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Oct 12 2011

TechniSat have confirmed a fix for the HDFS EPG issue is underway. The fault appeared a few weeks ago which prevents you accessing programme information more than 12 hours ahead, where as the standard Freesat EPG should allow you 8 days listings.

TechniSat have confirmed that they have located and solved the issue and the revised software will be tested week commencing 31st October 2011. Providing all goes well, they will be released shortly after via their website and presumably by over-the-air download too.

Good to see manufacturers still supporting existing products.

66 Responses to “TechniSat HDFS EPG Issue Fix Underway”

  1. Richard Crichton Says:

    The standard Freesat EPG should allow you 8 days listings not 7. A pity their support for existing products dosen’t extend to fixing the disappearing Radio List issue and the ITV Player issue not to mention the Windows 7 issue. A good box spoilt by poor software imho.


  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Richard, typo!


  3. Lee S Says:

    I totally agree Richard. To have what should be small issues with the Technisat has ended up spoiling the overall operation of the receiver in my opinion. I too have experienced the epg problem recently, not to mention the loss of radio stations sometimes which results in having to do a full factory restore. Along with the news that apparently ITV player wont make it onto the HDFS, I am a little disappointed. I bought the HDFS knowing that ITV player would be on its way, so even though it has a single tuner PVR function, I would be able to get away with not watching BBC or ITV programs if they happened to clash, and I would be able to catch up with them later. Perhaps I should just purchase a good Freesat recorder instead.


  4. Simon Says:

    12 hours ahead would be a luxury, I currently have about 3 hours ahead, nice to know it will be fixed but seems to have taken such a long time with it, and because of the EPG problem not been able to record anything on the PVR. Yes agree with Richard and Lee that the Windows 7 problem should be sorted, and since the HDFS was not a bargain box it’s lack of ITV Player is annoying. Does this also mean that if 4OD ever came on they wouldn’t support that either. Admin do you have any contact email addresses for Technisat


  5. admin Says:


    Sorry, the contact information we have isn’t for public use.


  6. Beest Says:

    Just to add a little colour to the EPG situation- my HDFS is currently providing me with NHK WORLD HD and Bliss programme information in German! Have complained to technisat re no ITV player, already complained re Windows 7, if the response for the lack of ITV is on a par with Windows 7…. well, hey, it’s someone else’s problem (& won’t be cured- not by Technisat)


  7. Brian Lincoln Says:

    Fully agree with all the foregoing. I had to do a full factory reset a few days ago to get my radio list back, which still does not work fully on TechniSat mode.

    Come on TechniSat! don’t spoil the reputation of the best freesat box (for its price and features) for a ‘haporth of tar!


  8. liamo Says:

    Radio Issue is the main gripe i have with my HDFS – Its EXTREMELY annoying – seriously – would you fellow sufferers consider a group email or petition – i love technisat – ive used their PC cards, and i consider the quality to be outstanding – but the radio issue is massively annoying – COme on folks – sort it!


  9. Richard Crichton Says:

    I’m not sure Technisat are even aware of the radio list issue. Has anyone contacted customer services about this issue?


  10. Simon Says:

    I contacted Technisat back in February regarding the radio channels that had gone and they asked me to do a flash reset here are the instructions

    Caution! All personal settings will be lost.

    – Disconnect the power plug.
    – Press standby and programme up keys (Top arrow key on silver circle)
    simultaneously, and keep them pressed.
    – With standby and programme up keys still pressed, reconnect the power plug.
    – Keep keys pressed for approx. 10 seconds until message “Flash or Factory
    Set” appears on your receiver’s display, then let go of the buttons.
    – Then you can start to re-set your device.

    The keys are on the unit not on the remote as I first tried, I must admit though I haven’t lost the radio stations since. Mine is running on software if that is any help.


  11. Tony Hales Says:

    That’s just a factory reset without using the menus. Factory reset is the only know method of restoring the radio list but it’s not a permanent fix. There is a unknown reason why the radio list disappears that has not been tackled.


  12. Simon Says:

    All I can say is that after I did that mine has kept the radio stations since, not sure if it was that, or just some other miracle happened !


  13. Richard Crichton Says:

    Thanks Simon. It’s certainly worth a try. Not using my Technisat at the moment. I’m waiting for the EPG fix before I try anything else.
    Do you use a USB powered hard drive or a flash card on your box. I ‘m pretty sure I tried your method ages ago but it did not provide a permanent fix. It’s so frustrating as the Technisat is a great box with poor support.


  14. Wolfman Says:

    Hi guys,

    a fellow TS HDFS sufferer here.

    While it is good to hear that a fix is on the way, TS should have put a message on their website explaining what the problem/issue is, it would have been far better than 10,000 eMails from angry (me included) people demanding a fix and quickly, not good customer relations TS and in fact you could call your customer relations BS!.

    Regards Wolfman


  15. Steve 1 Says:

    With the new satellite almost ready have we got a rough debut date ?


  16. Simon Says:

    Good news seems fixed now


  17. Rosco Says:


    1N should be on station by the end of this week. She is expected to go into service before the end of the month.


