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Freesat is a UK digital satellite TV service from the BBC/ITV which launched in May 2008. Freesat has no monthly subscription, just a one-off payment for the digital box, satellite dish and installation. It even comes with subscription-free, high-definition TV programmes. As Freesat is broadcast via satellite, it’s available to almost every household in the UK.
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Mar 22 2014

Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Software v1.2.6 releasedManhattan have released a software update for their Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Freesat+HD model, which includes assorted core stability and recording fixes as well as a number of software enhancements. It is important to note that due to the changes in this release, a factory default is required after updating. Recordings will not be lost …read more »

Aug 08 2013

New software update for Humax HDR-1000S/1010S todayA new software update has been released for the Humax HDR-1000S/1010S <free time>, available from today.

Software details as follows:

Model Number HDR-1000S and …read more »

Jun 26 2013

New software update for Humax HDR-1000S/1010S todayFreesat are releasing new software from Humax for <free time> boxes later today. This will be an update for both the 500GB & 1TB versions.

Software details as follows:

Model Number HDR-1000S and …read more »

Mar 06 2013

Software update for Humax HDR-1000S available from todayFollowing our report that Humax would launch a new software update towards the end of March, they have pulled out all the stops to release the software today.

The software will resolve a number of major bugs that customers have experienced …read more »

Dec 18 2012

New software for Humax HDR-1000SFollowing the launch of the Humax HDR-1000S Freesat+HD <free time> receiver there has been an extensive number of bugs/glitches reported which Humax/freesat have been working on.

Humax have today announced that the first revision of the software (version 1.00.16) …read more »

Sep 05 2012

Samsung release SMT-S7800 software updateNever expected this to happen but Samsung have today released a long promised software update for the SMT-S7800.

There doesn’t appear to be any sign of an OTA download, so the only way to update your receiver is via USB install. …read more »

Jul 31 2012

Manhattan Plaza HD-S v1.45 Update AvailableManhattan have released the v1.45 update for upgrade manually via USB. It will be issued as an OAD after the Olympics as Freesat is on lockdown until after then.

The update has been tested extensively by Manhattan and Freesat …read more »

Oct 12 2011

TechniSat have confirmed a fix for the HDFS EPG issue is underway. The fault appeared a few weeks ago which prevents you accessing programme information more than 12 hours ahead, where as the standard Freesat EPG should allow you 8 days listings.

TechniSat have confirmed that they have located and solved the issue and the revised software will be tested week commencing 31st October 2011. Providing all goes well, they will be released shortly after via their website and presumably by over-the-air download too.

Good to see manufacturers still supporting existing products.

Oct 08 2011

After a long time of waiting (literally!) for the “please wait” issue to be fixed, it appears Humax will launch a new software version (1.00.17) on the 14th October according to DTG.

The new version will automatically download on to your receiver (usually at 3am) providing you have updates set to auto within the menu. The update is exclusively to resolve the EPG problem: …read more »

Aug 15 2011

As many of you have found owning the Humax FOXSAT-HDR, a recent software update has caused a significant delay in accessing the TV Guide (EPG), confronted by a “please wait” message usually for around 40 seconds, but in some cases minutes.

There has been some talk about whether this is a Humax or Freesat fault, and Humax have kindly responded to us today with the following: …read more »