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Freesat is a UK digital satellite TV service from the BBC/ITV which launched in May 2008. Freesat has no monthly subscription, just a one-off payment for the digital box, satellite dish and installation. It even comes with subscription-free, high-definition TV programmes. As Freesat is broadcast via satellite, it’s available to almost every household in the UK.
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Dec 09 2008

ITV4+1 was added to the Freesat EPG today, accessible via channel 118 on your Freesat digital box; now only a few short of the 150 revised channel target by the end of the year.

We are still unsure of the reasons why ITV4+1 has taken so long to be added, but suspect that channels are being queued for inclusion and that was the first available slot.

Dec 02 2008

We weren’t going to post about the new channel inclusions as they are not the most exciting, but we’ve had a number of emails from readers wondering what the changes were yesterday.

They include the following new channels:

141 BET+1
308 Simply Movies
816 Ideal World

There is also the addition of ITV1 London on 977 for audio description and also Celebrity Shop has been renamed TV Shop on channel 806.

For a full channel line up, click here.

Nov 03 2008

Thane Direct, a shopping channel will be added to the Freesat EPG tomorrow, 4th November 2008. Allocated slot channel # 811.

Also joining will be BEN TV, a special interest channel, allocated slot channel #664.

Just thought we’d let you know in case you wonder what’s been added and start looking for channel Five!

Oct 13 2008

Smart Live Casino, billed as one of the newest and fastest growing live interactive casino’s joins the Freesat EPG tomorrow, Tuesday 14th October, on channel 852.

You can find out more information about Smart Casino Live on their website at

Just thought you should know, in case you wonder what the new channel added is.

Sep 22 2008

Channels 9XM and 9X UK have joined the Freesat line-up. They should be immediately available and update automatically on your Freesat receiver.

9XM (channel 513) – 9XM is a music channel aimed at Hindi youth. The channel will showcase the best of Bollywood music and dance, and will broadcast 24 hours a day.

9X UK (channel 662) – 9X UK is aimed at the UK’s Hindi community. The channel offers programming with enduring universal themes with modern story-telling techniques. Big stars, beautiful sets and a real connection with life today, and deep understanding of generational and social changes that resonate with today’s viewers.

Sep 12 2008

Freesat have confirmed that five channels will join the Freesat EPG on Tuesday 16th September.

Television channels include Gaelic channel BBC Alba, Asian music channel Zee Music, shopping channel Best Direct and the specialist car channel, the Audi Channel.

Award-winning music station Planet Rock will also be further strengthening the Freesat radio offering.

Commenting on the addition of the new channels, Emma Scott, MD of Freesat, said;

We are excited about the addition of these new channels to the Freesat lineup. Bolstering our specialist offering is a key part of our channel strategy, and services such as these only make Freesat a more attractive offer for the consumer.

BBC Alba – Channel 110
Audi Channel – Channel 451
Zee Music – Channel 509
Planet Rock – Channel 730
Best Direct – Channel 813

Sep 10 2008

Looks like we are set for some additional channels joining the Freesat EPG on Tuesday September 16th. Planet Rock, the award winning rock radio station have confirmed their inclusion (channel 730) and we are just trying to find out of any others.

Will channel Five be available at the same time? Erm no, channel Five are still in contract with Sky until October, and given that we’ve not seen any activity by them on the Astra2D beam yet, we suspect it will be late October or November before they are eligible to join in the Freesat party! Will keep you posted.

(Thank you to Gordon Valentine for the news on Planet Rock)

Sep 04 2008

Freesat have today announced the addition of six new TV and Radio channels available on Friday 5th September.

The newest additions to the Freesat platform particularly strengthen the radio line-up, with RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ 2fm, RTÉ lyric fm and RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta joining.

Also new are the three ‘time-delay’ channels from Channel 4, including Film4 +1, E4 +1 and More4 +1. Showing identical programmnig to the original channels, just with a one hour delay, should the times suit you better.

All channels and variants will automatically be updated via your Freesat digital box sometime during tomorrow (usually around 11am).

Commenting on the addition of the new channels, Emma Scott, Managing Director of Freesat, said,

We’re pleased to announce the addition of these new services to the platform. The RTÉ Radio stations bolster Freesat’s radio offering for listeners, while Channel 4’s time-delayed services give viewers further opportunities to watch these popular channels

Adrian Moynes, Managing Director of RTÉ Radio said,

RTÉ Radio is looking forward to launching on Freesat this Friday. Listeners with Freesat will be able to hear RTÉ Radio in high quality sound anywhere in the UK, which is good news for consumers with an interest in Irish radio

Sarah Rose, Head of VOD and Channel Development for Channel 4, says,

The time delayed channels we are launching onto Freesat will give our viewers even more opportunities to enjoy our programming

Sep 02 2008

Absolute Radio (724), Absolute Class R (725) and Absolute Xtreme (726) went live on the Freesat EPG a couple of hours a go. An automatic update should have been carried out on all Freesat receivers, but if not, try unplugging from the mains power, connecting back up and leaving for 10 minutes, this should avoid having to do a full reset resulting in any FTA channels added being lost.

Aug 25 2008

A little late but WRN Radio and France24 were added to the Freesat EPG on 22-Aug-08.

Oddly, we’ve not had official announcement from Freesat on these channels, nor did they appear in the usual way on the data streams prior to launch, so we couldn’t pre-empt their arrival.