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Jul 17 2008

We wanted to get official word on this first, but as spotted by DigitalSpy member ‘mitsubishi’, it would seem that the following channels are transmitting broadcast data, which would suggest inclusion on the Freesat EPG shortly.

Channels include:

Gala TV
Gems TV
Inspiration TV
Netplay TV
Pitch World
Russia Today
Shop On TV
TWC Fight
Zone Horror
Zone Reality

One of Freesat’s FAQ answers sums it up perfectly…

You won’t be overwhelmed by all these channels

…your not wrong there, but still, its a start.

58 Responses to “Ten More Channels To Join Freesat”

  1. liberato Says:

    wow what a line up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Tony - Rep of Ireland Says:

    Well at least look at it this way- Can it be any worse?


  3. adrian Says:

    shame i was hoping for a lot more shopping channels……….not

    is there any news of any proper channels?


  4. gaz Says:

    Good to see zone horror there,hopefully paranormal channel soon.


  5. Yasar Says:



  6. Al Says:

    Wow makes me want to rush out and buy a box, not.

    In my opinion, biggest line up of sh*t I’ve ever seen.

    Freesat fails to listen to its customers again – wasn’t there a 60 or so post thread on here in which we all said we didn’t want shopping and other largely unheard of channels but quality over quantity?

    So what do we get, shopping channels and channels most of us have never heard of and would be unlikely to ever watch.

    Worst thing is, the cost of those 10 channels would probably have bought a single well known channel like Discovery, National Geographic, Extreme or similar.


  7. Paul. Says:

    And what FTA channels are there that are miles better than these, exactly?

    Anyone who thinks that channels which are currently encrypted are going to jump from the Sky ship in the near term needs to come back in a couple of years or so.


  8. STEVE Says:

    (edit – please avoid abussive comments on here thank you)


  9. STEVE Says:

    (edit – please avoid abussive comments on here thank you)


  10. Denis Says:

    Hold lets be realistic. Apart from the usual bunch of shopping and minor channels the only line up we can realistically expect from Freesat is the same as Freeview plus Channel 4 in HD. As far as I am concerned thats fine and I would be happy with that. Remember this is Freesat!!!! and not SKY so other HD channels that require subscription on SKY are not really likely to join Freesat.

    I think for a fledgling service it is doing well. If people want these other paid for channels then perhaps they should have joined FEESAT!!!!

    Finally when you think about it a large proportion of the programmes that are paid for on SKY were originally broadcast free on the so called terrestrial channels.

    I for one am happy with the way things are progressing.


  11. cjgall Says:

    I agree with Denis, it is subscription free after all. We should not forget satellite broadcasting restraints due to various copyright issues. Also, television channels and programmes are subject to individual taste. Some people might not like a particular channel or programme, but others will, so don’t knock them. On top of that the more channels paying for a epg slot the more money freesat will make and thus increase its chances of survival.



  12. Chris T Says:

    What exactly was everyone expecting? I really don’t understand the strong/abusive comments posted here. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion obviously but it just seems so extreme. It just seems like some people are expecting too much, and that their disappointment is driven by their own high expectations more than anything.

    Freesat can only ever have Free To Air channels. Anyone who’s ever done a manual scan on a Freesat box or has a non platform FTA sat box will know that there aren’t that many good free channels (or they are very niche). On top of that, the channels have to join the service to be available in the EPG. If a channel doesn’t want to join, what can FS do about it? If I was a FTA channel with little money, I’d probably want to wait and see how it goes before I cough up and join the EPG.

    Maybe one day some channels will end their agreements with Sky, go FTA and join Freesat. I suspect this will be when Freesat has enough viewers; but obviously this is a chicken and egg situation, with some people not willing to buy without more channels.

    At the end of the day it’s FREE! (subscription free anyway) and unfortunately you do get what you pay for in this world. It’s a shame that the likes of C4HD and Five aren’t available, but they’re encrypted, there’s nothing Freesat can do until they become FTA.

