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Freesat is a UK digital satellite TV service from the BBC/ITV which launched in May 2008. Freesat has no monthly subscription, just a one-off payment for the digital box, satellite dish and installation. It even comes with subscription-free, high-definition TV programmes. As Freesat is broadcast via satellite, it’s available to almost every household in the UK.
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Jan 21 2016

Update 21/06/2017 – Please see post 196 which highlights a successful claim against Panasonic. The claimant has kindly left his information and details should you wish also to make a claim.

Panasonic ITV HD break-up issues on Panasonic TV’s and PVR’sIt has been brought to our attention by a joinfreesat reader that, following changes to the Forward Error Correction (FEC) used by ITV on it’s HD satellite transponders, Panasonic 2009 – 2012 televisions and their range of DMR XS350/BS750/BS780/BS850/BS880 DVD and BD PVR’s can no longer receive the channel properly …read more »

Feb 21 2012

Panasonic drop Freesat+ recorders' channelIt shouldn’t really come as any surprise but Panasonic have today announced they have dropped the Freesat+ recorders from their new range of products due to launch in March.

The reason being poor sales on the recorder side of their business, though it is expected they will continue to offer televisions with Freesat built-in (models tbc). …read more »

Sep 28 2011

Panasonic iPlayer Update For 2008 Televisions

We have been waiting a very long time for this (too long), but as per the updated FAQ’s on the Panasonic website, the iPlayer software update is now available (version 1.619 for plasma’s, 2.606 for lcd’s), for the 2008 Panasonic televisions with Freesat built-in. The Pansonic website states; …read more »

Feb 21 2011

Panasonic DMR-BS850, BS750 XS350 iPlayer Update

Following on from our recent announcement (and many others related to this!), Panasonic have today released the software update via their website which you can download and install to access BBC iPlayer.

The updates are for the original Blu-ray/DVD Freesat receivers, the DMR-BS850, DMR-BS750 and DMR-XS350; they can be downloaded through the following links: …read more »

Feb 18 2011

Panasonic DMR-BS850, BS750 XS350 iPlayer Update

Panasonic have put on hold their decision to launch any new Freesat products this year (usually in March); instead choosing to continue with the existing range of Freesat receivers and built-in televisions.

They have stated their reasoning behind this is due to waiting for the new technical details of the second generation Freesat products which all manufacturers must comply with. …read more »

Feb 16 2011

Panasonic DMR-BS850, BS750 XS350 iPlayer Update

Update (16/02/11) – There was clearly no love in the air at Panasonic when they missed the 14th Feb software update, but have now released a revised date of 21st Feb (network) and 22nd Feb (over the air) for their DMR-BS850, DMR-BS750 and DMR-XS350EB iPlayer update. Whilst these continual delays are frustrating, at least they have presented us with a new date which hopefully means they are getting closer!

Original post (25/01/11) – Panasonic have updated their FAQ section today to suggest a another “tentative” release date for BBC iPlayer on their previous Blu-ray/DVD models (DMR-BS850, DMR-BS750 and DMR-XS350EB); their date set in jelly is Valentines day (14th Feb 2011), could love be in the air for those still waiting? …read more »

Nov 30 2010

Freesat, the subscription-free satellite TV service, has announced the winners of its annual Product Awards for 2010, with Panasonic, Humax and Technisat receiving top honours.

Panasonic’s Freesat+ HD Blu-Ray Recorder box (DMR-BS880) has been revealed as overall Product of the Year in recognition of its superior features that outshone the competition.

The very best Freesat products from across the categories of ‘HD receiver’, ‘Freesat+’ and ‘HD TV’ were recognised, showcasing the innovative technology available. These products enable viewers to enjoy the broad choice of quality programming available on Freesat, as well as services such as free HD and catch-up TV on BBC iPlayer – with ITV Player coming soon.

