Argos say no more Bush SD

Take this with a pinch of salt as it has come from Argos customer service; but in an email to a reader (Derek) of joinfreesat, Argos have told him that they will not be receiving any more stock of Bush Freesat SD digital boxes.

The conversation came about when the reader contacted Argos to request a replacement for a faulty Bush receiver; the email response explained that their current stock had all been sold and that they would not be receiving more. One can only assume they were willing to refund but nothing more.

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Bush Freesat Box.

I am so sorry you have not been able to order a replacement for the freesat box. We have totally sold out and we will not be getting any new stock in. I hope you can find a suitable alternative from our wide product range.

Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us on 0845 640 2020.


Argos Direct E-Commerce Customer Service Team.

It’s understandable that retailers some times stop selling products, depending on how successful they are, but given that not only is the Bush brand name owned by Argos, Freesat SD boxes have been selling incredibly well and Alba Group as a whole are not able to keep up with demand.

This of course might all be Chinese whispers at Argos towers, so if we find out anything more, we’ll let you know.

Edit (28-Apr-09): We have had a subsequent response to suggest that Freesat SD boxes will be available again around the 22nd May 2009. Argos giving us the run around!

Humax FOXSAT-HDR PVR Availability (Updated)

Comet FreesatFor all those looking to purchase a Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ Digital Box, Comet are now accepting orders online with delivery dates from 27th January 2009. The price has increased to £299.99 plus Free/£5.80 delivery.
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Argos FreesatArgos are now showing some stock availability priced at £293.59 plus £5.80 postage. Ignore the stock notice and try to purchase, it worked on a test we did, but might be dependent on your location. (edit – out of stock again!)
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Maplin FreesatAlternatively Maplin are showing as having stock available; previously they were just taking pre-orders. Maplin are charging £299.99 also with Free delivery.
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Humax PVR Back In Stock At Argos Online

Argos FreesatArgos have received new stock of the Humax FOXSAT-HDR. You can order online now, but be quick, they have limited stock. On the product page, ignore the reference to “Home delivery currently out of stock”, just enter your postcode and it should give you the option of home delivery. Still not available in Argos stores.

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Humax FOXSAT-HDR Available Now

Comet FreesatComet are now accepting orders online for the new Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ Digital Box, priced £299.99. Deliveries are available from Monday 24th November.

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Argos FreesatArgos are also accepting orders for home delivery, priced £299.99, and if you use discount code AFD10 you’ll get free delivery, which could be as soon as the 24th November 2008 (depending on location).

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