Panasonic Launch New Freesat TV Range

Panasonic Freesat

Following what we thought was the expected launch of iPlayer on Panasonic televisions today, it would seem that the secrecy has been over the new range of televisions launching soon, rather than anything else! 🙁

This is still good news though, especially for those with access to both Freesat and Freeview reception, as the new range shown below now include both Freesat HD and Freeview HD receivers built-in; a first in this country.

The range are as follows and will begin roll-out in March this year:

Plasma Televisions

Panasonic TX-P42G20B
Panasonic TX-P42V20B
Panasonic TX-P46G20B
Panasonic TX-P50G20B
Panasonic TX-P50V20B
Panasonic TX-P50VT20B
Panasonic TX-P65VT20B

LCD Televisions

Panasonic TX-L32G20B
Panasonic TX-L32D28BP
Panasonic TX-L32D28BW
Panasonic TX-L32D28BS
Panasonic TX-L37G20B
Panasonic TX-L37V20B
Panasonic TX-L37D25B
Panasonic TX-L37D28BS
Panasonic TX-L37W20B
Panasonic TX-L42D25B
Panasonic TX-L42W20B

BBC iPlayer On Panasonic From Mid-February?

Panasonic Freesat

It has been brought to our attention by one of our readers (thanks Mike!) that according to DTG, Panasonic’s current software version is due to be updated on Monday 15th February 2010.

We know that Panasonic have been working with the BBC to introduce iPlayer across their range of televisions (following Sony a few weeks back) but is this the date when it launches? We hope so!

We have contacted Panasonic and they have stated that they cannot release information coincidently until that very same date;

our 2010 line-up is under embargo until 9.00 GMT 15th Feb

We know quite a few of you have Panasonic televisions with Freesat built-in and are eagerly awaiting the availability of BBC iPlayer, so lets hope this is it!

Sony Launch Freesat Televisions

Sony Launch Two Freesat Televisions

It has been common knowledge for some time that Sony intended on launching a range of Freesat products; and now finally some official information is beginning to emerge.

Sony plan to launch two televisions initially with Freesat built-in; the Bravia KDL-32W5810 32″ LCD TV and Bravia KDL-40Z5800 40″ LCD TV. The models will launch in October this year. These are said to follow with further models once they see how viable an option it is; although they only need to look to Panasonic and LG to see how successful they have been.

This is great news for Freesat, another high profile electrical manufacturer on-board, and we look forward to seeing just how good these new Bravia televisions are.

Sony are promoting these two televisions as a great way to receive digital television via satellite without the need for a separate receiver and cables. They also mention 70 hours of HD content per week, so given that BBC has 63 hours showing, they must have decided that 1 hour per day for ITV HD is fair :).

Sony Bravia KDL-32W5810 32″ LCD Television with built-in Freesat

Sony Bravia KDL-32W5810

* Integrated Freesat tuner – watch free-to-air HD and SD satellite broadcasts without the need for an additional set top box
* Watch digital TV with the integrated standard definition digital terrestrial tuner (MPEG-2, also receives analogue)
* Sharp, smooth action with Motionflow 100Hz and Image Blur Reduction
* Superb High Definition detail with a 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution
* BRAVIA ENGINE 3 and Live Colour for impressive depth, clarity and colour purity

More information here…

Sony Bravia KDL-40Z5800 40″ LCD Television with built-in Freesat

Sony Bravia KDL-40Z5800

* Integrated Freesat tuner – watch free-to-air HD and SD satellite broadcasts without the need for an additional set top box
* Watch digital TV with the integrated standard definition digital terrestrial tuner (MPEG-2, also receives analogue)
* Watch smoother, sharper fast-action with Motionflow 200Hz and Image Blur Reduction
* BRAVIA ENGINE 3 and 100,000:1 Dynamic Contrast for amazing picture quality
* Eco features for 25-30% less energy consumption than previous comparable models

More information here…

Don’t Forget To Rate Your Freesat Products

Just a reminder to those that haven’t done so already; or those new to this site; we would very much like for you to give a star rating to any Freesat products you own, have owned, or have used. Even basic star ratings are helping potential Freesat customers decide on the best product(s) for them, so keep them coming.

So far most votes have been for the…
Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ PVR Digital Box
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Humax FOXSAT-HD Freesat HD Digital Box
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Below is a list of all the current Freesat products and up to date ratings.

