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Oct 28 2010

TechniSat HDFS - Freesat HD Receiver of the Year 2010!

Adding to a great year for the multi-award winning TechniSat HDFS, it has received the Freesat HD Receiver of the Year 2010 award.

The Freesat Product Awards 2010 were judged by the editors of What Satellite & Digital TV, Home Cinema Choice and consumer technology website Techradar.

Across the categories of Freesat HD, Freesat + Recorders and TVs, products were recognised for excellent design, build quality, AV performance and for including features that exceed the Freesat specification to bring greater functionality to the user.

The HDFS was the winner of the Freesat HD Receiver category:

Technisat’s HDFS made instant waves by building on the Freesat HD specification, enabling users to enjoy music, video or photos, both from USB, flash or networked storage, with an optional Wi-Fi connection.

The HDFS received still further recognition as it was judged to be runner up in the overall Freesat Product of the Year 2010 which covers products across all Freesat categories:

The Technisat HDFS proves it is possible to innovate with entry-level products, and has raised all our expectations for future Freesat HD receivers.

Click here for more information on the TechniSat HDFS.

TechniSat HDFS Freesat HD Receiver

Best Price: £129.99 (inc delivery)

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24 Responses to “TechniSat HDFS – Freesat HD Receiver of the Year 2010!”

  1. Mozer Says:

    I think it is better to have a HD TV with Freesat embedded I’m pleased with my Panasonic TX-L37V20B LCD/LED TV


  2. Dan Says:

    I love my technisat, most reliable electronics purchase i’ve ever made.


  3. dave Says:

    have had my foxsat hd reciever for over a year purchase ever made.will not go back to sky again.


  4. Gordon S Valentine Says:

    I am thinking of getting this box for a second TV, does the iPlayer work with it?


  5. admin Says:

    @Gordon S Valentine

    Sure does, iPlayer works fine on the HDFS.


  6. Simon Says:

    Great box just wish they would get Windows 7 compatibility sorted, then it would be perfect


  7. Lee B Says:

    Quality box and award well deserved, cheaper way to get a DVR. Am I right in thinking the picture quality is excellent on these boxes, I know the SD picture on my HDR is not amazing.


  8. Graham Hall Says:

    Best freesat PVR for the 2nd year running goes to the Humax Foxsat HDR by WHAT HI FI? sound and vision awards 2010. This box is truely amazing!


  9. Lillywhite Says:

    When I kissed goodbye to Mr. Murdoch over a year ago I brought a TechniSat box. It’s never missed a beat so well worth this award.


  10. Bill Says:

    I debated for some time between the TechniSat and the Humax. Friends have the Humax HD and it looks and performs brilliantly but for me the TechniSat offers more functions including recording to ext drive and playing music from my network connected pc. Now the price has come down to meet the Humax HD, I would certainly recommend this to anyone.


  11. roger Says:

    I,m a humax owner myself but would consider the TechniSat for upstairs study room going by reviews. Keep on with the good work Admin


  12. Rob H Says:

    Great news for TechniSat, hope they give Humax a run for their money when YouView is launched


  13. louise Says:

    they shoe advert for box for 49.00 how do i get it for that price.


  14. admin Says:


    The TechniSat isn’t available for £49. Suspect you mean Sky, which is a completely different service and requires a subscription, see here.


  15. Brian Lincoln Says:

    TechniSat HDFS is THE most versatile freesat STB on the market especially at the price. Every feature works as it should, including BBC iPlayer, but for me, the icing on the cake would be Internet Radio ….. ? Could this be done retrospectively as a software download ??.


  16. Nick Says:

    I would buy one of these in a heartbeat if they did a PVR version. I’m desperate for a Freesat PVR to replace my Sky+ box that can also stream media from my NAS.


  17. Brian Lincoln Says:

    Just connect a USB hard drive, flash memory or compact flash card, and you have a first class PVR!. All the recording software and timers are built-in. It works much better than my Free View PVR!. Buy and enjoy!.


  18. alex Says:


    I am thinking of either the Humax or the HDFS, What i wnt to know is what is the capacity on the flash or compact flash card and how many hours can you store in SD and HD.


  19. Chris Says:

    Very, very roughly, 1GB of memory stores around half an hour of SD, or a quarter of an hour of HD.

    So choose what capacity of USB drive or flash card for how many hours of recording you want.


  20. Brian Lincoln Says:

    I have used a 4GB Flash card for casual use, and currently use an 80GB external hard drive plugged in to the front USB port (with the rear USB port reserved for the TechniSat WiFi dongle). If you go to the Technisat website you can download the operating manuals and preview the specs! It’s a great machine!


  21. James Says:

    Just watched the video on the TechniSat site, what an ugly user interface! I’m sticking to Humax!


  22. Brian Lincoln Says:

    With respect James, I’ve used both, and the Humax can’t hold a candle to the HDFS! Once you’ve used one, you don’t want anything else.


  23. Andy T Says:

    Are there any plans for MP4 or MKV support ? It’s the only thing holding me back from buying one.


  24. Richard Crichton Says:

    I see there is new firmware

    Digital UK Ltd Technisat HDFS Version Number 1666 Patch 7 N 28-02-2011


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