Poll: What would you like freesat to focus on?

Poll: What would you like freesat to focus on?Freesat has made some radical moves forward in recent months to keep pace with the industries need to offer ‘interactive’ this and ‘on-demand’ that, but is that what the consumers want?

In our latest poll, we ask this very question. As freesat fans/consumers, what would Continue reading Poll: What would you like freesat to focus on?

Christmas Freesat Bargains 2011

With Christmas fast approaching, we thought it might be a good idea to put together our thoughts on the best Freesat bargains available this xmas. So whether you want to snuggle down and watch none-stop programmes over the festive period, or will be so busy that you’ll need to record your favourite programmes, we have something perfect for you. Continue reading Christmas Freesat Bargains 2011

Poll: How Many Freesat Receivers Do You Own?

Following the success of previous polls, we thought it was time for a new poll to be introduced.

This one focuses around the number of Freesat receivers (both digital boxes and integrated televisions) you own, as quite often when sales figures are released (over 1 million sales since launch), we get questioned on how many potential households this actually is; this is the best way we can think of capturing a good indication.

The poll is down the left hand side of this screen, make sure your vote counts!

Freesat Resolve Product Availability Problems

In a conversation between James Atkins, Freesat Trade Marketing Manager, and DigitalSpy, Freesat have admitted to problems in the past with product availability and that stock is “now fully available”.

We’ve made comment on here a number of times following readers emailing us experiencing problems obtaining stock, and until now Freesat haven’t really acknowledged that it has been an issue and the reasons why. Stock when Freesat initially launched back in May 2008 was hard to obtain, in both SD and HD formats; then in late 2008 Humax were unable to meet the high demand of the Freesat+ (FOXSAT-HDR) receiver.

Following on from early 2009 until around May 2009, access to standard-definition stock from the only manufacturer (Harvard Group – Grundig, Bush, Goodmans) was difficult due to Harvard not wanting to commit production without firm orders. James Atkins confirms this fact by stating that Freesat didn’t have a commercial involvement in the availability of manufacturers stock at that time;

We were outside of that loop, so a lot of the stock issues were due to retailers not knowing how successful Freesat was going to be and manufacturers not wanting to take a risk in terms of production, […] There had to be a bit of history in terms of sales for them to order with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the products were going to sell through. So it was very well documented that we were very light on SD and HD boxes, and even a few weeks where we were completely out, which was very frustrating

Read more on this story over at DigitalSpy

Metronic Freesat HD Digital Box Now On Sale

Metronic SATHD100 Freesat HD Digital Box

Metronics first Freesat digital box is now in stock at Maplin, priced £149.99.

We questioned in a previous post why anyone would consider purchasing this HD receiver at such a high price, given that the Alba Group and Humax versions are already so established and priced significantly cheaper, but if you are considering a purchase, we’d love to hear the reasons why.

Buy online at MAPLIN for £149.99 inc P+P

Don’t forget to include a product review on our Metronic SATHD100 product page if you do indeed own this product.

Dixons Freesat Discount Extended

Dixons Freesat

We are please to announce that Dixons have extended their 10% discount on all Freesat digital boxes until 16th October 2008.

The 10% discount applies to purchases made online, using discount code 10DIGI when prompted.

So if you are still considering a purchase, now would be a good time to buy.

Don’t forget to compare the prices of each Freesat receiver using the right hand column and the Freesat receivers pages.

More Freesat Digital Box Manufacturers To Follow

In addition to the announcement today of Metronic manufacturing Freesat digital boxes, Freesat have said that they are also in discussions with a number of other potential digital box and integrated digital television (IDTV) manufacturers and expects to announce the next wave of partners by the end of the year. Additional distribution channels are also being considered and will form part of an on-going strategy to bring free digital and HD TV to everyone that wants it.

Joinfreesat Price Comparison Site

Still a work in progress but in the interests of improving the all round experience of visiting our site, we’ve introduced a more complete comparison site. The comparison site (or pages) will allow any potential Freesat customer the ability to check the latest prices from the major retailers of all Freesat receivers, televisions and installation; these prices include available ‘official’ and ‘exclusive’ discounts, ensuring the best price possible.

All Freesat products and price comparisons can be found within the ‘Freesat Receivers‘ pages.

Below is an example of the comparison chart for the Humax FOXSATHD, showing price excluding and including delivery, as well as any discounts on offer (please note that the chart below will not be updated, see here for latest):

Store Price P+P DISCOUNT Total Shop
Dixons £145.04 £4.95 Code ’10DIGI’ (-10%) £135.49 Visit Shop
Comet £149.99 £5.95 Code ‘0108EM6’ (-£15) £140.94 Visit Shop
JL £149.00 FREE £149.00 Visit Shop
Currys £149.99 £4.95 £154.94 Visit Shop
Argos £149.99 £5.95 £155.94 Visit Shop

We have also included the Go Buy Freesat! icon to take you directly to the product page to buy.

In addition, you will see that the right-hand column now shows the best price currently available, rather than listing them all on every page you visit.

If you would like to contribute any comments to this, or have ideas of how we can further improve the site, please let us know by contacting us, or adding a comment to this post.