Software update for Humax HDR-1000S due end of March

New software for Humax HDR-1000SIf you are a frequent visitor to sites like this and the forums, it won’t have gone unnoticed that the new Humax HDR-1000S <free time> receiver has a few glitches, mainly linked to recording and hard drive re-formats.

Having tried for weeks to get a firm Continue reading Software update for Humax HDR-1000S due end of March

Humax Due To Release Software Fix

Humax’s current software versions (HD V1.00.23 / HDR V1.00.11) are due to expire tomorrow (2nd December 2009) so expect a new release which should hopefully resolve the problems some of you have been having with your receivers since the last update was released back on the 10th November 2009.

We are unclear at this stage whether Humax will simply roll-back the software to a previous stable version, or will release a new version that they have been working hard on since collating all the information supplied by you guys when contacting them with problems.

Whilst BBC iPlayer is expected to launch first on Humax receivers in December, we don’t expect at this stage the software will include that facility as beta testing still hasn’t began in full; it will be interesting to see the ‘end’ date of what ever new update is released, as that might give an indication of when iPlayer will be ready.