STV Launches HD Service

STV Launches HD Service

News taken from STV website

STV is to launch its first High Definition service, STVHD, bringing viewers Scotland’s most popular peak time TV schedule in crystal clear clarity, making programmes brighter and sharper than ever before.

STVHD will be a completely separate channel on Digital Terrestrial Television/Freeview on channel 51 and on Virgin Media on channel 113. It will be available in time for the World Cup launching on 11 June.

STV HD brings football games to life, adds more energy to entertainment and offers drama in all its gritty glory. The channel will feature all of the 2010 FIFA World Cup games exclusive to STV throughout the tournament in High Definition, bringing viewers closer to the most exciting sports event of the year like never before.

Viewers can get closer to the action of all their favourite shows, such as X-Factor, Coronation Street and the new series of Taggart, as this cutting edge technology presents STV in amazing detail.

Bobby Hain, managing director of Broadcasting at STV, said;

We’re thrilled to be bringing viewers a brand new STV HD service, offering our programmes in crystal clear vision and incredible clarity. We’re particularly pleased that we’ll be offering all of the STV World Cup games in HD for our nation of football fans on both DTT and Virgin Media.

STV is currently working with Sky, Freesat and ITV Network with a view to making STVHD available via satellite as soon as possible and will provide an update on this in due course.

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  1. @50 Silly Old Hector
    977 ITV London gives you Ch119 via the red button when HD is being transmitted so you may as well use your correct post code and have STV on 103 if your not bothered about recording stuff from ITV-HD.
    The upscaled SD stuff on Ch 119 is not worth not having STV on 103 for imho.

  2. Can anyone help me please? I have a Grundig Freesat box and I live down in Lincolnshire. I do not have STV on my freebox and was wondering if there is any way that I could get this channel. Thanks. Andy

  3. HD tv on itv/stv is a farce ok on bbc i have an freesat hd tv but cant get itv/stv on hd in the grampian area CAN SOMEONE UPDATE ME ON THIS thanks

  4. Hello guys.

    I am a bit confused by Freeview HD.
    I had bought a Freeview HD box from Tesco (their brand) last October 2010, but It only receives the SD channels and no HD channels are listed.
    I always thought that the receiver is faulty because I am on the Blackhill transmitter and I should be able to get 4 HD channels from it.
    So I have bought another HD Freeview box, Humax HD-FOX T2, but it’s the same! When I do a channel scan it only gets the SD channels and no HD channels 🙁 – What’s the problem?. I have a TV antenna on my roof and no HD signal. I live in Cumbernauld. Cumbernauld is only 12 miles from Glasgow. So why can’t I get Freeview HD?. Thanks for any help.

  5. Firstly you’ve posted on a page about STV, so not relevant to your questions so you might not get the right responses; secondly, your question relates to Freeview, this is a Freesat website.

  6. At last stv hd broadcasting on freesat in south west scotland (Dumfries and Galloway) we are denied stv freeview in this corner of the woods up yours border tv

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