Freesat unveils new peak marketing campaign

Freesat unveils new peak marketing campaignFreesat, the subscription-free satellite TV service, is launching a new peak marketing campaign, with a 30sec TV spot that premieres on Monday 7th October. The campaign includes significant support both above and below-the-line, with TV, print, digital and direct mail, supported with a brand new website. Continue reading Freesat unveils new peak marketing campaign

Freesat Sponsor Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers

Freesat Sponsor Charley Boorman's Extreme FrontiersFreesat have signed an agreement with Channel 5 to sponsor the upcoming series Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers.

It is imperitive that Freesat get the message out to as many people as possible about who they are and what they do, so it is nice to see that Freesat are looking at different forms of advertising, following the recent announcement of a fresh advertising campaign in the lead up to Christmas. Continue reading Freesat Sponsor Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers

Freesat, Satellite TV Made Easy – New Advertising Campaign

Freesat, Satellite TV Made Easy - New Advertising CampaignFreesat, the free satellite TV service, today launched its new advertising campaign: “Freesat. Satellite TV made easy.”

Set to launch during I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here on Monday 21st November, the 30 second commercial runs until January 2012. Continue reading Freesat, Satellite TV Made Easy – New Advertising Campaign

Freesat Launch New TV Campaign From VCCP

(Official Freesat press release)

Freesat champions its ‘no‐catch’ proposition with new TV campaign from VCCP

Subscription‐free satellite TV service Freesat launches a new TV campaign this weekend (2nd October), as part of its march towards two million sales. This refreshed approach to the brand’s communication strategy is the first from Freesat’s new creative agency VCCP, and has a total spend of £5 million.

The new campaign establishes Freesat’s unique catch‐free proposition; more than 140 channels, free HD content from ITV and the BBC, Freesat+ to record and rewind TV, and catch‐up services from BBC iPlayer. All subscription‐free.

The series of 60 and 30 second‐long commercials which run through October to January 2011, were directed by James Griffiths – whose previous credits include work for Coca‐Cola, BT and Adidas, and
is currently working on a new Showtime / BBC production.

Will Abbott, Freesat Marketing and Communications Director, said;

This campaign speaks to savvy consumers who want brilliant TV but are fed up with paying through the nose for it. With Freesat they don’t have to.

It’s our biggest campaign yet. The TV commercials spell out what you really get with Freesat, reflecting the understandable scepticism many feel when something sounds just too good to be true. With Freesat, there is no catch.

Dominic Garcia‐Hall, Head of International Planning at VCCP, added;

these are watershed times in television, and we saw an opportunity for the brand to challenge the infighting so rife in the category, by focusing on what it does so well. Freesat is a unique commercial proposition, so deserves some special marketing.

The TV commercials take place on board Freesat 1, an imaginary satellite space station orbiting Earth, and document the goings‐on of the Freesat “tech team”. With plenty of time on their hands, this lovable crew dream up fanciful catches because Stu, the team newbie, can’t believe anything so good as Freesat could really be catch‐free. The catches range from the ridiculous to the impossible, from flat‐sharing with a boxing kangaroo to comforting a needy Yeti, making for some inimitably British comedy.

Alongside the new campaign, the Freesat website has been re‐launched, with a vibrant new look and feel. The refreshed site is also designed to boost Freesat’s social media presence, with campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to carry the no‐catch story far and wide.

Watch the advert here:

Freesat Launch World Cup Focused HD Campaign

Official Freesat press release

Freesat, the free-to-air satellite TV service, launches its latest integrated marketing campaign on 1st April. The campaign incorporates TV, press, digital, social media and PR and focuses on Freesat’s HD offering ahead of the World Cup that Freesat will show in HD nationwide and subscription-free on BBC HD and ITV1 HD channels.

The TV campaign, produced by Farm, focuses on the familiar interplay between a husband and wife as he tries to win ‘brownie points’ so he can get Freesat to enjoy the World Cup in HD. The ad opens with a family stuck in their car in a traffic jam in a spring shower. Dad sees a billboard at the side of the road which reads ‘GET THE FOOTBALL IN FREE HD’. He looks over at his wife and in an attempt to win ‘brownie points’ casually and nervously suggests “why don’t we have your Mum over for lunch on Sunday” to the obvious surprise of everyone else in the car. You can watch the ad here.

