Poll: What would you like freesat to focus on?

Poll: What would you like freesat to focus on?Freesat has made some radical moves forward in recent months to keep pace with the industries need to offer ‘interactive’ this and ‘on-demand’ that, but is that what the consumers want?

In our latest poll, we ask this very question. As freesat fans/consumers, what would Continue reading Poll: What would you like freesat to focus on?

Poll: Which Channel (Realistically) Would You Like To See Next?

Joinfreesat Poll

With the arrival of the narrow focus satellite beam (Astra1N), I thought it time that we have a new poll, and nothing starts off a good debate better than “talk of channels”.

Astra1N will give broadcasters plenty to think about with a number of opportunities to purchase more space to launch channels free-to-air (fta), especially important to those that must broadcast on the narrow UK beams to ensure they are only accessible within our territory (though most of us know that access throughout Europe is still possible). Continue reading Poll: Which Channel (Realistically) Would You Like To See Next?

Poll: Which HD Channel Would You Like On Freesat Next?

We have launched a new poll on the left hand side of the page asking which HD channel you would like to see on Freesat next.

The key thing here is that we’ve picked channels that are most likely to join Freesat in the future; from the main stream UK broadcasters.

We know Channel 4 are in discussions with Freesat into bringing C4HD to the platform soon, but is this the HD channel you’d most like to see?

Don’t forget to vote, and by all means leave comments specific to this post below.

Poll: How Many Freesat Receivers Do You Own?

Following the success of previous polls, we thought it was time for a new poll to be introduced.

This one focuses around the number of Freesat receivers (both digital boxes and integrated televisions) you own, as quite often when sales figures are released (over 1 million sales since launch), we get questioned on how many potential households this actually is; this is the best way we can think of capturing a good indication.

The poll is down the left hand side of this screen, make sure your vote counts!

C4HD Is Your Top Priority

Well it was hardly surprising, but in conclusion of our recent poll – “What would you like to see next?” which has been running a few months, a massive 50% of you (2,762 votes) want to see C4 HD as the next service/channel to reach Freesat, beating iPlayer on 19%.

It just goes to show how many Freesat viewers have purchased on the premise of high-definition channels, and with the current shortage (BBC HD, ITV HD and *Luxe HD (*non-freesat mode)) C4 HD is so desperately wanted by many; especially considering that 60% of Freesat audience have HD digital boxes, this is a significant proportion.

So how likely is C4 HD? Well nothing much has been updated since our last post, so whilst we’ll possibly see some time this year, it’s unlikely to be the next service we receive, that honour will probably go to BBC’s iPlayer.

C4HD (50%, 2,779 votes)
BBC iPlayer (19%, 1,037 votes)
Fiver and Five US (16%, 872 votes)
Panasonic PVR/Blu-Ray (8%, 446 votes)
Sub add-on’s (Setanta…) (6%, 310 votes)
Metronic HD/PVR (1%, 80 votes)

Don’t forget to take part in our new poll, “What is your opinion of ITV HD?” (left hand column).