TechniSat PVR Software Returns

TechniSat HDFS

Following a brief absence of the latest software from TechniSat including the PVR functionality, we are pleased to confirm that it will return Wednesday 9th December (downloadable from website) followed by an OTA version on Monday 14th December.

An official statement from TechniSat has been sent to us to confirm;

TechniSat would like to announce the latest revision of a software update that allows recording of TV programmes to an external hard disk drive from the TechniSat HDFS. Software version 1364c will be on air for automatic download and update from Monday 14th December – however, from Wednesday 9th December, it can be downloaded from and updated manually.

After the update, the HDFS is ready to record, pause live TV and timeshift with the addition of an external hard disk drive connected to one of the USB ports. A user guide detailing the new functionality is available from

35 thoughts on “TechniSat PVR Software Returns”

  1. My Technisat records anyway so why would I want this software. What advantage is there in it for me? Does it cure the standby problem or just remove iPlayer functionality to satisfy the gnomes who seem to delight in *******people about?
    In my view the whole withdrawing the software thing was a complete waste of everyones time, for what?

  2. @ Richard Crichton

    The withdrawn software was forced upon TechniSat by Freesat, so nothing the manufacturer could do; however, if you managed to retain your version with PVR functionality then you are unlikely to see any benefit from the new update unless TechniSat have resolved some other bugs at the same time.

  3. Why were Technisat forced to withdraw it by Freesat in the first place was the iplayer functionailty there?

  4. Oh good…think I’ll have a stab at downloading that tomorrow then. Do hope they post some instructions too.

  5. Blimey!
    Checked again this morning on the websites of Technisat and its GONE!
    It has been said that the Technisat people do read this website so they possibly didn’t like the fact that it was announced.

    Sorry about that 🙁

    Good job I downloaded it though 🙂

    It did update to the latest version with no issues, It does look as if I have PVR options in my menu but you have to reformat a USB device to the Technisat format before recording to it. I haven’t tried that yet.

  6. @Al
    I have the origonal PVR software (pre withdrawal) and see no evidence of iPlayer functionality. It’s a mystery to me why Freesat requested its withdrawal but rumour says it was because of that. Just an example of them getting their knickers in a twist over nothing in my opinion. They didn’t like the fact that Technisat had jumped the gun before the beta testing had even started. Those pesky Germans need taking down a peg thought Freesat we’ll show them whose in charge.

  7. I downloaded it last night and set it all up for a test record overnight. Seems to be working fine and installation is staightforward – there’s a text file in the download with instructions.

    Also seem to have upgraded the EPG – now shows whenever a program is also available in HD on the BBC and ITV1 channels. Not sure if that is new to this release or whether it was part of the ‘original’ PVR software. Anyway, I’m pleased!

  8. Just loaded the new firmware from USB stick.
    Getting horizontal lines on moving parts of the picture that were not there before 🙁
    This is a decoding issue in my opinion.
    The standby issue has been fixed so we have swopped one issue for another 🙁
    I think I would rather have the standby issue if given the choice of the two.
    Please take note Technisat and fix.

  9. @ Richard
    You may want to try and load the software again, no-one else is getting this problem you have stated, i have spoken to TechniSat and they cannot reproduce this.

  10. @Steve
    I was getting it on BBC2 Prime Ministers Questions. Brown had lines across his face when he turned his head. The problem seems to have gone away now 🙂
    I used the front USB port so nothing was moved. Don’t use any scarts only hdmi leads.

  11. @ Richard
    Those were worry lines if it was Gordon Brown, 🙂

    The problem seems to have gone away, i hope you mean Gordon Brown……..

  12. I’ve just updated my firmware via usb and all seems to be working fine. Lots of functionality etc.

    I wonder if Technisat will update the remote control? I’d be happy to swap the original remote for a new one with specific pvr controls.

    I might be wrong but it looks as if the update has given some hdmi colour controls also?

