TechniSat HDFS Receives 5 Stars From What Hi-Fi

TechniSat Freesat Box

Following on from 3 out of 5 stars back in September; What Hi-Fi have been so impressed with the software updates and additional functionality that they have now given it the highest 5 out of 5 honour, ranking it as the best single tuner Freesat HD receiver on the market.

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This rating is a credit to the development TechniSat have put in to the device and the unique PVR functionality which despite a current set back with availability, has proven very popular so far. Congrats TechniSat.

The TechniSat HDFS can be currently be picked up for as little as £162 including delivery and 3 years manufacturers warranty; visit our price comparison page for details.

28 thoughts on “TechniSat HDFS Receives 5 Stars From What Hi-Fi”

  1. Credit is due to the company, the firmware updates have seriously improved the usability of the box at no extra cost, and not introduced any bugs…maybe a couple of other companies could look at this as an example of how to do things right!. Out of interest can the box play Mp4 video yet?

  2. I agree that it’s fine box made better by the added PVR functionality. The only thing that concerns me is the excessive security of the recordings.which will only play on the box that made them and so far there is no way round that like there is with the Humax.
    If the box breaks and cannot be repaired or you simply want to buy a new box your treasured recordings become unplayable.That is unacceptable in my view. Technisat should make it possible for ones recordings to be forward compatible. This is not the box to go for if you want to keep an archive of TV but it is a very good easy to use single tuner PVR for everyday use and worth the extra money especially if you have a spare hard drive you can utilise with it.
    There is a shortage but it’s worth the wait.

  3. @ Richard Crichton

    Shortage, on this unit, not that I’m aware of?

    Agree the security measures in place are a little restrictive; at the very least it should allow access on any TechniSat unit, but it just depends how much of this is TechniSat’s decision and how much is the broadcasters and Freesats.

  4. “TechniSat have put in to the device and the unique PVR functionality which despite a current set back with availability … ”

    Perhaps they mean the software update to give it that functionality!

    Any news from anyone as to when and how the new update is to be released which adds in PVR functionality? It was going to be a fortnight …. is it going to be another fortnight now?

    PVR-less Pete

  5. The software including the PVR functionality should be available next week again we believe; though not sure if that is just via the website, or OTA.

  6. The box is great but its so frustrating not being able to copy recordings to your PC (and my case projector to watch).

  7. Was it not just HD recordings that Freesat specs require to be copy protected? Should that not mean that all other recordings should be made so as to allow copying?

    The update programme announced on Friday 20 Nov by admin was
    ” TechniSat have said that the new software will be available on their website in approx. 14 days, and a further 14 days by OTA download.”
    Today is the 14th day! So if technisat have not yet placed it on the website then that would mean next week as stated by admin in post 8 above but then a further 14 days to an OTA transmission.

    Any news by the way on Technisats earlier rumoured development of a twin tuner model?

  8. Expect software updates next week, that is all I can say but will officially let you know as soon as I do. TechniSat needed to wait on re-approval of the software.

  9. @ RoZo

    Sorry, not sure on the first point, I think the same as you but TechniSat must have their reasons if it isn’t a restriction placed on them by other parties.

    Last I was aware, TechniSat weren’t able to get approval on a PVR which is I suspect the reason why they went down this route on the single tuner receiver. Maybe in the future…I’m sure someone from TechniSat reading this will let me know,

  10. Does anyone know what the Technisat view is on DLNA ….

    I know it has similar funcionality as you can record to a server over a network and then replay it back later .. but only on the same device.

    Do they see it as inconsequential?

  11. If you want less restricted recordings, but a full spec PVR with twin tuner. This TechniSat box is worthy of the 5 stars – other manufacturers should definitely take note…

  12. @ Richard Crichton
    SD recordings from the Humax can be played on a PC using the K.M Player. The only problem I have had is the FAT file size restriction. Has anyone found a way to play HD recordings?

  13. Bought one few weeks ago. Yeah, it’s good quality but tired of waiting for this pvr function. They shouldn’t advertise it as having this ability when it doesn’t have actually have it – just might do at some vague time in future. They still claim it records, pauses etc on their website. It doesn’t – that is a false claim. I wouldn’t have bought if it weren’t for being blatantly misled. Seems from this thread that 3 weeks or so is new ETA – this is the third date I have been told…is this gonna be yet another freesat software farce?

  14. It is a little bit misleading but TechniSat did have the functionality in place and it was excellent, but they were served a bitter blow by Freesat for the software launched so had to pull it. It is expected this coming week, that of which I’m 99% confident.

  15. @Steven
    My Technisat HDFS records and has done so for many weeks. They were forced to pull the software by Freesat because it had i player functionality (allegedly).
    I know its annoying but it’s worth the wait.

  16. I’m pleased to see that What* HiFi? have decided to revise their previous 3 star rating up to 5 stars. It’s thoroughly deserved. I purchased a box back in September when I decided to go down the FreeSat route after noticing that What Satellite? had given it a Gold Award. I was planning to buy a Humax box and am now very pleased I put my faith in TechniSat. I have not been disappointed.

  17. Seeing as the iplayer beta test is due to start 7 Dec via a pin number perhaps Technisat will just issue the version with iplayer on board anyway on Monday? Albeit only the registered beta testers will be able to run it in the first instance…

  18. No they already did that and had their wrists slapped. They will release a version without iplayer functionality first then when the beta is over they will release a new version with iplayer.

  19. Pity its only single tuner as it looks as if could have given the Humax HDR a run for its money single tuner apart.

  20. It’s not really a competitor for the Humax HDR as it can’t record ITV HD.
    Its just a good box with extra options to sweeten the higher price. It’s good if you only have a single LNB and cable.

  21. @ Richard Crichton – ‘It’s good if you only have a single LNB and cable.’

    I agree. This is my set-up with a 4GB memory stick which cost me a mere £7 and allows me about a couple of hours recording SD broadcasts.

  22. Hi just purchased this box received it today haven’t had time to setup yet it seems a good box my spare Lacie 40 gig mobile HD should work nicely with it how many hours could i record?

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