    Whether or not we’re totally happy with the channels etc, Freesat is a good thing, even if it just worries Sky into dropping their prices (like Sky+ HD recently). They need a bit of competition and a kick in the backside!


  13. Davei Says:

    Okay, not a very exciting line-up, though the two Zone channels are worth having (up to a point) and Russia Today can be quite interesting at times.

    I take issue with those who don’t expect much from FTA – the best general entertainment channels are already FTA (and they’re already on Freesat). And you can always get National Geographic HD FTA if you have a decent sized dish pointing at 12.5W (Atlantic Bird 1).

    It may be the case that Freesat is leading its customers to expect too much. With the exception of the Five stable of channels, and C4 HD, the core services are already in place.

    Those advocates of Sky should also bear in mind that Sky boxes are severely hobbled. They will only do two symbol rates, thus preventing access to hundreds of FTA channels available from other sats. I happen to have an old Sky+ box that I just don’t use, as I get more variety from my Foxsat and Dreambox combination.


  14. New Channels on Freesat - Page 2 - Satellite TV support forum & Digital TV support forum. Says:
  15. nigel Says:

    Sadly it would appear from some of the abusive remarks and foul language that the author has little else in his life but to watch TV and so any temporary shortcomings on the part of Feesat or ITV can only be perceived as major disaster.

    Before Freesat was launched I used an FTA decoder and apart from BBC and ITV most of the FTA channels are either shopping, religion, ethnic or soft porn. You qare not going to get National Geographic or History Channels as they are subscription. Freesat is free! and for what it is I think they are doing a goof job on the whole. I am not dissapointed.

    I have one omment but it is aimed at ITV and not Freesat and that is that the major disadvantage of having ITV HD as an interactive channel prevents it being recorded in HD on timer as you have to physically be there to press the red button. One suggestion to over come this would be for it operate in the same way as the guide button, you select the programme and just before it starts you get warning and if you do nothing it will automatically switch to the desired channel. Maybe it would be possible to automate the Red button facilty in a similar way..


  16. Brian Says:

    Like many others I’m fed up with the moaning. I don’t even want HD. All I want is decent reception on things like BBCi and BBC4 which I can’t currently get on Freeview because of where I live. If things like Setanta, who were supposed at one time to be negotiating with Freesat come along, that will be a bonus. Be grateful!!


  17. Davei Says:

    Nigel says, ‘You are not going to get National Geographic or History Channels as they are subscription.’

    For the most part, and for most people, this is, of course, perfectly true. But those who want more need to realise that 28.2E is not the only group of satellites out there. National Geographic, for instance, is available without subscription, completely free-to-air, on Atlantic Bird 1 – and in HD! As I had a motorised dish long before getting a Foxsat box, Nat Geo HD is a channel I particularly enjoy watching now. Another example: if you’re into opera (personally, I’m not) you can watch Unitel HD on Astra 1.

    There are other FTA channels out there (only a small handful in HD, though). But to be completely honest, not many of them are broadcast in English – though some are.

    I guess it depends on what you’re interested in. I like to follow news and current affairs, and having access to other satellites brings in a wealth or worthwhile channels in that field.

    While all this, strictly speaking, has nothing whatsoever to do with Freesat, thanks to the mass market Humax Foxsat box, access to these other services is now made possible for many more people than previously. All you have to do is get a larger dish installed, either with a motor or multiple LNBs (a motor is the cheaper option and the most flexible). Freesat has opened up a whole new world of satellite viewing simply by making people aware that Sky is not the only service provider out there.


  18. Al Says:

    Being FTA doesn’t mean it has to be filled with rubbish. Those channels still have to be bought and at the end of the day, I’m sure that one good channel could be bought for the cost of 10 cheap channels.

    Also, what do I expect, a service that offers HD across all channels (no excuse as most programmes are now being produced in HD as the US market demands it) and films are shot in above HD anyway because of the size of the screen they have to fill at cinemas.

