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Dec 02 2008

We weren’t going to post about the new channel inclusions as they are not the most exciting, but we’ve had a number of emails from readers wondering what the changes were yesterday.

They include the following new channels:

141 BET+1
308 Simply Movies
816 Ideal World

There is also the addition of ITV1 London on 977 for audio description and also Celebrity Shop has been renamed TV Shop on channel 806.

For a full channel line up, click here.

40 Responses to “Three New Channels Join Freesat”

  1. Colin Says:

    These were added yesterday?
    Still not showing any of them on my Goodmans HD box :(


  2. liz Says:

    simply movies looks ok .. nice to curl up on the sofa on a snowy day to watch Fred Astaire etc :)
    the new channels appeared as an update no problems on my Humax Foxat HD


  3. Deano Says:

    mine also updated yesterday .


  4. Francis Says:

    just checked to seee if they were on.. and yes they are.

    To Fresat:
    how about putting on some new wrestling on ‘The Fight Network’ eg, WCW AWA.ECW, or some of the old WWF. I have seen most of this stuff when i watched it on World of Sport years ago. Surely there must be some hiding in some TV company’s archives.


  5. Lee B Says:

    Some more HD would be nice………even a dedicated ITV HD Channel! (even if it upscaled like C4HD….


  6. monkeymaniac Says:

    Just deleted Bet+1 & Ideal World but kept Simply Movies just to see what they put on for the next week or so, if no joy, just hit the delete button AGAIN!!!.


  7. Boybeck Says:

    Hooray, I’ve found out how to delete channels from my EPG. Just one problem, though, I’m only left with about ten haha. Oh well, roll on CH4 hd.

    I wonder which channel gets deleted the most?

    Inspiration was my first to go and it took seconds for me to make my mind up, :-)


  8. monkeymaniac Says:

    Forgot to say, deleted ITV1 London to.


  9. Pete Says:

    They should add Nasa TV to the lineup


  10. Dean Says:

    What happened to itv4+1 which was suppose to be added yesterday??


  11. ray Says:

    the reason i got my humax box in the first place was to watch hd so more of that would be nice.


  12. Mike Says:

    It would be good if they added some decent documentary channels to the line-up. What channels would you like to see added?


  13. monkeymaniac Says:

    Hi Mike.

    Something worth watching while parting with £299 to buy a new PVR.


  14. Francis Says:

    How about Nature, History, and no more shopping channels.


  15. Nick Green Says:

    Whatever the changes and additions are, I would like to hear about them on this site even if you don’t consider the the new channels thrilling. One man’s meat etc…..
    That’s why I check your site every day.
    I live in the Northern Costa Blanca. What a pity Freesat put Channel 5 on the same weak horizontal transponder as BBC2. I lose both at about 18.00hrs GMT+1 and I’m using the Humax HD with a 2.4 metre dish.


  16. Mike Says:

    I think to be competitve Freesat has to increase the line-up quite quickly. Although the HD aspect is a geat selling point the marketing of Freesat is largely poor. Im sure the majority of the British public are unaware of Fressat. To gain a good position in the digital market they must increase the line up as a priority and the line up needs to be of a good quality e.g Dave, CH4 HD and the sister channels to Five


  17. YASAR Says:



  18. monkeymaniac Says:

    If im right the BBC & ITV are raking in all the money from all the channels that are advertising on the Freesat platform but not passing the benefits on to the viewers, or is it just patients & wait and see what happens. To be realistic I think the only way we are going to get more HD & or other decent channels is Freesat changes to Paysat/Subscribesat, and it certainly not worth paying £299 for a Humax PVR basedon the HD content at the moment, but like I said, over time Freesat will prove me wrong and I hope so because I have never been a SKY member and never will be, there just a big bully.


  19. salty dawg Says:

    More crap added again……….. Will it ever end?


  20. Francis Says:

    Well i just wonder can Freesat give Sky a run for it’s money.. my borther who lives in Australia told me about Sky and what happened over there.. it’s just like Microsoft.. they don’t want anyone to compete with them..I thought we lived in a free market where everyone could compete fairly lol !!!


  21. wayne Says:

    Well for people who live in Scotland & Ulster, the addition of ITV London means we can watch ITV HD and still keep our local tv (Not that its any good mind).

    You also have to remember that its the broadcasters who decide when & if they will join the platform.


