T3 Home Gadget Of The Year: Humax FOXSAT-HDR

T3 Awards 2009

Humax should be very proud, they have been announced as winner of the prestigious T3 ‘Home Gadget of the Year’ award 2009.

The FOXSAT-HDR beat competition within their category including the Yamaha YSP-40D surround sound speaker system, Panasonic KX-TG8321 DECT phone, as well as products from other brands including Dyson, Siemens, Bosch and BT.

The award goes to show the huge success of the Freesat+ PVR product, in both innovation and useability; as well as popularity of sales. T3 said;

The Foxsat is a AAA-grade combo of excellent image quality, basic DVR functionality – record a channel whilst watching another, or record two at once – with access to Freesat, Freeview’s super-powered mutant sibling.

More award winners included:

Innovation of the Year – Spotify
Commuter Gadget of the Year – Apple iPhone 3GS
TV of the Year – Samsung UE40B7000 WW
Phone of the Year – HTC Hero
Camera of the Year – Canon EOS 50D
Computer of the Year – Lenovo Ideapad S10E
Music Product of the Year – Sony X-Series Walkman
Work Gadget of the Year – Apple MacBook Pro
Green Gadget of the Year – Sony Bravia TV
Game of the Year – Call of Duty: World at War
Retailer of the Year – Amazon.co.uk
New Media Service of the Year – BBC iPlayer HD
Drop Dead Gorgeous Gadget of the Year – Apple MacBook Pro
Launch of the Year – Google Android
Gadget You Can’t Live Without – Apple iPhone 3GS
Outstanding Contribution to Tech – Jon Rubinstein
Tech Personality of the Year – Stephen Fry
Tech Brand of the Year – Google
Gadget of the Year – HTC Hero

Thanks Raymond Reid for letting us know

33 thoughts on “T3 Home Gadget Of The Year: Humax FOXSAT-HDR”

  1. Good for Humax. Now get your fingers out and let’s have a firmware update. Nearly 12 months to iron out the bugs is inexcusable

  2. Yes, well done Humax, a fantastic product, but starting to need a firmware update now. Very much looking forward to seeing Iplayer on my HDR…..Maybe even Canvas?

  3. Its an average box, it does some things very well, other things not so well. e.g. the remote control doesn’t work unless its pointed straight at it. It takes about 60 seconds for the live picture to appear when you press the guide button. Random green screen of death. Awkward un-user friendly way of deleting folders and stopping series records…. but great picture quality and mostly good recording system.

  4. Obviously none of the reviewers actually own one. If they did they would be aware of,
    1. The problems that have not be sorted out since it’s launch.
    2. It’s inability to perform basic functions that have been present on the Sky+ boxes for years.
    3. The less that satisfactory customer service and somewhat indifferent attidude from Humax.

  5. To be fair to Humax given time they wrote a massive firmware update for the 9200T that made the box do lots of new (at the time) things including series link and a mini preview screen. I would imagine as the boxes get more complex and the updates are more complicated i.e iplayer the firmwares take more time to finish. Though I do think the bug fix should come 1st and the new features later.

  6. I have never had any problems with my foxsat pvr box. no green screens, no glitches, nothing. Im really happy with mine. its a shame people keep moaning about them rather than being greatful they actually have one.

  7. I like the Humax Foxsat PVR but it does take a long time to boot up, also fiddly to delete pr-recorded programmes otherwise I am very pleased with mine, I also have a Humax Freeview PVR in another room which I also like.

  8. Congratulations to Humax. I also have the Humax-HDR and occasionally it misses the beginning of the odd programme and once or twice the end but that is more down to the EPG not being updated when TV schedules fall behind rather than the box’s fault. All said and done I think it is a great piece of kit that will only get better with future firmware updates. Well done Humax.

  9. Ref green screens…. I’m certainly no expert, but I have had a few green screens and always solved them by turning the TV off for 10 seconds and then back on. Something to do with the HDMI ‘handshake’.

    At least you don’t have to reboot the Humax PVR and potentially interrupt a recording.

  10. Yes I turn the TV on and off to fix the green screen issue, but no other device causes this problem i.e. Ps3, Panasonic HDMI DVD & Bush HD freesat box, so it must be the HDR causing the issues, lets hope the firmware update fixes it.

  11. If you’ve read the page in the T3 magazine where the HDR is declared winner, you might note the blurb refers to being able to watch BBC HD & ITV HD in glorious 720P!!

