The Bill In HD…When ITV Remember That Is

The Bill In HD...When ITV Remember That Is

Following the announcement that The Bill would be in stunning high-definition on the ITV HD service, ITV seem to have failed in the first week with this evenings episode not flagging the red button prompt required to access the HD feed.

Yesterdays episode (the first part of two) was available with an improved picture over what many have been use to from this long running drama, but alas, the success was short lived.

At least if ITV HD was run as a separate channel like C4 HD (not yet available on Freesat) fans could have enjoyed an up-scaled version rather than just standard-definition.

ITV blame a technical error;

Unfortunately, last night’s episode of ‘The Bill’ did not broadcast in HD as advertised due to a technical problem at ITV. ITV are looking into the matter and apologise for any disappointment caused.

Freesat themselves must be bitterly disappointed following additional promotion carried out in the last few weeks.

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  1. We were given the choice to record this evening’s edition (2nd July) of “The Bill” in either SD or HD and being an eternal optomist I chose to record the programme in HD having done so successfully with the previous evening’s episode. Oh! folly all I got was “HD Service Not available” and no recording in SD. My wife was not impressed and I have been given strict instructions NOT to set up any recording of an ITV programme stated to be being shown in HD. It is about time they got their act together and gave freesat viewers the service they deserve.

  2. May be Ofcom should reconsider giving the freeview HD channel to ITV. Freesat should also stop promoting ITV HD as a part of the Freesat package. It must be very disappointing to all those people who were misled into believing that ITV could provide a reliable service.

  3. ITV HD have got to stop all this monsense and have the channel as a ‘proper’ 24/7 ‘feed’ as with Ch4 HD. Hopefully when Freeview HD launches in December this may happen

  4. I agree. It is a proper channel – it just shows the hd logo most of the time so why do we need the red button rubbish. It also means other non-freesat boxes have a hard time dealing with it….. ah maybe there’s something in that

  5. Yes I too am Feeling VERY diflated after paying just over £300, after all the hype, and finding very littel HD, and yes your right about the bill, I thought there was someting WRONG with my brand new box, just after hope it will get better.

  6. Yes I too am Feeling VERY deflated after paying just over sorry £400, not £300, after all the hype, and finding very little HD, and yes your right about the bill, I thought there was something WRONG with my brand new box, just after hope it will get better


  8. Ha ha – what a joke !

    I love it myself. I always knew ITV were a bunch of jokers making crap programs for the plebs and its been proven time and again with their HD “offering”. SKy must be quaking in thier boots that this isnt available on their EPG.

    They cant even work the technology – or is it that they can’t communicate to the monkey in the broadcasting room to turn on the big red HD button at 8pm ?

    Love it. Its not like if it was all HD there would be anything worth watching on there anyway – tabloid crap.

    Surely someone realises that if they broadcast some more of their crap in HD more people might watch it = more advetising revenue, or are they waiting for the taxpayer / lisence fee payer to step in ? BBC ITV HD – it could be the future.

  9. ITV need a dedicated HD/upscaling channel, they can’t seem to cope with a Red button service!

  10. Will the last person to leave Freesat please turn off the light.

    I think perhaps there is a case for everyone to get their money refunded.

    Perhaps we should complain to OFCOM or Trading Standards about the shocking service that ITV are inflicting on us.That is the only way they will pay attention. Get their franchise removed from them.

  11. Why doesent Emma Scott issue a stetement on this or is it only the so called good stories that she will comment on?

  12. Maybe ITV will get their act together by the time they launch a dedicated ITV HD Channel on freeview later in the year….I assume a dedicated ITV Channel will also launch on freesat, or the freeview service will be superior.

  13. pete w, I think it’s the bigger picture of the ability of ITV to run a red button channel we are talking about here, the service is currently a mess.

  14. @pete w

    You gave a toss by the looks of it. You clicked on the link about the Bill – then read all the comments about the Bill – then made a post about the Bill.

    If you don’t give a toss don’t bother making stupid posts.

  15. received this useless reply from itv

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    We’re sorry to hear that you were not able to access Thursday’s episode of The Bill in high definition. This was due to an operational problem.

    We can confirm that your complaint has been logged and an investigation is taking place to try to ensure that all ITV HD programmes are broadcast as scheduled. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

    Once again, thank you for taking the trouble to contact ITV.


    ITV Viewer Services

  16. Whilst this technical problem may be dissapointing for some people, it is difficult for most to appreciate how complex the systems are that produce broadcast chains. ITV would have made every effort to get this right, sometimes it just doesn’t work. Say your piece, but try to at least offer a measured response rather than throwing toys out of the cot.

  17. ITV said it was an Operational Problem. Well thanks for stateing the obvious. I think that ITV’s failings would be a little more palatable if they were to explain what went wrong and what they have done to make sure it won’t happen again. ITV seems to have contempt for its customers which might explain why they are in such financial problems.

  18. @Steve: You make a good point about the complexity of the broadcast chain, but I think the main point here is that ITV are adding unnecessary complexity by forcing users to press the red button to access ITV HD instead of broadcasting it as a regular channel.