  22. Francis Says:

    Us poor wee Scottish people are always lagging behind every one else..i wonder how long we’ll have to wait until we get HD in Scotland. ? I wonder what happened to the Fight Network channel??? don’t see it any more


  23. gary finnegan Says:

    what happened to the fight network cant see it on menu any clues


  24. admin Says:

    Gary, Fight Network withdrew from the UK!


  25. Mik Says:

    What happened to the wrestling channel?


  26. Bob Says:

    The Wrestling Channel (TWC) was bought by The Fight Network (TFN), who were from Canada, in early 2008 as TFN were looking to expand globally.


  27. james Says:

    i want more channels those chanels are nnot good i paid for a box with big promises but dissipointing there is a music channel of the sky side that could be put through it is called mne but that will never happen where is the hd channels most of it is rubbish repeats repeats come on most of us are not zombies we just want some desent tv uther than make it and sell it to the highest bidder the make us pay dor it again on sky who is dumb to do that
    free sat could be good if the bbc could fund some channels like discovery channel or somthing like re runs like uk tv o i forgot i payed for that to get made with my tv licence and the sold it to them any way and if i want to watch it i would have to pay for it again witch is like conning us over and over like free sat which isent free all you get is crap over crap to watch give us somthing we all would watch rather than ripping us off for a overpriced pice of usless crap box witch i could have got free or cheep with a old sky box i cant get freview where i like i will be one of the last town to get it at least i could watch somthing on fiver or five us or dave whitch i havent seen some of there programs but i will i still get it no because the man said to mee when he put my dish in he said to me it would coast me £500 to fit an aireal but i asked him why he said you need the strongest one and i cant give yuou a garantee it would work funny thing is i lived 5 minuts down the road iand i could get a picture clear as day so is the bbc shoting them selves in the foot for offering the public freesat like itv did with there freeview box or are they going to give us what we want and stop sky dominating the waves out there ps bbc get your own satalite out there and make monie it might bring sky down a peg or two


  28. admin Says:

    With the lack of punctuation and spelling, I gave up reading this after a couple of lines sorry :(


  29. dan Says:

    I’ve have an elderly aunt who talks just like that!! After a couple of, what I think are sentences, I give up too!! :-)


  30. tony Says:

    does anyone know if dave, dave ja vu and virgin one will be added sometime?



  31. tony Says:

    I get this rant he’s saying, “I want sky but dont want to pay for it”…well I want some of the channels sky are transmitting to be transmitted by freesat then its goodbye skybox!!


  32. tony Says:

    PS I also want to see all the freeview channels transmitted on freesat so I can watch them when caravanning in dorset, a real bad place for terrestrial tv.


  33. tony Says:

    PPS another thought, SKY TV signal is pretty abissmal even on a 60cm dish some of the channels get very blocky and freeze is this because SKY has crammed too many channels on to its beam and weakened the signal on some channels.
    Freesat at the moment is very good and even its weaker channels (like 141) can be used when setting up the caravan but I worry that Freesat may go this route and muck up the signal quality as they dumb down the quality of programme for the quantity of channels!
    I can at present pick up Freesat on a 43cm sky dish on a tripod and get a brilliant signal!


  34. mari46 Says:

    How do I connect my speakers to Humax freesat box?


  35. Tony B Says:

    Hiya I have had my Fressat Humax for a few months and its proving very reliable. Better thatn the Top TV boxes were. Sky was a waste of money. repeat, repeat and more repeat of same episodes. But when Humax add or take channels away from us, could they not tell us which they have added or removed. Would be useful to me.

    Tony B Doncaster


  36. AB Says:

    Hi All,

    Ive just ditched sky and gone freesat via my new flatscreen with a humax box and I wish I haddnt. The humax box remote is like a fisher price version of a remote control with rediculus buttons which you end up pushing several times to get it working. It only works about 2ft from the box too. Also Freesat for HD is the biggest load of pants Ive ever seen….

    Very dissapointed and may even go back to sky.


  37. wayne Says:

    this page is so out of date


  38. admin Says:

    It wasn’t when it was published in December 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  39. janet Says:

    just got freesat was hoping to find some discovery channels on it so dissapointed can’t find any , will you be adding any of these channels


  40. admin Says:

    Discovery channels make their money from subscription revenue, so if you want them, you unfortunately have to pay for them by opting for Sky instead. They cannot be free on Freesat, and payable on Sky.


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