Panasonic drop Freesat+ recorders

Panasonic drop Freesat+ recorders' channelIt shouldn’t really come as any surprise but Panasonic have today announced they have dropped the Freesat+ recorders from their new range of products due to launch in March.

The reason being poor sales on the recorder side of their business, though it is expected they will continue to offer televisions with Freesat built-in (models tbc). Continue reading Panasonic drop Freesat+ recorders

TechniSat HDFS EPG Issue Fix Underway

TechniSat have confirmed a fix for the HDFS EPG issue is underway. The fault appeared a few weeks ago which prevents you accessing programme information more than 12 hours ahead, where as the standard Freesat EPG should allow you 8 days listings.

TechniSat have confirmed that they have located and solved the issue and the revised software will be tested week commencing 31st October 2011. Providing all goes well, they will be released shortly after via their website and presumably by over-the-air download too.

Good to see manufacturers still supporting existing products.

Freesat Announces 2010 Product Of The Year Awards

Freesat, the subscription-free satellite TV service, has announced the winners of its annual Product Awards for 2010, with Panasonic, Humax and Technisat receiving top honours.

Panasonic’s Freesat+ HD Blu-Ray Recorder box (DMR-BS880) has been revealed as overall Product of the Year in recognition of its superior features that outshone the competition.

The very best Freesat products from across the categories of ‘HD receiver’, ‘Freesat+’ and ‘HD TV’ were recognised, showcasing the innovative technology available. These products enable viewers to enjoy the broad choice of quality programming available on Freesat, as well as services such as free HD and catch-up TV on BBC iPlayer – with ITV Player coming soon.

The winners were chosen by a prestigious panel of technology experts including the editors of What Satellite & Digital TV, Home Cinema Choice and The winners are:

– Freesat+ HD recorder: Humax Foxsat-HDR
Best Price: £214.99 (inc delivery)

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– Freesat HD TV: Panasonic TX-P50VT20B
Best Price: £1600.00 (inc delivery)

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– Freesat HD receiver: Technisat HDFS
Best Price: £128.39 (inc delivery)

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– Freesat Product of the Year: Panasonic DMR-BS880
Best Price: £647.00 (inc delivery)

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Emma Scott, Freesat Managing Director, congratulated the winners on their success;

This was Freesat’s first dedicated Product Awards. We wanted to showcase the very best Freesat products from across the categories of ‘HD receiver’, ‘Freesat+ PVR’ and ‘HD TV’ and recognise the excellent work of our partners in delivering product quality, innovation and choice to Freesat customers.

The products’ innovative functionality, quality features and excellent performance have helped contribute to Freesat’s continued success, and we look forward to bringing viewers more exciting and award-winning TV products and services in the future.

Freesat Product Awards 2010 winners

Freesat+ HD recorder – Humax Foxsat-HDR
With its 320GB disc, great AV performance and competitive price, the Humax box was deemed Freesat’s top personal video recorder.
Runner-up: Sagem DTR-94500

Freesat HD TV – Panasonic TX-P50VT20B
Panasonic’s full HD 50in plasma screen delivers stunning HD and SD pictures, is 3D-ready and features flash and network storage playback. Its broadband internet connection also gives access to On Demand services courtesy of BBC iPlayer, with ITV Player coming soon.
Runner-up: Sony KDL-46Z5800

Freesat HD receiver – Technisat HDFS
Technisat’s debut product for the UK market builds on the Freesat HD specification to let users enjoy music, video and pictures, while also offering an optional Wi-Fi connection and On Demand access.
Runner-up: Humax Foxsat-HD

Freesat Product of the Year – Panasonic DMR-BS880
Panasonic’s Freesat+ HD Blu-Ray Recorder box demonstrates what can be achieved if you want to deliver a high-end home media centre for HD entertainment. Its delivery on superior features, such as twin tuners, Blu-ray recording, network and flash media playback and access to On Demand help set the bar very high against the competition.
Runner-up: Technisat HDFS

TechniSat HDFS – Freesat HD Receiver of the Year 2010!

TechniSat HDFS - Freesat HD Receiver of the Year 2010!

Adding to a great year for the multi-award winning TechniSat HDFS, it has received the Freesat HD Receiver of the Year 2010 award.

The Freesat Product Awards 2010 were judged by the editors of What Satellite & Digital TV, Home Cinema Choice and consumer technology website Techradar.

Across the categories of Freesat HD, Freesat + Recorders and TVs, products were recognised for excellent design, build quality, AV performance and for including features that exceed the Freesat specification to bring greater functionality to the user.

The HDFS was the winner of the Freesat HD Receiver category:

Technisat’s HDFS made instant waves by building on the Freesat HD specification, enabling users to enjoy music, video or photos, both from USB, flash or networked storage, with an optional Wi-Fi connection.

