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Freesat is a UK digital satellite TV service from the BBC/ITV which launched in May 2008. Freesat has no monthly subscription, just a one-off payment for the digital box, satellite dish and installation. It even comes with subscription-free, high-definition TV programmes. As Freesat is broadcast via satellite, it’s available to almost every household in the UK.
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Aug 29 2012

Joinfreesat Update ScanLatest update scan on all Freesat receivers:

3 added – 150-152 Channel 4 C4 Paralympics
0 deleted –
0 changed –

Jul 26 2012

It would appear from the comments on Joinfreesat and on the satellite forums that many of you are experiencing problems trying to record the 24 additional Olympic channels added on Monday.

We have contacted Freesat to find out more information on this and had the following response from Emma Scott …read more »

Jul 19 2012

Freesat can confirm that the BBC’s 24 live HD Olympic channels will be shown on channels 151-174, throughout the London 2012 Olympics.

The full range of live BBC Olympics coverage will be available, subscription-free on Freesat and Freesat+ customers …read more »

May 15 2012

Freesat to offer BBC’s 24 HD Olympic ChannelsNews taken from BBC Sport website

The BBC has announced details of the digital services that will offer viewers the most comprehensive coverage ever of an Olympic Games. The broadcaster will provide live coverage of every London 2012 sport from every venue throughout the day.

An enhanced video experience will give access to up to 24 live HD streams and 2,500 hours of coverage via the BBC Sport website on PC and laptop. A free Olympics mobile app will allow audiences to access content on the go. …read more »

Apr 03 2012

Freesat to offer BBC’s 24 HD Olympic ChannelsFreesat will carry all of the BBC’s 24 live HD Olympic channels throughout the London 2012 Olympics, offering the full range of live BBC Olympics coverage, bringing every Olympic sport from every Olympic venue.

In addition to the 24 temporary BBC HD Olympics channels listed in the Freesat TV Guide, Freesat viewers will also be able to access the live ‘streams’ via the BBC Red Button service. …read more »

Aug 08 2008

Short notice but don’t forget that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics is on BBC One and BBC HD at 12.45pm today, in just 10 minutes time.

It’s expected to be spectacular and should look absolutely amazing in high-definition so don’t miss it.

Aug 03 2008

Thanks to reader Keith Ashman, he has pointed out 7 hidden channels showing BBCi streams for the olympics, with a further 2 multiscreen channels. We have not had news from BBC or the BBCi team on the progress of being ready for the start of the olympics (08/08/08), but it should be.

You can access the hidden channels by keying in the following numbers on your remote: 0980, 0981, 0982, 0983, 0984, 0985, 0986. For the multiscreen channels, key in 0990 & 0991.

This has been tested on a Bush SD box, but should work on all boxes.