Rural TV Update

Following on from the previous annoucement Rural TV made about its return to Freesat as part of Horse & Country, we have had confirmation today of a delay due to ongoing discussions between Rural Media Group and Freesat. We are not exactly sure of the reason these discussions are needed, given Rural TV was previously on the platform, but Rural TV don’t expect resolution until late July at the very earliest.

Sarah Chase, Head of PR & Marketing at Rural TV said in a statement to us earlier;

When the initial press release, which stated our return to Freesat, was sent out there had been no indication of any change. However, since this time our parent company (Rural Media Group) has entered into ongoing discussions over Freesat. I am not privy to the conversation and therefore cannot provide you with any more details. I have been told that we don’t expect to be ready to restart the Freesat 403 broadcast feed until late July, at the earliest. Should this change … you’ll be the first to know!

CNN, Rural TV and JML Now Available

Following our post of CNN, Rural TV and JML Home & DIY joining Freesat, we can confirm that they are now available through your Freesat Digital Box or Freesat Television; just in case you are wondering what the changes are and missed our previous post.

A full list of channels can be found on our Freesat channel page.

CNN News joins Freesat

Freesat have today announced the launch of the international news service CNN.

CNN International broadcasts news, politics, business and sports information in over 200 countries and territories internationally, serving a global audience of over 1 billion people.

In addition to CNN International, Rural TV and JML Home & DIY will be launching onto Freesat on 24th March 2009. Rural TV provides news and entertainment to the rural community. JML Home & DIY offers discounted deals for DIY enthusiasts.

Freesat managing director Emma Scott commented;

The launch of CNN International with its world-class reputation for global news and feature programming is an incredibly exciting addition to our line-up, we are delighted to have CNN on board.

All channels will automatically be added via viewers’ Freesat digital boxes or integrated TVs, so viewers will not need to take any action to access the services. CNN will be available on channel 207; Rural TV on channel 403 and JML Home & DIY on channel 808.