  18. Steve 1 Says:

    Thanks will be interesting what channels we get.


  19. Rosco Says:

    Dont expect a sudden large increase in channels going fta – thats not going to happen. One of the first launches onto 1N will be C4HD which should give them a much stronger signal in the UK than currently – and possibly deprive much of the Mediterranean of the service!

    Other good bets to go fta are the 5* / 5US channels and the currently scrambled ITV regions.


  20. Steve 1 Says:

    I noticed ch4hd is about 70% quality or strength of signal it should be more like bbc channels afterwards then


  21. Lee S Says:

    my epg is populating as well up to the 8 days as it should do. Not sure what they have done, but something is working.


  22. jimmy brandon Says:

    My epg is populating up to 8 days too. The problem has been fixed.


  23. Muzer Says:

    @19 Rosco: I’m not entirely sure that C4 HD will move to Astra 1N, there have been hints in the past on the DS forum from people in the know that it might not.

    But 5USA and 5* will, I’m nearly completely sure, be the first channels to go FTA on 1N that were previously FTV, along with the other C5 regions. I also expect the ITV regions to go FTA, but by the looks of it the contracts are a bit odd so it may take some time (ITV1 Central West HD and ITV1 Meridian South HD are already on Astra 2D but not FTA).


  24. Sysum Says:

    Reading the above problems with loosing the radio stations , after a reset they are briefly available immediatly make all channels a favourite list and save. When the epg disappears with the radio stations they will still be availiable as favourites and you will not loose them. The downside is the epg will still say no stations found!!.


  25. Rosco Says:

    @ 23 Muzer C4HD – The press release is on the SES site as of the beginning of October


  26. Rosco Says:

    BTW – There are about 3 people whose posts I trust on DigitalSky 😉


  27. Mediaman Says:

    This should interest many Astra 1n now in place earlier than expected. Hopefully some of the weaker channels will move there soon just recently lost quite a few despite a 89% signal.


  28. zap35 Says:

    As others have reported, the EPG is now loading correctly. However, as there has been no update to the HDFS software, I don’t believe that Technisat can take the credit. Can anyone shed any light on how the problem has been solved; has the Freesat EPG data been modified ?


  29. Lee S Says:

    Has Technisat’s reputation been tarnished by these problems and the lack of ITV Player? I think so. Looking forward to the release of the Manhattan HDR-S.


  30. Rosco Says:

    @27 Mediaman – Ther is something wrong with your setup if you have lost channels with an 89% signal! Which channels have you lost and where are you located?


  31. Mediaman Says:

    The satellite dish was removed from the wall then later put back up. The channels missing are Channel 4 HD, CBS Reality, France 24 and several of the music channels including Massive R&B. I have had someone look over the dish and connections but no one can find a problem. I have an old Goodmans HD box and though I have had no real problems with the box I plan to upgrade soon. I have tried first time install and used various postcodes on the off chance that may have been the problem. I’m located just outside Dundee and never had a problem until the dish went back up on the wall.


  32. Lee S Says:

    did the person who looked at the dish use a signal finder? sounds like the dish might need realigning a little.


  33. Mediaman Says:

    I assumed he did as he used to install satellite dishes for a living. I have also had the LNB checked it is fine. My first thought was the alignment of the dish but the box itself did have a strong signal on some of those channels. Checked France 24 it now has no signal at all. I guess I will have to get it realigned again. Thanks all for the help


  34. Rosco Says:

    @Mediaman – looks like all of your missing channels are on Eurobird 1 so theres no chance of them moving to 1N. (except C4HD)

    As the others say its almost certainly your alignment is out – its probably a matter of a couple of mm.

    But check the skew (twist) of the lnb first – facing the dish the cable exit on the lnb should be at about “7 o’clock”


  35. Mediaman Says:

    I will check that tomorrow thanks Rosco


  36. Rozzo Says:

    TS epg showing 7 days (not the 8th) but still the same ts sw version so freesat must have changed something.
    Strange that it has started working again about the same date that the newest humax sw got sent out. Surely a coincidence … or not


  37. Scott Says:

    @31 Mediaman. I have this problem too. To fix it I changed the LNB settings in antenna configuration.
    Change the settings to user LNB, LOF low 9749, LOF high 10600 and LOF trans. 11700.
    I could then watch all the channels again. Hope this works for you.


  38. Mediaman Says:

    It was an alignment issue. The channels are back with a little break up but that could be the bad weather. I will look into the LNB settings thanks Scott.


  39. Lee S Says:

    Going back to the epg fix for the Technisat which I think may have been resolved through Freesat – I have had my HDFS since March and everytime I used to go to program search from the epg, I had to type the whole program name in or it would struggle finding it. Now if I enter just the first few characters of a prog, all related titles now come up under the search straight away. It makes me wonder if there had been a problem with the Technisat epg for a while due to the effect of a change in data from the Freesat epg.


  40. Steve 1 Says:

    To mediaman I would get a satellite meter they are not expensive and you would get it spot on then.


