richard Crichton Says:

    Off topic but does anyone notice an improvement in BBC HD now that the bitrate goes as high as it did before everyone started moaning about the quality. However the bitrate also goes much lower than it did before.


  43. Neil Says:

    I was watching that nature programme last night with all the exotic insects (can’t remember what it was called, aired 2115-2215) and was very impressed with the PQ, especially the definition on the droplets of water. Maybe it was down to good production technique but couldn’t help but think the changes to VBR coding has helped too.


  44. stuart Says:

    Not of interest to freesat viewers, but Sky boxes can be configured to pick up ITV HD in scotland – I live in Aberdeenshire and am watching all the World Cup matches on ITV in HD … instructions can be found on other fourms /bb if you search carefully.


  45. Guy Says:

    I see watching STV HD in non-Freesat mode, the current World Cup game actually has the STVHD ‘dog’/logo. I’m pretty sure earlier, it was just a repeater of the ITV HD channel or upscaled STV standard.

    So, STV is broadcast via Satellite not just Cable and Freeview HD, and can be obtained quite simply on FoxSat HD boxes in non-Freesat mode. I can only assume political wranglings between the operators are causing problems in not making the channel available with the EPG. To have left things so late that they missed the World Cup is a real own goal, with no particular pun intended.

    I, like many, have my box tuned to a Borders postcode, so they are missing a large number of viewers that may not bother to retune – I did note today however that I nearly missed Harry Potter in HD on STV when Borders ITV were showing a different movie, so the sooner they get their act sorted out, the better.


  46. Neil Says:

    I’m surprised it has not appeared on the EPG by now, certainly Freesat’s. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sky are playing hard to hold it off inclusion until after 11th July, surely though they would want it on their own EPG too to support World Cup coverage? Post 28 may answer the reasons why it has not happened so far!


  47. Phil Owens Says:

    Off topic I know, but, now Astra 3B is now operational, SES will move I think 2 satellites from 23.5 degrees East to another position/positions . Anyone know where and when?


  48. Neil Says:

    @Phil: Not sure but the general consensus is that one may end up at 31.5E to release 2C back to 28.2E or they may move 1E or 1G direct to 28.2E. 1E should have at least 12mths service prior to a possible co-location of 1N in 2011 which will provide extra narrowbeam capacity. The use of 1E could allow Sky to offload remaining Encrypted TP’s from 2D freeing up four narrowband TP’s.

    Time will tell what SES decide to do…..


  49. mediaman Says:

    According to some reports ITV are now blocking STV from launching on Freesat during the world cup to force STV viewers to watch ITV HD on their red button service. Something to do with ratings, advertising and money no doubt. Freesat viewers in Scotland are turning away in droves using Border postcodes.If any of this is true Ofcom or the channel 3 licensee’s should get of their butt and do something. Between SKY and ITV, STV are being squeezed out.


  50. Silly Old Hector Says:

    Trawled through AVForums and here, so thanks for the wealth of information and advice.

    Had previously tried red button on 103 STV with no success. Cutting straight to the chase, being only a partial techie, I just plugged in a Borders postcode (mother in law’s !!!) and hey presto Ch119 appears. Will give it a go a respond.



  51. Richard Crichton Says:

    @50 Silly Old Hector
    977 ITV London gives you Ch119 via the red button when HD is being transmitted so you may as well use your correct post code and have STV on 103 if your not bothered about recording stuff from ITV-HD.
    The upscaled SD stuff on Ch 119 is not worth not having STV on 103 for imho.


  52. Andybdm Says:

    Can anyone help me please? I have a Grundig Freesat box and I live down in Lincolnshire. I do not have STV on my freebox and was wondering if there is any way that I could get this channel. Thanks. Andy


  53. fred cattanach Says:

    HD tv on itv/stv is a farce ok on bbc i have an freesat hd tv but cant get itv/stv on hd in the grampian area CAN SOMEONE UPDATE ME ON THIS thanks


  54. jeff Says:

    can anybody help lost itv hd on freesat cant get stv hd live in ayrshire no answer from stv .


  55. Jason Says:

    Hello guys.

    I am a bit confused by Freeview HD.
    I had bought a Freeview HD box from Tesco (their brand) last October 2010, but It only receives the SD channels and no HD channels are listed.
    I always thought that the receiver is faulty because I am on the Blackhill transmitter and I should be able to get 4 HD channels from it.
    So I have bought another HD Freeview box, Humax HD-FOX T2, but it’s the same! When I do a channel scan it only gets the SD channels and no HD channels :( – What’s the problem?. I have a TV antenna on my roof and no HD signal. I live in Cumbernauld. Cumbernauld is only 12 miles from Glasgow. So why can’t I get Freeview HD?. Thanks for any help.


  56. admin Says:

    Firstly you’ve posted on a page about STV, so not relevant to your questions so you might not get the right responses; secondly, your question relates to Freeview, this is a Freesat website.


  57. Paul Scott Says:

    At last stv hd broadcasting on freesat in south west scotland (Dumfries and Galloway) we are denied stv freeview in this corner of the woods up yours border tv


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