Freesat launches first campaign by Mr. President

Mr. President has created the latest campaign for Freesat, the UK’s subscription-free satellite TV service. This highlights their TV services and companion mobile app, which consumers can access without a subscription. This is the first work the agency has created for the satellite TV provider, since the agency was appointed in the summer this year following a 3 way pitch. Continue reading Freesat launches first campaign by Mr. President

Freesat sponsors ITV’s National Television Awards

Freesat, the subscription free satellite TV service, is sponsoring ITV’s National Television Awards today. Presented by Dermot O’Leary, the National Television Awards will host the biggest stars of Britain’s best-loved shows at The O2 London on Wednesday 21st January 2015, live on ITV (Channel 103) from 7pm. Continue reading Freesat sponsors ITV’s National Television Awards

Freesat unveils new advertising campaign to promote connected TV service Freetime

Freesat, the subscription-free satellite TV service jointly owned by BBC and ITV, has launched a new advertising campaign to promote the great features of its award-winning Freetime service. The campaign will debut on ITV and digital platforms on Monday 20th October and runs throughout November and December. Continue reading Freesat unveils new advertising campaign to promote connected TV service Freetime

Video introduction to the new Freesat app

Video introduction to the new Freesat appSpotted this the other day, a video introduction to the new Freesat freetime app, staring Rick Edwards (no, wasn’t sure who he is either!)

It’s only a basic video highlighting the key features, but thought it would be quite useful for those considering freetime from Freesat Continue reading Video introduction to the new Freesat app

Freesat unveils new peak marketing campaign

Freesat unveils new peak marketing campaignFreesat, the subscription-free satellite TV service, is launching a new peak marketing campaign, with a 30sec TV spot that premieres on Monday 7th October. The campaign includes significant support both above and below-the-line, with TV, print, digital and direct mail, supported with a brand new website. Continue reading Freesat unveils new peak marketing campaign

Freesat’s new <free time> television adverts

Freesat have released some new television adverts to highlight the new service, <free time>.

The new adverts, which focus on the ability to go backwards through the TV Guide and access missed programmes via on-demand, are due to be shown on national television from Continue reading Freesat’s new <free time> television adverts

Freesat Launch New TV Campaign From VCCP

(Official Freesat press release)

Freesat champions its ‘no‐catch’ proposition with new TV campaign from VCCP

Subscription‐free satellite TV service Freesat launches a new TV campaign this weekend (2nd October), as part of its march towards two million sales. This refreshed approach to the brand’s communication strategy is the first from Freesat’s new creative agency VCCP, and has a total spend of £5 million.

The new campaign establishes Freesat’s unique catch‐free proposition; more than 140 channels, free HD content from ITV and the BBC, Freesat+ to record and rewind TV, and catch‐up services from BBC iPlayer. All subscription‐free.

The series of 60 and 30 second‐long commercials which run through October to January 2011, were directed by James Griffiths – whose previous credits include work for Coca‐Cola, BT and Adidas, and
is currently working on a new Showtime / BBC production.

Will Abbott, Freesat Marketing and Communications Director, said;

This campaign speaks to savvy consumers who want brilliant TV but are fed up with paying through the nose for it. With Freesat they don’t have to.

It’s our biggest campaign yet. The TV commercials spell out what you really get with Freesat, reflecting the understandable scepticism many feel when something sounds just too good to be true. With Freesat, there is no catch.

Dominic Garcia‐Hall, Head of International Planning at VCCP, added;

these are watershed times in television, and we saw an opportunity for the brand to challenge the infighting so rife in the category, by focusing on what it does so well. Freesat is a unique commercial proposition, so deserves some special marketing.

The TV commercials take place on board Freesat 1, an imaginary satellite space station orbiting Earth, and document the goings‐on of the Freesat “tech team”. With plenty of time on their hands, this lovable crew dream up fanciful catches because Stu, the team newbie, can’t believe anything so good as Freesat could really be catch‐free. The catches range from the ridiculous to the impossible, from flat‐sharing with a boxing kangaroo to comforting a needy Yeti, making for some inimitably British comedy.

Alongside the new campaign, the Freesat website has been re‐launched, with a vibrant new look and feel. The refreshed site is also designed to boost Freesat’s social media presence, with campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to carry the no‐catch story far and wide.

Watch the advert here:

Freesat Launch TV Advert

Freesat TV Advert

Freesat have today launched the first of two TV adverts intended to increase awareness of the free UK satellite platform.

brilliant entertainment for everyone

The first advert will debut during coverage of the England v Ukraine World Cup qualifier tomorrow night (7.30pm 1st April – ITV / ITV HD) in time for Easter, one of the peak retail sales periods of the year.

Will Abbott, Freesat Marketing and Communications Director commented;

We’re excited to be running our first TV campaign, and it comes just as we reach 300k sales. This is quite an achievement in a competitive market and illustrates the appetite there is out there for Freesat and our promise of 150 channels plus HD for no monthly bills.

The campaign, produced by Farm, comprises two ads, each featuring a main character in their living room left captivated by Freesat and its no bills, no strings service – day after day after day. Shot using super fast HD stills cameras, the ad captures the day to day changes in our characters lives. The ad was an exercise in logistics, with 162 wardrobe changes per ad, hairstyle changes between every shot and lighting set-ups covering all times of the day. The shoot involved taking over 18,000 stills, with the final ads containing over 320 shots each. The second advert, expected at a later date features a woman with her family.

The use of a series of still shots allows us to squeeze much more content into a 30-second spot, it allows us to effectively convey the passing of time. We have tried to ensure he is not a telly addict. The scene shows he enjoys a varied life; there is lots of action.

Abbott added that Freesat had deliberately focused on the viewers themselves rather than create an ad featuring shots of the type of content available on the service.

We are more interested in talking about people rather than pixels, you could say. We have chosen not to use the techniques some other platforms have done to push HD services. We want to focus on expressions and emotions.

Freesat has continued to work with creative agency, Farm in creating and implementing the campaign, alongside media agency, MPG handling media planning and buying.

Owen Lee, Creative Director at Farm said:

When a brilliant TV service like Freesat moves in to television commercials you have to do something exciting and different. You can’t show HD on ordinary TV but you can show what it feels like to watch it.

Watch the 30 second advert here