This section includes details on all Freesat Integrated Televisions available, past and present. Using the links below, you will find product information, customer reviews and price comparison charts, giving you the best online prices. As further televisions with Freesat built-in are released, we’ll add them to here.

Please note that keeping up with the range of Freesat televisions is like a minefield, with very little clear information from the manufacturers on which are current models; some don’t even list Freesat in the technical spec! Therefore, we’d recommend you search using the below links as regrettably we cannot keep this page updated at this time.

Don’t forget to visit the Freesat Digital Boxes section if you are looking for a stand alone Freesat SD, HD or PVR receiver.

Current range of Freesat HD Televisions

We would recommend you search for the latest Freesat HD Televisions (from makes such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and LG) through the best retailers including Amazon and John Lewis.

Discontinued Freesat Televisions

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