Massive Price Drop On TechniSat HDFS

**update 15 Mar 2010**
Amazon have now increased their price by a considerable amount; but Satbuyer are still selling at a very good rate.

TechniSat Freesat Box

The highly rated TechniSat HDFS Freesat HD receiver has seen a massive price drop over the past week which now puts it firmly in contention with the cheaper Humax FOXSAT-HD.

The TechniSat HDFS originally retailed for £199 but recent trade price drops and price matching has meant that this fantastic unit can be picked up brand new for as little as £139.99.

The price difference between the HDFS and FOXSAT-HD is now just £20 and with the TechniSat widely regarded as the best for reliability and picture; plus inclusive of a 3 year manufacturers warranty and USB record facility, the fractional additional cost must surely make this a bargain!!!

Don’t forget iPlayer will be available very soon too!

The TechniSat HDFS can be picked up for just £139.99 inc delivery from Amazon UK

or £146 inc delivery from Satbuyer.

Dixons Drop Price On Humax PVR

Edit (03-Aug-09): Price increased to £244 now they have stock!

Humax FOXSAT HDR Freesat+ Digital Box

Dixons have today reduced the price of the Humax FOXSAT-HDR PVR receiver to £234 including delivery, a new low for the product; so if you were still considering a purchase, this further price reduction might just be enough for you to consider buying this great product.

Visit Dixons £234 Humax Freesat+ PVR Offer

The cheapest 2 year warranty deal on the Humax FOXSAT-HDR remains at £254 including delivery, see the product page for more price comparisons.

Your Freesat Product Reviews Wanted

We have opened up the comment section of the individual product pages in the hope that some of you will add your opinions/reviews on the Freesat product(s) you own.

With the expanding range of Freesat receivers and televisions, we feel it’s important to give as much information as possible to potential customers, and your help would be appreciated, so please if you can, spare a couple of minutes to add your thoughts:

Freesat products – Reviews and price comparisons

We intend introducing a star rating system at some point too, as an easy visual aid.

Register for Humax PVR at John Lewis

John Lewis Freesat

Probably should have mentioned this a few days ago but John Lewis are now showing the upcoming Humax FOXSAT-HDR on their website, allowing you to register your details for news of when available to buy. Certainly no harm in putting your name down:

Email me when in stock – John Lewis

Don’t forget you can also keep an eye on our price comparison product page, for news of availability and price:

Humax FOXSAT-HDR product page

Comet reduce Freesat HD boxes further

Comet Freesat Best PriceComet, not wanting to be outdone by Dixons’ consistent low Freesat prices have released a 15% off discount code, applicable on all Freesat HD digital boxes until 10th November 2008.

They are offering the Humax FOXSAT-HD at £127.49 plus delivery (£5.95) and the Grundig GUFSAT01HD at £110.49 plus delivery (£5.95).

So if you are looking for Freesat HD, and not waiting for the Freesat PVR, then this is a good time to buy. Visit Comet online here, entering discount code FREESAT15 at checkout (also applies to store collections, just book the collection online).


Joinfreesat Price Comparison Site

Still a work in progress but in the interests of improving the all round experience of visiting our site, we’ve introduced a more complete comparison site. The comparison site (or pages) will allow any potential Freesat customer the ability to check the latest prices from the major retailers of all Freesat receivers, televisions and installation; these prices include available ‘official’ and ‘exclusive’ discounts, ensuring the best price possible.

All Freesat products and price comparisons can be found within the ‘Freesat Receivers‘ pages.

Below is an example of the comparison chart for the Humax FOXSATHD, showing price excluding and including delivery, as well as any discounts on offer (please note that the chart below will not be updated, see here for latest):

Store Price P+P DISCOUNT Total Shop
Dixons £145.04 £4.95 Code ’10DIGI’ (-10%) £135.49 Visit Shop
Comet £149.99 £5.95 Code ‘0108EM6’ (-£15) £140.94 Visit Shop
JL £149.00 FREE £149.00 Visit Shop
Currys £149.99 £4.95 £154.94 Visit Shop
Argos £149.99 £5.95 £155.94 Visit Shop

We have also included the Go Buy Freesat! icon to take you directly to the product page to buy.

In addition, you will see that the right-hand column now shows the best price currently available, rather than listing them all on every page you visit.

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