Software update 27-28 January 2014

Freesat are releasing new software from Humax for Freesat+ HD with Freetime boxes today (27 January), this will be an update for both the 500GB & 1TB versions. Freesat HD with Freetime boxes will receive the update on 28 January.

Software details as follows: Continue reading Software update 27-28 January 2014

Software update January 2014

Freesat are releasing new software from Humax for Freesat+ HD with Freetime boxes later today (7th January). This is an update for both the 500GB & 1TB versions. A release for the Freesat HD with Freetime box will follow tomorrow (8th January).

Software details as follows: Continue reading Software update January 2014

BBC iPlayer To Launch On TechniSat, Harvard

BBC iPlayer on TechniSat, Harvard

We have been tipped off that TechniSat will be receiving BBC iPlayer as part of their new software update due for release on the 16th March 2010.

In the same week, and maybe on the same day, Harvard Group is expected to also launch new software to give access to iPlayer, though at this stage we do not know if it will be their entire HD range of Grundig, Bush and Goodmans.

According to What Hifi, Sagem receivers will also have BBC iPlayer on the 15th.

iPlayer is currently available on Humax receivers and Sony IDTV via the red button home page or using page 7001.

BBC iPlayer On Panasonic From Mid-February?

Panasonic Freesat

It has been brought to our attention by one of our readers (thanks Mike!) that according to DTG, Panasonic’s current software version is due to be updated on Monday 15th February 2010.

We know that Panasonic have been working with the BBC to introduce iPlayer across their range of televisions (following Sony a few weeks back) but is this the date when it launches? We hope so!

We have contacted Panasonic and they have stated that they cannot release information coincidently until that very same date;

our 2010 line-up is under embargo until 9.00 GMT 15th Feb

We know quite a few of you have Panasonic televisions with Freesat built-in and are eagerly awaiting the availability of BBC iPlayer, so lets hope this is it!

TechniSat PVR Software Returns

TechniSat HDFS

Following a brief absence of the latest software from TechniSat including the PVR functionality, we are pleased to confirm that it will return Wednesday 9th December (downloadable from website) followed by an OTA version on Monday 14th December.

An official statement from TechniSat has been sent to us to confirm;

TechniSat would like to announce the latest revision of a software update that allows recording of TV programmes to an external hard disk drive from the TechniSat HDFS. Software version 1364c will be on air for automatic download and update from Monday 14th December – however, from Wednesday 9th December, it can be downloaded from and updated manually.

After the update, the HDFS is ready to record, pause live TV and timeshift with the addition of an external hard disk drive connected to one of the USB ports. A user guide detailing the new functionality is available from

Humax Due To Release Software Fix

Humax’s current software versions (HD V1.00.23 / HDR V1.00.11) are due to expire tomorrow (2nd December 2009) so expect a new release which should hopefully resolve the problems some of you have been having with your receivers since the last update was released back on the 10th November 2009.

We are unclear at this stage whether Humax will simply roll-back the software to a previous stable version, or will release a new version that they have been working hard on since collating all the information supplied by you guys when contacting them with problems.

Whilst BBC iPlayer is expected to launch first on Humax receivers in December, we don’t expect at this stage the software will include that facility as beta testing still hasn’t began in full; it will be interesting to see the ‘end’ date of what ever new update is released, as that might give an indication of when iPlayer will be ready.

Harvard Release Software Update Cure

Harvard International today released version 1.8.1 of their software for the Bush, Grundig and Goodmans Freesat HD receivers; curing the problems from the previous software release.

It took Harvard International a few weeks originally to acknowledge the problem, followed by a large scale process of collecting and replacing customers receivers; and now finally a software update has been made available for download (OTA) which seems to resolve the original problems in just 5 minutes!

We managed to obtain a couple of units suffering from the initial update of which the Bush has now been updated and appears to be working fine. We will report back on how the Grundig fairs shortly.

So if anyone is still in posession of one of these faulty units, set it back up and providing it will operate for a short time, make sure the software update option is set to automatic within the menu, then return to standby; the download should automatically happen within a few minutes.

Let us know your results.

Humax Update Available From Today

The long awaited Humax software updates are due to be released today, following our previous post.

The version numbers are FOXSAT-HDR V1.00.11 / FOXSAT-HD V1.00.23.

There is presently the option to download the update directly from the Humax website, but the OTA (over the air) version should come live later this afternoon if you do a scan for it; or over night if you don’t.

Humax FOXSAT-HDR Manual Software Update (V1.00.11)
Humax FOXSAT-HD Manual Software Update (V1.00.23)

Let us know what you think about the updates when you have it.

Humax To Launch HDR Software In November


Humax have confirmed to PVRJunction that they will release the eagly anticipated FOXSAT-HDR new software this November. The update is now with the DTG, who organise the over the air (OTA) software update timetables.

The software update has been expected for some time but has been constantly delayed as BBC try to prepare their iPlayer service for launch, of which is embedded within the software update Humax have been working on for months. The software updates/changes include the following:

• Support for BBC iPlayer service (subject to service availability)

• Auto Delete function included

• Ability to Delete Recorded Programmes from the Media List while recording or playing back.

• RGB output available on HD content (Live TV and Recordings)

• Resolved ITV HD Schedules disappearing after a channel scan

• Freesat schedules no longer removed after a Manual Tune.

• Resolved issue with Subtitles appearing when use Time Shift Recording.

• Resolved issues playing back encrypted HD content from an external device.

• Diagnostic Menu now displays the signal levels for both tuners correctly.

• NEW icon now appears in the Media List (Simple view) on Folders with new recordings.

• Resolved issues with Series schedules failing to record.

• EPG Genre screen now appears in two columns

• Resolved Lip-Sync issue resetting after a power cycle.

• Resolved incorrect character appearing on Postcode in the Diagnostic menu.

• Resolved lockup issue when recordings 2 TV channels and changing to a Radio channel.

• Resolved intermittent Lip-sync issue when accessing ITV-HD

• Changes made to some on screen messages regarding conflicts

Official Harvard Statement On Box Failures

Following our post regarding the software Update which caused some Goodmans, Grundig and Bush Freesat boxes to fail, Harvard International have released the following statement:

As a result of a recent over-the-air download to Goodmans, Grundig and Bush Freesat HD digital boxes, some boxes have experienced problems. Whilst the number affected is limited, the cause of this problem is nevertheless under urgent and active investigation by Harvard International in conjunction with its suppliers.

Meanwhile, Freesat viewers who have reported this problem are each being contacted and arrangements are being made to ensure they can continue to enjoy the full Freesat service. This process is ongoing and will be completed by Sunday 25th October.

This issue concerns Goodmans, Grundig and Bush Freesat HD Digital Boxes only. Freesat viewers and owners of these boxes who are experiencing this problem, and who have not already provided their details, should contact the Harvard Helpline T: 0871 230 1777. We can assure all affected customers that they will receive a satisfactory resolution based on their specific requirements.

Harvard International wishes to apologise sincerely to the Freesat viewers and users of its Bush, Goodmans and Grundig Digital Boxes who have experienced this problem, and who have been inconvenienced by not being able to access the Freesat service.