    Nat Geographic and Discovery were only examples. Maybe they could be bought, maybe not, but I’m sure there are decent equivolents to many channels that could be bought as alterntives to mirror Sky if not exactly copy it. There’s no need to waste money on what many would perceive as rubbish. Where was that in the BBC remit?

    There’s also no excuse for not mirroirng Freeview. Freesat was stated to have been brought about as an alternative way of getting Freeview for those in many areas where Freeview coverage was non existent. What use is bringing in a service for those who can’t get Freeview if it doesn’t provide all the channels?

    Steve, I don’t know what you posted, but getting abusive doesn’t make your point which the backlash in the subsequent posts and their contrast to the earlier thread has shown.


  19. admin Says:

    Al – from what we beleive no purchase by Freesat of the channels is required, its infact the other way around with the channel deciding to pay for inclusion on the Freesat EPG. Therefore Freesat don’t really have a say in the quality of the channels being added, its pretty much an open policy at the moment.

    Discovery etc will never come to Freesat as they have to be available from the Astra2 satellite, and given that they are in contract to Sky as a subscription channel, they are very unlikely to consider dropping this and loosing such large amounts of revenue…would be great to have them for free though, but unlikely to ever happen :(


  20. ib Says:

    What a crap line up!!!!!!!!!!! There are better FTA channels e.g. Flava, Bliss,Anime Central,Channel U etc.

    Channel 5 should have been available at launch because it’s one of the main FTA channels.Also Freesat is mostly to do with HD channels so where is Channel 4 HD.If Freesat continue to break promises then I’ll have to switch back to Sky!!!!!: ( : (


  21. admin Says:

    ib – bare in mind though that the line up is decided by the broadcaster/channel signing up for an EPG slot, not Freesat picking the channels.

    Also, Five and C4HD are to blame for their lack of an appearance, given that they’ve signed themselves into contracts with Sky until atleast later this year.


  22. Robin Says:

    i dont really understand why everyones moaning about the “new” channels, you dont have to watch them. personally got my foxsat for the HD channels so i can enjoy live sport, yes wimbledon was unwatchable but the footie was ok (roll on next update) i’m sure there will be more to come. i think some people should remember why freesat was created, it’s not here to rival sky


  23. Mick Says:

    Whole point is Robin that it should be trying to rival Sky at least within the limits of reasonable funding (which I’m not sure Freesat have secured yet – they seem a bit the poor relation to Freeview).

    We already have mediorce public service broadcasting. What we need is a free service that finally gives something the people of this country can be proud of and feel that they want to watch instead of something that forces them to spend money to buy a service they can’t necessarily afford to get choice and quality.

    There will always be a market for Sky, but it should be there as an alternative to the public broadcasting lineup not as the only choice for real choice and quality.

    Also, another point to Freesat, is that Freesat is definately the future. Freeview is already dead because of the bandwidth issues. Maybe its pride on behalf of the government thats forcing them not to admit that Freeview’s already met its Waterloo before its even been rolled out yet, but the fact is it has in my opinion. Freesat is the only way forward for public broadcasting simply because HD and Super HD are the future and 4 channel’s of potentially low quality HD as to be available on Freeview simply isn’t going to cut it.

    Freesat should be the premier service for UK tv and should be transitioning to full HD programming (with SD mirroring) and a premier line up of channels to mirror the Sky service to reflect this.


  24. Robin Says:

    thank you for putting me right mick, lol


  25. darnall42 Says:

    while the zone channels ,russia today and fight network(not twc fight-it changed nearly a year ago)are nice aditions to freesat,its sad that the shopping/gaming channels are starting to appear.lets hope freesat doesnt get the crud that is on sky


  26. Keenzo Says:

    The new additions to the Freesat line up are availible on the STB setup on your freesat box, I have a Humax Foxsat if you want to watch freesat you watch the freesat tuner, if you want to watch the other channels just switch it to STB on the main options page on the setup. you can configure all you channels to you own setup. Channel 5, and 5US are still encripted though. but you get E4 +1 and the likes of that. I dont watch that much TV though, you cant complain really it does exactly what it says on the box…….( FREESAT) plus you have the added bonus of it being in HD for some of the channels.

