Manhattan release new enhanced Freesat SD receiver

Manhattan make improvements to Freesat SD ReceiverManhattan have revised the existing Plaza DS-100 Freesat SD receiver offering an improved UI and other key features.

The improved model, named Plaza DS-100A offers a much more user friendly interface taken from the Plaza HD-S (but in SD) and soon to launch Plaza HDR-S. The ideal behind the update (which couldn’t be retro fit to the DS-100) is to give a much more user friendly interface in both the EPG (tv guide) and system settings. Continue reading Manhattan release new enhanced Freesat SD receiver

Updated: Manhattan Launch Freesat SD Receiver

Manhattan Plaza DS-100 Freesat Digital Box

Updated 26-Nov-10

Manhattan, a leading manufacturer of UK terrestrial and satellite receivers are due to launch a new Freesat SD box to rival the existing Harvard Group units, branded as Bush, Goodmans and Grundig.

The Manhattan Plaza DS-100 is believed to be launching to offer an alternative choice to consumers looking for a standard-definition receiver, rather than the more commonly purchased high-definition units available on the Freesat platform.

We suspect that the idea behind the launch is to take advantage of failings in the existing Harvard boxes which suffer from lack of connections on the back, as well as reliability and availability issues. Manhattan may have missed the opportunity to capitalise in the early days of Freesat, but should still see a good potential market from those not wishing to follow the HD craze.

This unit is due for launch mid-December through exclusive retailers initially, at a recommended retail price of £50; so on a par with the alternatives, but with the advantage of two scart connections so you can connect both to your television and a DVD/HDD/VIDEO recorder if you wish (something Harvard removed from their range some time ago to save costs!).