    Malcolm @ 6 suggested none of the reviewers possibly owned a FOXSAT-HDR. I would only suggest that they never bothered to switch it on or read the instruction manual. That’s journalists I guess.

    Otherwise HUMAX, a worthy win for a great product!

  12. What a shambles tonight on Strictly Come Dancing. The broadcast was delayed by 15 minutes so I recorded manually (i.e. NOT using the EPG facility – just the “Record” button on the Humax).

    However the BBC did not amend the EPG and the broadcast “Stop” signal was 15 minutes early, cutting off the recording 15 minutes before the end.

    However…. the broadcast “Stop” signal OVERRODE my manual recording operation. Anyone else have this software “glitch”?? If you are operating your machine manually surely EPG signals should have no effect on what you are doing. No cigar either for the BBC or Humax…..

  13. Derek – Had you pressed the Record button a second time to set the duration of the recording time?

    A well desrved award – the Humax is the best box I have owned. The worst bug for me is the loss of ITV HD record reservations when channels are added/changed. So many failures over the past weeks I have simply given up watching ‘The Bill’ altogether.

  14. @Brusselsman

    No, because being in manual mode I was intending to stop the machine recording manually. When I returned to the room the broadcast “Stop” signal had taken priority and had stopped the recording 15 minutes early.

    I don’t believe that correctly operating software should allow a broadcast signal to take priority over the user’s manual operation.

    Anyone else experienced this? I suppose it is better than Panasonic machines, which sometimes remain in “Pause” and do not start at all….. 🙁 (See the Panasonic thread).

  15. @Derek

    Thanks, just wondered as this fault seems rare. I agree it would be more logical if you start a manual recoding for the machine to ignore the genuine or in your case faulty end of programme marker.

    Pressing the record button twice to set the end time does seem to be a way of possibly overcoming this problem but if there are other record reservation pending it could easily cause a programming clash later on.

  16. @glyn

    I think it’s working already isn’t it? It’s not a freesat thing. If you have scanned in encrypted channels in non-freesat mode then you should be able to plug in a card to decrypt it. None of the freesat channels require it.

  17. 18 Derek

    For Instant recording starts after programme has commenced, page 68 of manual informs us that the stop time will be the EPG stop time – not the broadcast stop signal unfortunately. Therefore if you know programme started late you need to amend recording duration by pressing record button again anytime before epg end time and selecting desired duration.
    Highly recommend using broadcast signals when scheduling recordings and absolutely necessary for successful ITV HD recordings (until they have separate HD channel). You must have recording settings set to Auto in recording settings to achieve this – page 44 of manual which uses the term “On Time” now called Auto on our boxes.

    Big Congrats to Humax for thoroughly proffesionally designed box – well desrved award.

  18. I had this email from Humax on 9th Oct, in response to my enquiry about updates:
    Dear Sir,

    There is an update being developed at the moment, unfortunately we do not have a release date of when this will be available, when it is you will be made aware and the software will download automatically,

    Many Thanks,

    Humax Technical Support

    0844 669 8800

  19. @ admin As part of the reasoning for this award was for ‘popularity of sales’ do we now know how many have sold? If T3 know who else does?

  20. @derek500

    Humax and some of the others do not wish to release sales figures to the public domain; to ensure they remain competitive I guess.

  21. I read the T3 mag today, it seemed to win the award due to a massive amount of HD channels? and its 720p picture? did they even switch it on?

  22. I’ve had my Humax Freesat PVR for a while now. No green screens or other glitches. A very good bit of kit. No wonder SKY have lots of special offers on, they must be taking quite a hit from Humax.

  23. Just installed the Humax Foxsat-HD and ALL the channels suffer lip sync problems to a greater or lesser degree. The worst offender is HD. I only selected HD to check it out as I use a CRT TV. However following previous postings it looks as though I’ve committed to a bit of a turkey in both Humax and freesat. Will be taking the unit back on Monday, get my money back and convert to Sky.

  24. @Brian N
    If you convert to $ky you won’t see much change from £55 a month for the full load of stuff and it’s going up on 1st Jan with the VAT rise. That’s the equivalent of buying a SD box every month.

  25. I had Sky and lots of lip sync problems with it. Also had problems with the Sky Box, after the 5th “new” box, all of which turned out to be refurbished, I cancelled Sky. So far I like the Humax box, could do with some better channels and more HD, but the box is nice.

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