    I have freeview SKY in the 3 bedrooms but have the freesat in the living room,
    I live in a very poor Aerial reception area, no terrestrail freeview, so I was forced to buy old sky boxes and freeview cards at £20 a shot.
    I think we pay enough for our TV so I will not buy any sky package. I am counting on freesat taking off so i can have all the main channels.


  27. dave Phillips Says:

    freesat needs more proper channels like

    a history channel

    and loads more

    why bother with rubish channels i would rather just bbc 1234 itv 1234
    five five us fiver
    and oh nme tv would be


    Gala TV
    Gems TV
    Inspiration TV
    Netplay TV
    Pitch World
    Russia Today
    Shop On TV
    TWC Fight

    why bother

    they are not worth it

    please oh please beg uktv to let you have dave and the others

    just like freeview

    plus if this venture includes the bbc and itv

    the bbc could make some new channels

    as we pay a fee

    untill good channels come along keep it basic

    many thanks

    and good luck



  28. dave Phillips Says:

    oh and e4 more4 and channel 4 fergot them


  29. Mike Says:

    What is the future here with Fressat?

    Where’s Dave eh?

    You should atleast get all Freewview channels on Freesat.

    Right go to go, got to watch some fat american talk about cops on Zone Reality – yawn,

    Mike :-)


  30. Andy K Says:

    How about a BBC Documentary channel? The BBC make the best now and Discovery, Nat. Geographic etc often use BBC made documentaries on their schedules.


  31. John D Says:

    OK. Please bear with me as I dont really know much about FreeSat. I have Sky+HD at the moment. I’m looking at reducing my monthly costs! I really want to keep the Discovery channels (pref HD). Do I have any options apart from keep SkyHD???


  32. dave phlips Says:

    why even bother you should look to get the same standard as free view

    and sort out 4od on system and i player that would be a big selling point if you can’t get the channels

    not even dave uktv is owened by the bbc well part of it is come on


  33. Bobbyj Says:

    The new channels look quantity rather than quality but OHHHHH! my biggest gripe is the EPG. This programming guide is pathetic – it provides approx 6 channels and 2 – 4 time slots whereas Sony provide 10 channels and 4 time slots.
    So c ‘mon Freesat please listen and make life easy.



  34. James Says:

    I bought Freesat three months ago on the promises that it was exactly like Freeview, and that the channels that were missing would soon be available. The main reason I got it was the reception problems I had with Freeview. Boy was I suckered. I spent £140, and for what. The usual terrestrial channels, with ITV 1,2,3,4 and of course the BBC. The rest, American rubbish and shopping channels. If I had wanted that, I could have just bought an old Sky system. Im afraid, today I sold my Freesat system and have gone back to Freeview. Yes I still get the reception problems on occasion, but at least I get a decent variety of channels. I am not the only one to do this, at least ten people I know of have done the same. If I had been told, thats all Freesat had to offer I wouldnt have bought it in the first place, but no. I got took in by the shop that was selling the systems. Sorry Freesat, but until you get some decent channels I will not be comming back. Not when Freeview offers more for alot less money. In closing, its no good these admins or whoever on this site saying its ‘Freesat’ not ‘Feesat’ because its not free at the end of the day. The customer is still paying through the nose to buy the box, and have it all installed. Value for money is what we want, and currently Freesat is not offering this. When a £20 Freeview box gives you a damn site more than a system costing £140.


  35. admin Says:

    Sounds like you didn’t do enough decent research before buying!!!