Freesat DTR/PVR HD Digital Boxes

Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ PVR Digital Box
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Freesat HD (high definition) Digital Boxes

Humax FOXSAT-HD Freesat HD Digital Box
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Grundig GUFSAT01HD Freesat HD Digital Box
[ratings id=”99″ results=”true”]

Bush BFSAT01HD Freesat HD Digital Box
[ratings id=”118″ results=”true”]

Goodmans GFSAT200HD Freesat HD Digital Box
[ratings id=”119″ results=”true”]

Metronic SATHD100 Freesat HD Digital Box
[ratings id=”765″ results=”true”]

Freesat SD (standard definition) Digital Boxes

Grundig GUFSAT01 Freesat SD Digital Box
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Bush BFSAT01SD Freesat SD Digital Box
[ratings id=”121″ results=”true”]

Goodmans GFSAT100SD Freesat SD Digital Box
[ratings id=”122″ results=”true”]

Freesat IDTV Receivers

Panasonic TX-L32G10B 32in Freesat IDTV Integrated Receiver (lcd)
[ratings id=”2168″ results=”true”]

Panasonic TX-L37G10B 37in Freesat IDTV Integrated Receiver (lcd)
[ratings id=”2177″ results=”true”]

Panasonic TX-P42G10B 42in Freesat IDTV Integrated Receiver (plasma)
[ratings id=”1882″ results=”true”]

Panasonic TX-P46G10B 46in Freesat IDTV Integrated Receiver (plasma)
[ratings id=”2242″ results=”true”]

Panasonic TX-P50G10B 50in Freesat IDTV Integrated Receiver (plasma)
[ratings id=”2162″ results=”true”]

Sony To Release Freesat IDTV’s

Sony has indicated that they expect to release a new range of televisions with integrated Freesat by the end of the year. This follows the hugely successful rival range from Panasonic, which have been on the market for many months now and have recently announced the launch of a new range themselves.

This news is reported to have been given by a Sony representative to What Satellite & Digital TV magazine at a function on Monday evening. Wotsat have said;

At a UK press event last night, a Sony representative told What Satellite that Freesat HD-ready TVs would be available by Christmas but did not disclose features or screen sizes.

This is further good news of the intent of major manufacturers to get involved with the Freesat platform. As and when we have further news we shall let you know.

Question marks surround LG Freesat products

Following on from the announcement at the turn of the year that LG were planning to release a series of LCD televisions with Freesat built-in, we have today enquired with them in to the specific model numbers and screen sizes, and what release date is expected.

It would seem from the response that LGE (LG Electronics) are not intending on releasing these Freesat products!!! LG customer service said;

We do not at present have any plans to release this model in the UK. We would respectfully request that you check our website periodically for any updates on release dates of our products.

Now we are still certain that the release is going ahead, so it came of some what a surprise to us that LG’s own representatives would suggest otherwise. What concerns us most is the comment regarding no plans to sell this product in the UK, where else are they planning on a selling a television with a UK based platform receiver integrated? 😀

Panasonic increase Freesat product range

Panasonic have announced the launch of more Plasma and LCD televisions incorporating Freesat. Based on the success of the initial TH-LZ and TH-PZ product line, Panasonic have increased their range to cover 14 models, of which will start to roll-out in March 2009.

Building on the success of its award winning series of freesat models, Panasonic has also increased its freesat offering within this line-up of Viera TVs, ranging 14 models in screen sizes from 32 right up to 54 inches.

Panasonic’s full HDTVs with freesat built-in are a convenient and high quality way to view over 140 digital TV and radio channels including brilliant HD programmes from the BBC and ITV, all for free.* Freesat offers subscription free HD services, gives you super fast digital text, as well as digital subtitles and audio description and as the freesat service is satellite based, further capacity for the expansion of HD services can be assured.

This is fantastic news for both Freesat and Panasonic, showing that integrated Freesat has been very popular in Panasonic televisions.

We believe these are the models to include Freesat, although we are waiting confirmation:

TX-L32G10 (lcd)
TX-L32V10 (lcd)
TX-L37G10 (lcd)
TX-L37G15 (lcd)
TX-L37V10 (lcd)
TX-P42G10 (plasma)
TX-P42G15 (plasma)
TX-P42V10 (plasma)
TX-P46G10 (plasma)
TX-P46G15 (plasma)
TX-P46Z1 (plasma)
TX-P50G10 (plasma)
TX-P50V10 (plasma)
TX-P54Z1 (plasma)

LG Unveils Freesat LCD

LG has announced its plan to release televisions with Freesat built-in. The first television takes the form of the 37in LF7700 LCD and is due for release soon. LG intend to follow up with a large screen plasma with Freesat built-in later in 2009, with the prospect of further products in the future.

The LF7700 LCD TV is said to be competition for the existing Panasonic TX-37LZD81 although the technical spec and price has not yet been confirmed.

This is good news for Freesat and consumers alike, with more choice and clearly a successful uptake of the IDTV product range so far.

Following the announcement, Emma Scott, MD of Freesat said:

We’re extremely pleased to be working with LG as a manufacturing partner for Freesat in 2009. LG is world renowned for its quality products and this partnership will give consumers even more ways to enjoy Freesat as we grow the service.

Freesat is also in talks with a range of manufacturers regarding producing Freesat products and will announce further partners in 2009.