The winners were chosen by a prestigious panel of technology experts including the editors of What Satellite & Digital TV, Home Cinema Choice and The winners are:

– Freesat+ HD recorder: Humax Foxsat-HDR
Best Price: £214.99 (inc delivery)

– compare more prices –

– Freesat HD TV: Panasonic TX-P50VT20B
Best Price: £1600.00 (inc delivery)

– compare more prices –

– Freesat HD receiver: Technisat HDFS
Best Price: £128.39 (inc delivery)

– compare more prices –

– Freesat Product of the Year: Panasonic DMR-BS880
Best Price: £647.00 (inc delivery)

– compare more prices –

Emma Scott, Freesat Managing Director, congratulated the winners on their success;

This was Freesat’s first dedicated Product Awards. We wanted to showcase the very best Freesat products from across the categories of ‘HD receiver’, ‘Freesat+ PVR’ and ‘HD TV’ and recognise the excellent work of our partners in delivering product quality, innovation and choice to Freesat customers.

The products’ innovative functionality, quality features and excellent performance have helped contribute to Freesat’s continued success, and we look forward to bringing viewers more exciting and award-winning TV products and services in the future.

Freesat Product Awards 2010 winners

Freesat+ HD recorder – Humax Foxsat-HDR
With its 320GB disc, great AV performance and competitive price, the Humax box was deemed Freesat’s top personal video recorder.
Runner-up: Sagem DTR-94500

Freesat HD TV – Panasonic TX-P50VT20B
Panasonic’s full HD 50in plasma screen delivers stunning HD and SD pictures, is 3D-ready and features flash and network storage playback. Its broadband internet connection also gives access to On Demand services courtesy of BBC iPlayer, with ITV Player coming soon.
Runner-up: Sony KDL-46Z5800

Freesat HD receiver – Technisat HDFS
Technisat’s debut product for the UK market builds on the Freesat HD specification to let users enjoy music, video and pictures, while also offering an optional Wi-Fi connection and On Demand access.
Runner-up: Humax Foxsat-HD

Freesat Product of the Year – Panasonic DMR-BS880
Panasonic’s Freesat+ HD Blu-Ray Recorder box demonstrates what can be achieved if you want to deliver a high-end home media centre for HD entertainment. Its delivery on superior features, such as twin tuners, Blu-ray recording, network and flash media playback and access to On Demand help set the bar very high against the competition.
Runner-up: Technisat HDFS

Sep 11 2010

Panasonic DMR-BS850 Blu-ray Freesat Receiver

With the launch of the new range of Panasonic Freesat receivers (DMR-BS880, BS780 and XS380), it is worth pointing out that there is very little to separate them from the previous version other than the usual Panasonic yearly freshen up.

With this in mind, there are some absolutely cracking deals available on the previous versions whilst stocks last; so if you are considering an all singing all dancing Freesat receiver, with either Blu-ray recorder or DVD recorder in-built, then this would certainly be a better value option than paying out for the brand new version with the initial over-inflated price tag.

These deals are whilst stocks last, and while the price will continue to fall until sold, they are now at absolute bargain levels (prices include delivery):

Panasonic DMR-BS850, complete with Blu-ray recorder and 500GB hard drive
Best Price:

Panasonic DMR-BS750, complete with Blu-ray recorder and 250GB hard drive
Best Price:

Panasonic DMR-XS350, complete with DVD recorder and 250GB hard drive
Best Price:

(originally posted Aug 2, 2010 @ 23:33)

Aug 31 2010

Panasonic appear to have quietly (until now!) released a software update for their 2009 Freesat built-in televisions (V10/G15) that open up a working version of BBC iPlayer.

The update isn’t available via the normal Freesat route (satellite signal download), but instead through the VieraCast facility available on all these models.

To update, connect your television to your broadband router (network cable), then access by pressing the VieraCast function button on your remote which should prompt you to update the software; click ‘yes’ and the software will download via your internet connection.

Hey-presto, you should now be on version 2.303 and have iPlayer via the ‘red button’ on BBC1.

Thanks Nigel and a few other joinfreesat followers for the heads up on this one.

May 05 2010

Following a prompt from joinfreesat reader James, we have received confirmation from Panasonic that the following schedule is in place for the launch of BBC iPlayer on their Freesat enabled televisions and Blu-ray/DVD receivers:

2010 manufactured Viera televisions: Available already
2009 manufactured Viera televisions: End of July 2010
2008 manufactured Viera televisions: End of September 2010
2010 manufactured Blu-ray/DVD receivers: End of September 2010
2009 manufactured Blu-ray/DVD receivers: October 2010

*the schedule is subject to successful testing and software stability

This will no doubt come as great relief to many Panasonic owners feeling left out by the recent inclusion on so many of the other brands.