  36. jay Says:

    this digital tv thing sucks…


  37. dave Says:

    i agree with james i bought mine 10 months ago under the false storys i had read on the net about more hd channels that would be on freesat in the coming months , but i am still waiting , sorry i jumped in to soon , epg like others have said is rubbish they should look at the layout on windows media center to see how and what an epg should be like, i tried to sell mine at half price but so far no mugs are willing to spend their hard earned money on it,,and i dont blame them.


  38. steve Says:

    When will we get proper channels like dave, or gold?


  39. Steve Says:

    Freesat HD is a great alternative to overpriced Sky. I have spent £140 for my humax box and saved £300 since I switched. and will continue to save, every month!


  40. askew Says:

    free sat. Great Ive saved a fortune by dumping sky. But I could have got far more for even less if Id have got a torestrial top box. Get rid of the rubish and get dave tv or natinal geographic.


  41. mark.c Says:

    well nothing to rush home for. But why have freeview got dave, quest and yesterday and freesat have not?.


  42. admin Says:

    You do realise you are replying to a post from 2008! Freeview and Freesat are not the same thing. Freesat have a direct rival in Sky, who can offer broadcasters of channels live DAVE a better deal to be subscription only.


  43. Ein Says:

    Please please please please please please please please please put on the (Anime Central Channel) which was on sky digital box 199 but they have removed it long time ago
    Thanks for putting the NHK World Channel Love NHK World Channel + Anime Central
    Please put Anime Central Channel On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  44. topcat Says:

    why o why is there no programme guide for freesat i live in germany and get
    good reception but spend half my time flicking through channels trying to find something to watch with no info it’s poor service


  45. admin Says:


    Freesat have a full tv guide with 8 day programme listings so if you are not getting it, you have a signal issue from your dish.


  46. topcat Says:

    i am recieving transmission in Germany i get i think just about all thats possible to get maybe i need a bit more info on tv guide bought the reciever in germany not expensive maybe a new reote or something else i need any help i would be gratefull


  47. admin Says:

    In that case, sounds likely that you haven’t bought a Freesat receiver but just a generic receiver which isn’t capable of receiving a full tv guide. If your receiver doesn’t have a Freesat logo on it, it isn’t a Freesat box.


  48. topcat Says:

    i think that sums it up thanks for the info


  49. topcat Says:

    as i know very little about sat tv if i buy a freesat receiver will it just be a unplug old box and plug in new box and away i go??


  50. admin Says:

    Providing your satellite dish setup is correct and receiving all the UK channels on Astra2 (28.2) and Eurobird1 (28.5) then yes, the Freesat box will just plug in and have access to a full TV guide. You will need to enter a UK postcode, but any will do and just defines the region for the main channels. You should visit as they will send to you in Germany.


  51. topcat Says:

    i still can’t get my head round the epg you can get with a freesat box my cheap littile box gives me the channel eg itv bbc etc but no info about the programme ??


  52. admin Says:

    topcat said:
    i still can’t get my head round the epg you can get with a freesat box my cheap littile box gives me the channel eg itv bbc etc but no info about the programme ??

    Not sure what you don’t understand, Freesat is essentially an EPG, i.e. the fancy TV guide with 7/8 day listings and programme information. Your receiver isn’t a Freesat receiver, so doesn’t have this option. You’d need an official Freesat receiver if you’d want more than just now/next information.


  53. topcat Says:

    thanks a lot understand loud and clear at my age am a little out of depth with all this tech gear will have to invest in a new box cheers


  54. topcat Says:

    where do i find the new 5 programmes


  55. johnnylou Says:

    why aint there more educational channels eg discovery,natgeo,military,investegation


  56. admin Says:

    johnnylou said:
    why aint there more educational channels eg discovery,natgeo,military,investegation

    Says it all really!


  57. Kevin Scott Says:


    I can’t see why all the channels available on Freeview aren’t on Freesat.


  58. klenzza Says:

    buy a smart tv and you can whach everything


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