Price Of Humax FOXSAT-HD Rockets


It would appear that a few days ago some of the major retailers decided to increase their retail price of the Humax FOXSAT-HD from £119.99 to £149.99.

The retailers involved in the price hike include John Lewis, Dixons, Maplin, Argos and Currys, with a lesser increase also by Amazon.

We have checked the trade price for this Freesat high-definition receiver but it hasn’t changed, suggesting that the major retailers have some how determined that the demand for this product is increasing, or available stock is about to become very short. We cannot imagine it would be due to lack of sales, as these big retailers would typically drop the price to trade values just to sell stock.

Very interesting, and odd at the same time; wonder if the same will happen with any other Freesat product.

Shortage Of Freesat Everywhere

Freesat must be absolutely furious at the moment, having announced a fantastic 200,000 sales in 8 months since May 2008, it appears that the majority of retailers have no stock of the biggest selling products.

Alba Group have not distributed any Grundig or Goodmans SD/HD boxes since October/November 2008, and with Argos now owning the Bush brand, these are unlikely to be seen for sale anywhere but Argos. We are waiting for confirmation from Alba Group, but it’s been hinted that a 2nd generation box is in development which might mean no supply until February or maybe even March!

There’s no such issue with Humax’s HD Freesat box (FOXSAT-HD), they are still available everywhere, but the PVR version (FOXSAT-HDR) remains in very short supply, with no distribution since before Christmas! Humax have indicated that the PVR’s will be available from the major retailers and independents this week, but not in large volumes, with increased quantities expected from February. We of course will let you know when/where stock becomes available, alternatively visit Maplin who are taking pre-orders with an estimated delivery date of 14 days.

Panasonic’ supply of Freesat IDTV’s seems fine, no major issues on any of their screen sizes. John Lewis have said to a number of potential customers that the 42in Freesat Plasma (TH-42PZ81) has been discontinued. Panasonic have confirmed to us that this is certainly not the case and both the LCD and Plasma’s have all been selling very well.

Hopefully all these shortages are just a blip, a result of Christmas shutdowns etc; using the excuse of the present economic climate shouldn’t be much of a factor given that the large majority of the distributors have firm orders placed, they just can’t get the supply.

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