Thane Direct Returns Tomorrow

Whilst the audience that watches Thane Direct is limited, we thought it worth mentioning that Thane Direct will return to channel 811 on the Freesat EPG tomorrow, after being removed a week ago due to “technical work”.

Thane Direct would like to assure any viewers that have placed orders that they will be honoured, and any questions in the meantime should be raised via their website at,

17 thoughts on “Thane Direct Returns Tomorrow”

  1. sorry to start with an off topic but thinking of “return” yesterday I thought to recognice an old schedule – today film24 is also usimg the oöd bonanza bomnanza inserts – is this the return of an old friend? (showing fe the original beverly hillbillies, one of my favorites) or are they just using their library. If bonanza has returned, will it join freesat?

  2. I used to watch Film24 in non freesat mode,it showed some decent cult movies at one time but in recent months has deteriorated rapidly.

  3. @roger

    yes but as of yesterday they seem to have a decent schedule with real programming again no more endless pain behind the fame and the likes of those

    (sorry for the typos have to fight with this here pc for now …)

  4. @satom- Maybe i’ll check the channel out again then,i used to watch it late on a Sat night when they used to show weird EuroCinema and the like.Fingers crossed its a return to form.Cheers

  5. Rather strange they would take it off for a week? I wonder if it disappeared from Sky too, my initial checks from various sources look like it didn’t.

    I always wonder why channels disappear (apart from going out of business), especially these days seen as the platform is growing momentum. This means we should see three additions appear tomorrow – BBC1HD, Scuzz and Thane Direct.

  6. who the hell is going to be whatching thane direct tomorrow.
    Its BBC1 HD day and nothing else matters
    I would of thought the BBC would of bragged a bit about it buy now.
    May be it will only just be up scale day thou.
    Remember Remember the 3rd of November

  7. @Roger

    I know this sounds a bit stupid but can you tell me what is non freesat mode?
    Does it mean you can get more channels on a Humax HDPVR (FOXSATHDR)?
    And if I can, can you please tell me how?

  8. @david-If you have a Humax foxsat hdr you will have a twin tuner,press menu and select manual tune,this will give you various options-select Transponder-All,from here you will see other options i.e FTA(free to air) channels etc and perform a search.You should end up with around 300+ channels in non-freesat mode(most of them are nonsense,even more if you include radio ones too).To access these in future go to menu again and select settings,scrolling down to STB Mode and choose either Freesat or non-freesat by pressing between the 2 options.

  9. @David

    freesat channels are using the same satellites as many other (and sky) ie. Astra 2 and eurobird at 28.2 E. Most of the tps are encrypted, some belong to socalled packages for special receivers/cards like freesat or sky and there are lots of TV and radio stations you need no subscription for (to make thing complicated but no need to know: the same channel can be part of several packages). A list of what channels are available can be found on various satellite sites – fe those two (hope thats okay admin):

  10. @Roger

    Firstly thanks for all your help.

    I have followed your instructions but cannot get it to search, sorry but I need step by step instructions as when I followed yours nothing happened.

    I went to Manual search clicked O.K
    Went to Transponder clicked O.K
    Clicked User Define, clicked O.K

    Then I had lots of choices and didn’t know which one to pick 🙁

    Hope you will come back and help me guy?

    Thanks for all your help,


  11. David @ 8 &11. Try – Menu – Setup – Manual Tune – Scrambled Type – FTA or ALL. ALL will tune into lots of SKY programmes, but most of them you require a subscription through a SKY box, so it might be just as well to click on FTA. Then move down to Channel Type – ALL will pick up TV & Radio or if you just want TV, move it to TV, Then click on search. When search has finished press Save, after it has saved, press exit. To see if this has worked go to Menu again, go to Settings, press STB Mode, None Freesat – Freesat should appear in place of Freesat, then press exit. You should now be on None – Freesat, numbered from 5001 upwards. If you want to delete any of these channels for any reason and you can’t work it out just say and I will explain how.

  12. Mal@12.

    Sorry for not getting back sooner, I will try tomorrow and let you know how I got on.

    Just one more thing, you say go to Menu again, go to settings, press STB Mode, None Freesat-Freesat should appear in place of Freesat, it’s ‘Freesat should appear in place of Freesat’ that I don’t understand, is this a mistake?



  13. @david- sorry mate but it aint that difficult,if you are using a humax foxsat hdr refer to your user manual.All the above answers should have given you enough help.Good luck

  14. David @13.

    Hi Dave. I will try again from press STB, the word Freesat will appear opposite. Highlight this and when you click on it, the words Non freesat should appear, then click on the exit button and you should be on non freesat. To go back to Freesat, go to menu – settings – STB, the words Non freesat will appear opposite. Highlight this and click on it, the word Freesat will appear, click on the exit button and you should be back on Freesat.

  15. @roger14

    Hi again guys,

    Tried it, worked first time, thanks so much for your instructions.

    Not any really good channels, a couple that have left Freesat.

    I was hoping it would have Rai Uno as my wife is Italian.

    Anyway, thanks once again for you patience.

  16. Since decovering the none freesat channels like: sky news/film24/Dance nation etc. I hardly ever use the main freesat channels i take it all these none freesat channels will join freesat soon.Also is it possible to get the aljazeera sports channels if so whats the number to scan on. Ive found jazeerachilden

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