Panasonic TX-L37G10B

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Panasonic 37in IDTV LCD with in-built Freesat (TX-L37G10B)
Released: 23rd March 2009

Panasonic Freesat LCD TV

Panasonic 37in TX-L37G10B Price Comparison (buy online now)

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Comet £799.00 FREE £799.00 Visit Shop
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About the Panasonic 37in TX-L37G10B LCD with in-built Freesat Receiver

Sit back and enjoy stunning HD images with this Panasonic Viera TX-L37G10B 37” LCD television. It features a built-in freesat tuner so you can enjoy HD channels from the BBC and ITV without the need for an external box.

Its state-of-the-art technology gives amazing picture quality, with the 100Hz Intelligent Frame Creation giving fantastic resolution even during fast moving scenes – something football fans and film buffs will both appreciate. VIERA also uses motion focus technology that greatly enhances resolution.

The Fine Black Panel achieves excellent black reproduction. When you’re watching movies, the TX-L37G10B renders images just the way the director intended, even in scenes where it’s difficult to achieve a proper balance of light and dark.

Sound is enhanced with its in-built V-Real surround sound technology (with bass extension), while the 24p Real Cinema settings offers enhanced judder-free playback, giving a smooth ‘film’ look. The 4 HDMI sockets allow you to hook-up your Blu-ray player, PVRs and games consoles with ease.

The TX-L37G10B is also capable of playing footage straight from your camcorder in high-definition mode and you can view a slideshow of your photos – just remove the SD memory card from your digital still camera, and slip it in the slot.

Panasonic 37″ TX-L37G10B Key Features

– Receives freesat (free digital satellite broadcasts)
– 178° Wide Viewing Angle with IPS Alpha Full-HD Panel
– 10,000:1 High Contrast with Intelligent Scene Controller
– Smart Networking with VIERA Link and SD Card Slot (JPEG)
– V-Audio surround with BBE® ViVA HD3D Sound
– 24p Playback

– 37in (94cm) diagonal
– 16:9 widescreen
– HD Ready
– 2,073,600 (1,920 x 1,080) pixels
– 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
– Freesat built-in
– Freeview built-in
– 3 HDMI Inputs (1 side, 2 rear)
– 2 Scart
– Remote Control
– 20W speaker output (RMS)
– Dimension w/o stand (W x H x D) 943 x 606 x 108 mm
– Dimension with stand (W x H x D) 943 x 648 x 295 mm
– Weight 22.5kg (with stand)

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19 Responses to “Panasonic TX-L37G10B”

  1. Lynda Says:

    We are thinking of getting the L37G10 to use with our existing Sky Minidish. We currently have Sky Freesat for which we paid a one off fee a couple of years ago as we aren’t able to get Freeview any other way. We elected not to have the SKY box linked to our telephone line at the time. Does anyone know if the Freesat TV’s have to be linked to a telephone line or is that optional if you want the interactive stuff (which we don’t). Also if anyone has one of these new TV’s your opinion would be appreciated as they are fairly pricey.
    Thanks all.


  2. admin Says:

    Hi Lynda, feedback so far on the Panasonic LCD units is favourable, and prices will drop if you are prepared to wait a couple of months, maybe £200 less judging by the previous range. There is no requirement for a telephone line on any Freesat product.


  3. Don’t Forget To Rate Your Freesat Products | Join Freesat Says:
  4. Victor Says:

    Taken delivery about 2 weeks ago of a Panasonic TX-L37G10B…..

    So far I am very pleased with it. Plenty of adjustments if your heart desires them Hi.

    The picture quality is top notch on Freeview, Frresat and also good on old analouge signals.

    I was delighted to find I could also setup one other satellite ie Eurobird which returned many new channels including LUXe HD.

    The sound is very good with a good choice of settings.

    I have used the computer input and the TV produced a excellent picture from a small notebook laptop. Also checked the SD card facility which worked really well.

    9 out of 10 I would suggest.

    Don’t like all Scart/HDMI/Antennas/Audio inputs/outputs position on back of set at one side……more central would be better.

    The TV is a little too “rocky” on the base.



  5. Harry Says:

    Just bought the Panasonic TX-L37G10B from a local Dealer for £700 + 5 Years Guarantee. Excellent Deal as I see it retailing for £1050. I think that on BBC HD it is excellent but on SD it is Good…….not great just good. In my opinion this TV has been built for HD. I also agree with Victor’s point that “The TV is a little too “rocky” on the base.” but otherwise the design is beautiful. I would be interested in anyone else’s views on the way they have their TV set up… the moment I have mine set to “Normal” but I would be interested on how others have set theirs.


  6. Barry Says:

    I’d be interested to find out where I could get an L37G10B with the same deal as you Harry. Where is your local dealer ?


  7. James Says:

    Me also, Harry, which dealer did you the TX-L37G10B with 5yr warranty for that price?! I would like to buy one.


  8. Katie Says:

    Me too! I just bought one from Digital Direct for £779 with free 3 year warranty if that helps. Also I paid delivery charge of £30.


  9. CARL Says:

    Available at Martindawes shops or website for £799 with 5yr warranty, in store you may just shade a bit more if you haggle and can take away as online price includes delivery.


  10. Al Catraz Says:

    PRC in Ilford have it online for £769 – if you visit the store you also get a 5 year panny warranty, but I’m not sure if the in store price is the same as the online price..
    HiSpek in St Albans definitely have it on display in store for £829.99 with 5 year panny warranty – I know that cos JL have just agreed to price match it!


  11. Al Catraz Says:

    hey Admin – your link to the Panny product page is wrong and you have the wrong picture. 😉


  12. admin Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, we had to roll back some backups from the original models; now updated.


  13. Al Catraz Says:

    Harry (5). I’ve now got one of these and am very pleased with it.

    AVForums have reviewed this TV and I’ve added my thoughts on how I’ve set my own TV up on that forum as they’re into “tv calibration” big time. You can have a look on here:

    Admin – hope the link is OK (not sure of the house rules).


  14. Allan Says:

    Interesting to see what others make of this TV. I’m considering buying one and have spotted a retailer selling at £699 (tvsDirect), some £300 cheaper than my local Panasonic outlet! As for extended guarantees, you need to check out the relevant European law which now demands at least a 2-year guarantee from the retailer (for free). Allan


  15. Bob Says:

    I have just bought one of these from my local Costco Trade Warehouse for £689.99 including a free 5 year warranty. They also offer a no question full refund within 90 days if you are not satisfied with the TV for any reason. Good deal.! Membership at Costco costs about £30.00 a year for General Public membership.


  16. GEOFF Says:

    can i use my sky + box to record freesat after i have left sky i would like to use it on the tx-l37g10


  17. admin Says:


    That’s a Sky question rather than Freesat, but no, Sky don’t allow you to record anything without a subscription; you’d need to consider a Freesat+ digital box to do that.


  18. Fred Ward Says:

    TX-L37G10B delivered today.
    Unable to tune in any channel with Auto setup.Replacement set on its way from PC World.
    Dish OK as it works with my previous TV.
    Is the inbuilt freesat tuner compatable throughout Europe (or indeed the world)?



  19. Colin Says:

    Have one of these and recorded something recently. How do I play back?


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