The HDFS received still further recognition as it was judged to be runner up in the overall Freesat Product of the Year 2010 which covers products across all Freesat categories:

The Technisat HDFS proves it is possible to innovate with entry-level products, and has raised all our expectations for future Freesat HD receivers.

Click here for more information on the TechniSat HDFS.

TechniSat HDFS Freesat HD Receiver

Best Price: £129.99 (inc delivery)

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BBC iPlayer To Launch On TechniSat, Harvard (pt2)

BBC iPlayer on TechniSat, Harvard

Following on from the disappointing delay of BBC iPlayer onto TechniSat and Harvard receivers, it looks likely that the service will be added over the course of the next week or two.

TechniSat have confirmed a scheduled inclusion on the 25th March 2010 with Harvard Group (Grundig, Bush, Goodmans) and Sagem expected to follow on the 30th March 2010.

Panasonic receivers (DMR-BS850, BS750 and XS350) have an update happening tomorrow (24th March 2010) though we don’t know whether this includes iPlayer; unfortunately we have absolutely no news on Panasonic and LG televisions yet!

Note that iPlayer will only be available on Freesat HD and Freesat+ receivers/idtv’s.

Hopefully all will go according to plan this time 😉

Massive Price Drop On TechniSat HDFS

**update 15 Mar 2010**
Amazon have now increased their price by a considerable amount; but Satbuyer are still selling at a very good rate.

TechniSat Freesat Box

The highly rated TechniSat HDFS Freesat HD receiver has seen a massive price drop over the past week which now puts it firmly in contention with the cheaper Humax FOXSAT-HD.

The TechniSat HDFS originally retailed for £199 but recent trade price drops and price matching has meant that this fantastic unit can be picked up brand new for as little as £139.99.

The price difference between the HDFS and FOXSAT-HD is now just £20 and with the TechniSat widely regarded as the best for reliability and picture; plus inclusive of a 3 year manufacturers warranty and USB record facility, the fractional additional cost must surely make this a bargain!!!

Don’t forget iPlayer will be available very soon too!

The TechniSat HDFS can be picked up for just £139.99 inc delivery from Amazon UK

or £146 inc delivery from Satbuyer.

BBC iPlayer To Launch On TechniSat, Harvard

BBC iPlayer on TechniSat, Harvard

We have been tipped off that TechniSat will be receiving BBC iPlayer as part of their new software update due for release on the 16th March 2010.

In the same week, and maybe on the same day, Harvard Group is expected to also launch new software to give access to iPlayer, though at this stage we do not know if it will be their entire HD range of Grundig, Bush and Goodmans.

According to What Hifi, Sagem receivers will also have BBC iPlayer on the 15th.

iPlayer is currently available on Humax receivers and Sony IDTV via the red button home page or using page 7001.

TechniSat HDFS Freesat Group Winner

TechniSat HDFS

The TechniSat HDFS has been awarded ‘group test winner’ in a recent feature review in What Satellite Magazine.

The magazine tested the existing range of Freesat HD single tuner receivers against each other, including the TechniSat HDFS, Humax FOXSAT-HD, Sagem DSI86HD and Metronic SATHD100, with the TechniSat winning by some margin, though not really a surprise to most (we are unsure of the absence of any of the Harvard range – Grundig, Goodmans and Bush).

The final review scores were:

TechniSat 86%
Humax 80%
Metronic 75%
Sagem 69%

TechniSat PVR Software Returns

TechniSat HDFS

Following a brief absence of the latest software from TechniSat including the PVR functionality, we are pleased to confirm that it will return Wednesday 9th December (downloadable from website) followed by an OTA version on Monday 14th December.

An official statement from TechniSat has been sent to us to confirm;

TechniSat would like to announce the latest revision of a software update that allows recording of TV programmes to an external hard disk drive from the TechniSat HDFS. Software version 1364c will be on air for automatic download and update from Monday 14th December – however, from Wednesday 9th December, it can be downloaded from and updated manually.

After the update, the HDFS is ready to record, pause live TV and timeshift with the addition of an external hard disk drive connected to one of the USB ports. A user guide detailing the new functionality is available from

TechniSat HDFS Receives 5 Stars From What Hi-Fi

TechniSat Freesat Box

Following on from 3 out of 5 stars back in September; What Hi-Fi have been so impressed with the software updates and additional functionality that they have now given it the highest 5 out of 5 honour, ranking it as the best single tuner Freesat HD receiver on the market.

Read the review here

This rating is a credit to the development TechniSat have put in to the device and the unique PVR functionality which despite a current set back with availability, has proven very popular so far. Congrats TechniSat.

The TechniSat HDFS can be currently be picked up for as little as £162 including delivery and 3 years manufacturers warranty; visit our price comparison page for details.