Panasonic TX-L37V20B

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Panasonic TX-L37V20B Freesat HD Freeview HD LCD Television (TX-L37V20B)
Released: March 2010

Panasonic TX-L37V20B Freesat HD Freeview HD Television

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About the Panasonic TX-L37V20B

The VIERA V20 LCD TV Series comprises high-end 42-inch and 37-inch IPS LED LCD TVs. Both models feature 200 Backlight blinking Intelligent Frame Creation Pro, dynamic contrast of 2,000,000:1 with Intelligent Scene Controller, and an advanced IPS panel that assures superior image quality over a wide viewing angle. Taking full advantage of Panasonic’s leading IPS LED LCD technology, these models deliver exquisitely beautiful images. They also feature a variety of link functions, including VIERA CAST, VIERA Image Viewer for motion picture and music playback, and VIERA Link. As with V20 plasma models, V20 LCD models are extremely elegant in appearance with their titanium colour, slim cabinet and metallic concept design.

Panasonic TX-L37V20B Specification

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Panasonic TX-L37V20B Online Reviews

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Panasonic TX-L37V20B Product Links

Panasonic TX-L37V20B Product Page
Panasonic TX-L37V20B User Manual

3 Responses to “Panasonic TX-L37V20B”

  1. J.M.Houghton Says:

    Would be very interested to know the differences between this model and the original TX-37V10B. Also a picture of the new model.(TX-L37V20B)


  2. Bernard Taylor Says:

    I would like to know the difference between the TX-L37V20B and the TX-L37W20B.


  3. Jerry Goff Says:

    I would like to know the technical difference between the TX-L37V20B (UK model) and the TX-L37V20E (European model). Both must have the same DVB-S tuner, and of course they have a different mains plug.

    What I want to do is load the TX-L37V20B firmware (v2.702) onto the TX-L37V20E, instead of v2.505. To enable Freesat EPG, etc.


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