    Can anybody recommend a usb powered harddrive for the pvr? I’m using a 8Gb stick at the moment. What’s the score with a portable hardrive which has 2 usb ports (1 for power and 1 for data) can i use such a drive only using the rear usb port?


  13. @Rick
    I think most will be OK
    I have used Western Digital 1 Tb with no problems as well as a 500Gb Seagate.
    The Seagate was from Maplins.

    I think Aldi are also selling Medion drives at present (500Gb)

  14. @Rick
    Buffalo make a very small USB powered 320GB hard drive called MiniStationLite with automatic power down. There is just the one USB cable which does both data and power. Fabulous little drive that works really well and only powers up when called upon.It also look gorgeous unlike those big clunker internal drives from PC’s which require a mains power supply are noisy and use lots of power.

  15. Yes, have uploaded the software update – all works fine – radio channels restored – powers down OK – all looks fine – brilliant job Technisat, well done.

    Yes, would also like a good recommendation for a HD . . .self-powered or mains?
    Mainly one that works with this box!!

  16. @Steve @admin
    Just realised that the factory reset set my TV to 720p instead of 1080i. No wonder the picture looked different.
    How often is the BBC 1080 test card with 5.1 sound check on? I just caught it at 10.30. but only managed to record a few seconds of it.

  17. May I add that the Buffalo (see post 21) is a perfect match styling wise as well 13cm by 8cm in high gloss piano black with an illuminated ‘BUFFALO’ in white and no I don’t work for them before you ask.

  18. @Steve
    I’ve picked up a 500Gb medion drive (£55) from Aldi. It is usb powered and powers down when not in use, i have tried a few timer records and it works fine, the timeshift function works well also.
    Thanks for the pointer.


  19. Hi

    Has anyone else seen the advert for the HDFS in the hi-fi tv mags? It shows a nice lady holding what looks like a different remote control and pointing it in the direction of the box. Has anyone bought a very new hdfs with a different remote?


  20. @Steve
    On the remote topic, has anyone programmed a universal remote to work with the hdfs and it’s record facilities?


  21. Picked up a Western Digital Passport HD unit from PC World – £69. Very very small & quiet. Does the job nicely and no need for another psu as it runs off the usb connector.

  22. Is there a way of recording from the HDFS to a LAN destination or is it USB only?
    So far I have manage to record to … and and play file from a USB stick but only managed to connect and play files from a shared network folder. Not record as it doesnt give me the option. I may be able to record to a stick and then edit -copy to a remote hard drive but I cant see any other way as yet.

    The reason I am asking is that I’m debating the merits of a USB protable hard drive against a NAS (network access server or networked hard drive by another name). If you can’t record to a remote hard drive than my decission is made.



  23. @Rick
    I think a learning programmable remote control would do the job. Basically point your existing remote to the front of the programmable one and it records the IR signal to be re-played at the touch of the same button. They can generally control more than one item via a selector switch.

    Here are some examples


  24. Can the HDFS record to a remote hard drive on an ethernet network or is it limited to a device connected to its USB port like a memory stick or usb hard drive.

    I can get it to play files from a remote drive on another computer but not record them.


  25. HDFS only records to a “local” USB connected & formatted to its own file system, drive. If you RTFM, such files can be copied or moved to a “remote drive”, but must be copied back to a local drive to be viewed via the HDFS.


  26. Why cant i get my new WD 500gb hard drive to format? I get to the format box.
    Main menu-Settings-Special Functions-PVR. & im unable to scroll down to “Format wirh PVR file system” The PVR box in the top right hand corner is highlighted in orange but wont scroll at all. Please help.

  27. Just an update. I phoned technisat today & the lady in tech support told me that the new Western digital hard drives are not compatible with the technisat freeview receiver. I swapped it today for a seagate expansion portable hard drive & thats fine. It might be an idea if we could have a hard drive database made up from technisat users as to which drives work & which drives don’t.

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