Goodmans Launch New Freesat Box

Alba Group, the manufacturer of the Goodmans brand have launched a second generation Goodmans Freesat SD Digital Box, model number GFSAT101SD.

Goodmans Launch New Freesat Box
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We were unaware of this new unit coming to market so are a little short on information. We can only presume that this supersedes the previous GFSAT100SD model.

Looking at the connections on the back, Goodmans have removed the Video Out Scart and LNB Output leaving just an LNB Input and single Scart Socket for connecting to your television. Removal of the LNB Output is probably a good idea, as it was a technical feature from the analogue days that should never had made it to the Freesat units…but removing the Video Out Scart will limit the ability for customers to record to external devices such as DVD/Video players.

We are unsure at this time whether the other Freesat SD models, Bush and Grundig (also Alba Group) will follow the same path of reducing the number of ports; and it is unclear whether the HD models will also be without, or whether this is to try and encourage HD box sales further.