    It would be interesting to know if The Bill was actually broadcast in HD and it was just the red button prompt on Freesat that didn’t work (i.e. could people with Sky HD boxes who have added ITV HD watch it in HD?) or whether everything to do with the HD transmission failed.

  19. If you where watching the tennis on BBC HD this week you would have noticed in the middle of a match on court number 1 they to made a blip also and started to run there BBC HD Preview this happened when the show moved from BBC 1 to BBC2, if that was ITV we would never hear the end of it, if you guys where paying for the service i could understand, but your not paying a red cent and want to go to the highest Court in Europe as if the commited the biggest sin, they will get it right. I may be hungary for HD but I aint starving.

  20. @Trevor.
    Are you in a position to understand what went wrong if ITV explained “in detail” about what happened? If you are, to what depth are you expecting them to explain to? For example, do you know what elements would be in a typical chain? – indeed that chain may be very different for ITV or SKY or BBC etc. ITV’s financial problems are, primarily, as a direct result of the “credit crunch” and the massive collapse of the commercial markets which has an immediate and direct relation to advertising revenues. ITV’s viewing figures have been good of late especially with programmes like “Britain’s got talent” doing well. “Contempt for customers” is a ‘toys out of cot’ remark.
    The “ITV HD Red Button syndrome” may have underlying reasons – it does tie in ITV HD to freesat (I know you can manually add to, say, Sky; but for “Joe Public” and not us geeks 🙂 that is what it does) and, to some extent, it does ‘engage’ the viewer to the HD feature (And now on ITV, and in HD if you press your red button….) they feel like they are doing something. I am sure there are other (political/management/contractual) reasons too.
    Nominally, the source would be in HD and a downconverted feed would run into the SD chain, the HD chain picking up the HD source directly. These 2 feeds would eventually be Mpegged and multiplexed and piped to the uplink system. Your curiosity would rule out some elements and is well founded, but I think that, due to numerous other unknowns, would only lead to speculation.
    Poetic comment. Nice one, except I would be Budapest for HD but I aint starvin 😉

  21. the red button fiesco has happend on numerous occassions
    the hd film has not been shown really bad service itv
    not like the bbc who are winning the hd viewing hand down imo.

  22. If BET HD can have a channel for just one programe then why not one for ITV HD ? (it’s going to happen in the near future anyway 😉 )

  23. @Steve

    I do not believe that ITV ‘s problems have originate with the credit crunch. ITV have a history of bad management and a contempt for it’s viewers over many years. To start with ITV refused to go on satellite for 2 years in order to promote their On Digital Platform. As it happened the lack of ITV on satellite had little impact on Sky and ITV lost significant revenues. At the start of On Digital ITV would only provide a digital box with a subscription. It was not possible to purchase a box. This greatly limited the take up of DTT and infact almost destroyed it. Near the end of ITV Digital the BBC wanted to switch of its DTT because they could not justify the costs with less than 1 million viewers. When ITV did eventually go onto satellite they used very low bit rates and a low resolution of 544×576 which we still suffer today. Then we come to the 2006 world cup hd trials. The BBC transmitted HD on cable, satellite and terestrial. ITV refused to transmit its world cup matches on satellite denying its matches to the biggest HD audience. Now ITV is repeating its On Digital trick of trying deny ITV HD to Sky subscribers. We have also recenttly had the premium rate call scandle of ITV stealing from viewers. Ofcom has also recently fined ITV for not fulfilling the requirements of its PSB licence. Also it is not only HD that ITV has technical problems with. Recently we had the missed chelsea goal, and the missed grand prix finish both due to interuption by adverts. All in all ITV has a history of bad management. I was very hopefull that the intervention of Micheal Grade would change things but it now looks as though even he is unable to sort this company out.

    Now we come to the “Operational Problem” issue. ITV’s response is just pathetic. It is either an “Operational Problem” or “Beyond our Control”. You are right I am not a expert in television transmission networks but I do have a basic understanding of how digital television works. ITV’s attitude is in sharp contrast to the BBC who have become very open about technical problems. Take for example the lip sync problems on 5.1 Dolby Digital. The guy that has been given the job of sorting this out has a blog which has given alot of detail of what the problems are and how the BBC is sorting them. There is also the problem 5.1 dropouts of satellite links using Dolby E. The BBC has published a very detailed paper on the problem and how it is fixing it.

  24. My problem with ITV HD on the red button is that when my Humax PVR auto scans for new channels, it removes all my scheduled recordings of ITV HD, this problem does not effect any other channels just ITV HD, I have missed so many ITV programs that I now wonder if its worth the risk to schedule an ITV HD recording. I have just noticed that I have no recording of Kingdom, even thou I scheduled it to record the entire series on ITV HD.
    These problem would not happen if ITV HD had its own channel.

  25. Since the Bill has changed its ‘new look’ I have not been interested in the programme at all…. all the music, sounds and changing the theme tune.. its awful…. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks it has changed for the worst.. am sorry if this is the wrong page to comment on the new look.. but I feel very strongly about it…BRING BACK THE OLD LOOK BILL WITH THE PROPER THEME TUNE WE ALL KNOW… !!!

    ITV please comment on this.. and dont deny you haven’t lost a lot of viewers because of this!!!

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