  41. Rosco Says:

    @38. Stick a damp tea-towl over the lnb to reduce the signal strength further and tweak up the alignment. Dont forget the vertical alignment might need a tweak as well as the horizontal :)


  42. zap35 Says:

    Having loaded OK for a couple of days this week, the EPG is once again not showing more than the next few hours. Not surprising really, as there has been no software update forthcoming from Technisat yet.


  43. Simon Says:

    Same with mine as well, must have been a blip.


  44. Sysum Says:

    Had software update on 19th October epg worked OK for 2 days then as days progressed epg got shorter and shorter on days ahead. Now back to square one no epg only one day. Obviously new software did not solve problem


  45. Tony Hales Says:

    @44 Sysum
    Where did you get the software update from? DTG aren’t listing one.


  46. zap35 Says:

    I had the EPG working properly for a couple of days with no software update. I suspect Freesat temporarily modiified something in the EPG broadcast.


  47. Sysum Says:

    Software was automatically loaded in night. It shows up as the following no’s
    My hardware version 33.2

    New software BL2 (215)
    Dated Oct 19 2010 15.48.07

    Still no EPG only 1 day!!


  48. zap35 Says:

    @ Sysum
    That is not a new software version, my HDFS has been running that one for months. We will just have to be patient and hope that Technisat can get a suitable update issued next week.


  49. Jonathan Knight Says:

    Well, here we are in February and no sign of a software update. My box has the EPG fault, although it does seem to eventually pick up a full listing if left on for a few hours.

    When was this software update due?


  50. Paul in Ireland Says:

    This seemed to have rectified itself a while back but has reared its ugly head again in the last few weeks. It’s getting ridiculous at this stage which is a pity as this is such a fab receiver in all other respects and I would expect better from a German company.

    Any thoughts admin? It’s gone beyond a joke at this stage!


  51. admin Says:

    Paul in Ireland said:
    This seemed to have rectified itself a while back but has reared its ugly head again in the last few weeks. It’s getting ridiculous at this stage which is a pity as this is such a fab receiver in all other respects and I would expect better from a German company.
    Any thoughts admin? It’s gone beyond a joke at this stage!

    Are you using the latest software I have that was never officially released? Resolves the EPG problem. Please contact me if you want it.


  52. Paul in Ireland Says:

    Yes I would love that. Can u mail it to me or provide a link where I can download it. It seems rather bizarre that it has not been released.


  53. admin Says:

    Paul in Ireland said:
    Yes I would love that. Can u mail it to me or provide a link where I can download it. It seems rather bizarre that it has not been released.



  54. Martin Gordon Says:

    post 51: Please contact me if you want it. Please could you send me the software or link? Thanks – I still have the EPG problem


  55. technisat hdfs update Says:

    todate 21/05/2012 my box is still losing programme informatio regularly at the most i get a few hours info when i run the software up date it says it is update.
    have reset to factory default then search channels it sometimes bring it back but not for long have to do this to get the radio channels also.
    when i tried to contact technisat support my e-mails come back undelivered.


  56. Profzarkov Says:

    Hmm, my HDFS seems to be OK – you just have to leave it on for a while & it will get all the epg. Radio channels seem stable now. For what it is and for the price, it’s still a good box – the HD is great and the PVR function for free is good (have a 16 GB SD card in now). The iPlayer stuff is also good and works fine but there’s no radio catch up . . . is this the BBC or Freesat?
    There have been times when I wanted to chop it up into little pieces but as I say, it’s working fine at the moment.


  57. John Says:

    admin said: Are you using the latest software I have that was never officially released? Resolves the EPG problem. Please contact me if you want it.

    Could you please email it to me/send me a link too please?


  58. ProfZarkov Says:

    EPG seems a lot better now and all the Lympix channels are fine
    Even managed to recordthe 3D ch.
    I hva e a problem in that a new Hitachi 1TB HDD doesn’t seem to work on this box as a PVR when set to timed recording – it briefly powers up then shuts down! My other HDD (WD 500MB) worked fine. Is this a problem with Hitachi drives? Is there a fix??


  59. Nelly Says:

    admin said: Are you using the latest software I have that was never officially released? Resolves the EPG problem. Please contact me if you want it.

    Could you email me a copy please, I have 2 hdfs receivers both with same issue. thanks


  60. Morsoft Says:

    admin said: Are you using the latest software I have that was never officially released? Resolves the EPG problem. Please contact me if you want it.

    I would be grateful if you could also email me a copy. The EPG problem makes the box unusable for recording. Thanks.


  61. Alan C Says:

    Hi could you email me the firmware too as I have the epg problem too..
    Thanks in advance


  62. Alan C Says:

    admin said: Done

    Please email me a copy please..thanks


  63. admin Says:

    Copy on way to Alan C and Morsoft


  64. NAD Says:


    Also have EPG problem. Please could you e-mail me the firmware update? Many thanks.


  65. admin Says:

    Sent :)


  66. Profzarkov Says:

    My software version is (1666b) UL2.8-2BL2(215)

    Is there a more recent one? Could you mail one to me?

    I still regularly lose al radio stations.

    Many thanks



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