TrustedReviews Opinion On Panasonic Freesat/Blu-Ray


TrustedReviews have published an in-depth review and assessment of the soon to be released Panasonic Freesat Blu-Ray Recorders. The more we read about it, the more we look forward to its release, although there is no escaping that price tag, no matter how keen you are on your technology.

The review goes in to a good level of detail and includes a few pages of images. We won’t summaries it, just have a read/look yourself.

Check out the review from TrustedReviews here

6 thoughts on “TrustedReviews Opinion On Panasonic Freesat/Blu-Ray”

  1. Panasonic are offering interest free credit on these boxes but it’s still a lot of money for a tiny hard drive.

  2. I have to agree. It needs a 1TB drive at that price even allowing for the other features.

  3. Yep. I agree. The hard drive is small for HD recordings, and the broadcasters need to consider their copy restrictions. The market for this unit will be small if you cannot archive home recordings, especially given the size of the hard drive.

  4. Have to agree with Tony’s, Al’s & Derek’s comments. A 1TB HDD would have make this a killer Freesat recorder. Will have to see the actual on-line prices before considering if it is a worthwhile addition to the household gadetry. There is a danger that if the price is set too high then cutomers for the unit will be limited purely to the specialist market.

  5. Yes definately too much money, but it will be discounted soon i’m sure. Alternatively sit back and wait, allow the early adopters to take this box with the knowledge that a better version will be around soon.

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