The 30″ TV advert will launch on ITV1 on the 1st April and will be supported by a 10″ as well as print, digital, PR and social media.

Freesat has also created a dedicated World Cup section of its website incorporating a range of new content designed to help people get ready to enjoy the tournament in HD on Freesat. From now until the climax of the World Cup in late June will offer visitors a comprehensive match planner, World Cup Twitter aggregator and blog featuring guest blogger, pundit Lee Dixon. Traffic will be driven through to the site via social media activity including a viral ‘Brownie points’ game and a major World cup themed competition.

Will Abbott, Freesat Marketing and Communications Director comments:

Our new campaign comes at a particularly exciting time for Freesat as we recently passed the 1 million milestone – a fantastic achievement in such a highly competitive market. Being able to get the World Cup in HD, subscription free and across the whole country – no matter where you live – is a brilliant story for consumers. The TV commercial brings humour and a clear voice and personality to Freesat. The website content we’ve created and the social media activity we’re running will help us talk to as many world cup fans as possible and give them a chance to participate.

We’ll post up the campaign advert as soon as possible…

Freesat Launch Autumn Advertising Campaign

Freesat is to launch its new Autumn advertising campaign on Saturday 7 November 2009.

The campaign focuses mainly on the Freesat+ and Freesat HD services, using TV fans to illustrate the benefits of pausing, recording and rewinding live TV and the experience of watching in HD television, all for free.

Freesat Launch Autumn Advertising Campaign - Football

Freesat Launch Autumn Advertising Campaign - Family

Shot in slow motion to create warmth and atmosphere, the ad features coloured plectrums from the Freesat logo falling like snowflakes around the viewers as they’re drawn into the world of Freesat. The ad finishes on rooftops at dusk with thousands of plectrums raining down from the sky and the Freesat brand line, “brilliant for everyone”.

Freesat Launch Autumn Advertising Campaign - Slogan

The campaign will first be seen on Saturday evening on ITV1 during ‘Life Stories’ with Piers Morgan and follows the success of Freesat’s Easter advertising that helped drive a 50% sales increase over the summer and saw Freesat overtake BT Vision to become the 4th biggest TV service in the UK.

Will Abbott, Freesat marketing and communications director commented;

Freesat is going from strength to strength and the new campaign reinforces our position as the UK’s premium free TV service. With new Freesat+ HD recorders launching in time for Christmas, and high definition from the BBC and ITV already available nationwide, subscription-free, we’re looking forward to a strong finish to the year.

Owen Lee, creative director at Farm said;

Freesat has successfully established itself as the best digital TV platform by far for people who expect brilliant TV for free. This campaign elevates the brand and captures the magical experience of brilliant TV for everyone.

Freesat Launch New Advertising Campaign

Freesat has today unveiled its largest advertising campaign to date, launching 4th November 2008, which will highlight the satellite TV service’s subscription free high-definition (HD) offer and run across national newspapers, supplements, TV listings publications, commuter press and a wide range of digital media.

The campaign centres around viewers emotional responses to watching their favourite programmes in HD on Freesat, including BBC HD’s Strictly Come Dancing, Little Dorrit, In the Night Garden, ITV HD’s UEFA Champions League football and new teen drama Britannia High.

Key messages communicated in the campaign include;

– Freesat’s attractive no subscription, no monthly bills proposition
– Freesat’s range of channels, which currently number 140, including free HD from the BBC and ITV
– Freesat’s UK wide signal coverage, which stands at 98%
– The ease of equipment purchase and set-up

Freesat, which recently announced that product sales had reached over 100,000 in only five months, has worked with creative agency farm to create and implement the campaign, with media agency MPG handling media planning and buying.

Will Abbott, Freesat marketing and communications director commented;

Freesat offers 140 channels and UK-wide coverage for everyone, for free – no subscription and no monthly bills. That’s a brilliant offer and great value. Add to that some of the best of BBC and ITV in HD for free and it just gets better. But we’re interested in people not pixels. It’s the heightened viewing experience HD offers that we’re focusing on in our campaign – the feeling that you’re really there, immersed in the action.