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Oct 31 2009

TechniSat Freesat Box

Following the announce that TechniSat HDFS customers would soon benefit from PVR record functionality, we thought we’d just let you know that the software is due for release on or around the 4th November 2009 and TechniSat have released the PDF instructions on their website.

TechniSat HDFS Satellite HD Digital Receiver USB Recorder Instructions

The software should automatically be downloaded to your receiver when released…without hopefully the muck up encountered by Harvard International receivers! 😉

The TechniSat HDFS is available from a number of retailers, visit our product comparison page for details.

17 Responses to “TechniSat HDFS PVR Instructions Online”

  1. Peter (bobmarleypeople) Says:

    I suppose this box has mass storage support pre-installed, so adding PVR support wasn’t such a big task. The impressive thing would be if Humax added similar functionality to their standard HD receivers. THEN I’d be impressed.


  2. Tony Hales Says:

    Now I remember why I paid £166 for this box. I hope they make the EPG a bit more colourful at the same time as enabling the PVR functionality. Fingers crossed for no problems with the new firmware. Now all we need is more good HD shows worth recording and for ITV-HD to get their act together. No red button please ITV.


  3. Prison Warden Says:

    Looking at the PDF I see that recordings can be exported to other storage devices like a networked PC but cannot be played back from them. Still it’s better than nothing. The EPG is still very grey though unfotunately.


  4. Paul S Watts Says:

    Very Impressive and well done TechniSat.

    Now – can Humax do something similar as well?????????????? I am sure all of the many, many Humax HD box owners would love similar expandability.

    Comment from Humax please?



  5. Lee B Says:

    The most recent advert for the box mentioned it can play video files from the usb, anyone have a full list of supported media types?i.e can it support h264 mp4, Divx, MKV etc?


  6. Prison Warden Says:

    Supported formats are MP3, JPEG or MPEG-2 (MP4 and DivX are expected to be added later) .


  7. Chris Says:

    Does anyone know if the *original* manual is available anywhere for download, I’ve been waiting for it for ages!


  8. Steve Says:

    The EPG, may be boring and may be greay as stated by some of the posts on here, BUT this is mandated by Freesat and NOT TechniSat.
    TechniSat can do nothing about the EPG as this is what Freesat want it to look like.

    The new manual is an update of the “original” so just download the latest version


  9. Chris Says:

    The “new” manual is just an addendum for the PVR functionality, I’m looking for the manual for the unit itself as a whole. It has never appeared as a download on the Technisat web site as far as I can see.


  10. Steve Says:

    Hi Chris,

    sorry you are right, if you contact Technisat i am sure they will be able to help you. Try the customer helpline on 0845 467 1935


  11. zag Says:

    Cool, will be grabbing one of these boxes soon. Much nicer looking than the humax


  12. Tom Says:

    Just browsed through the manual, sounds good but it doesnt sound like it doesnt support Freesat+, i.e. no series link or searching the epg like the Humax?

    Shame, nice functionality tho!


  13. Tony Hales Says:

    Breaking news:The new Technisat download has been listed on the DTG site (1364 patch4).
    Is this the long antisipated PVR upgrade? It should happen today. fingers crossed.


  14. Richard Crichton Says:

    The HDFS download is now live. Now I have a PVR. yipee!!! :-) :-) :-)


  15. Paul Says:

    Same here (and more importantly my box is still working!!).

    I guess the nice folk at TechniSat weren’t going to make the same mistake as those idiots at Harvard Plc.


  16. Steve Says:

    @ Tom Freesat+ can only be used as a trade mark for twin tuner units as can series link. the Technisat offers Daily, weekly, weekday or weekend recordings of programmes, but this cannot be called series link.


  17. Tom Says:

    @steve Ah, my mistake! Didnt realise that those features were required to make it freesat+, still it is a shame that you cannot set a “series link” as as i undertsand it this would stop silly recordings (like setting up a channel 4 at 6pm recording to get Simpsons, but not on a weekend!) that I understand series link would not do.

    Perhaps in a later firmware update as if the data is there in the epg for the Humax to use it I would have thought they could make this box do it as well!


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