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Apr 01 2010

Latest update scan on all Freesat receivers (01/04/10)

1 Added – 119 ITV1 HD
1 Removed – 450 Men and Motors
1 Changed – 692 Revelation

171 Responses to “Update Scan – 01/04/10”

  1. HoxtonTit Says:

    Hehehe. A mainstay of satellite television from the very early days. I guess no one watches it anymore


  2. John R Says:

    Perhaps they could replace it with Dave? That’s one channel I do miss on Freesat


  3. GaseousClay Says:

    To be more accurate Men and Motors is still currently on the epg. They’ve just ceased transmissions. Scanning your box won’t remove it just yet, it’s more likely to be removed tomorrow when ITV HD is added.


  4. admin Says:

    Strange, it has updated here! The wonderful world of the software update! 😉


  5. GaseousClay Says:

    I’ll have another go then. :)


  6. admin Says:

    Yeah, let us know, we might need to merge this post with tomorrows if ITV1 HD lands! Maybe our receiver is special 😉


  7. GaseousClay Says:

    Nope just done the old turn box off/on trick, still there.. Followed by forced freesat scan, still there.


  8. Jon Says:

    Was this removed to create space for the HD channel?


  9. Paul. Says:

    April 1st, anyone?


  10. Richard Crichton Says:

    @1 HoxtonTit
    I wouldn’t call 1st October 1996 the very early days of Satellite television since BSB started in 1986 and Sky in 1989.


  11. Tony Hales Says:

    Also CNN, MTV, Discovery and other channels were available for years for free before Astra 1a was launched.


  12. wak Says:

    “From April 2nd, the 24-hour channel will be available as well as the red button service. ”

    “Exclusive” content? yes please


  13. Mark S Says:

    Still no update scan on my Humax at 3pm.


  14. GaseousClay Says:

    @ Mark S

    Try again now it’s updated just, ITV HD added also

    changed 1
    deleted 1


  15. Pete Says:

    ITV HD will start 06:00 tommorow
    Men and motors has been removed.


  16. Colin Nowell Says:

    Looks like this is NOT going to work if you are in one of the Scottish regions… sigh… what a complete screw up… why on earth does it matter that STV has different programs (occasionally) to ITV1 London??! HELLO STV??? Get over it!!! It doesn’t matter a jot!!! For us, it looks like were still going to have to mess with the red button on 977… sigh… (unless you change the post code of course)


  17. Mr Tee Says:

    Looking forward to the growth of freesat and the demise of S*y , Why dont the Beeb & Itv make a point and leave Mr M*rdoch then people would have to really think before choosing a system….

    Keep Tv Free like it should be…


  18. C14R4N Says:

    @16 Colin. I dont believe the red button HD will be there after ITV1HD launches as a full channel tomorrow. Cant you just change your post-code to an English one?


  19. Colin Nowell Says:

    @18 C14R4N I take your point but why should I have to?!! Doing that completely throws out all the other schedules and makes our local Radio Times useless (unless you hunt for the regional variations…) I really don’t see why adding ITV1 HD to the EPG as a separate channel should affect ANY other channel at all. Simply pump the same channel out to all post code regions. You can then still keep your local regional variations.


  20. admin Says:

    As suggested by reader Andy B:

    Can I offer a little suggestion for people in the STV area who will be unable to receive ITV1 HD on Freesat easily.

    If you re-program your box using a postcode for a place in Dumfries and
    Galloway or Scottish Borders, you receive ITV1 Border on 103 and will also get
    ITV1 HD. (TD1 1AA works for me.)

    The advantage of using this postcode rather than, say, a London one is that you
    can still watch BBC1 Scotland and BBC2 Scotland on 101 and 102.

    It might not be a solution for everyone, but it works for me and may be worth
    considering if HD matters more to you than STV’s regional programmes and


  21. Colin Nowell Says:

    @admin Already done but my point is that it shouldn’t be necessary at all! It’s a separate channel so what is all the fuss about regions?? Regions are irrelevant in the ITV1 HD case! It’s not REPLACING your normal ITV1 is it? (or STV if you are in Central Scotland) It’s complete nonsense and so unnecessary for the average punter.


  22. admin Says:

    Adverts will still exist so I guess ITV still want to focus them by region; however, the fact Scotland cannot receive isn’t a region issue other than each region needed to adopt the service to view it, of which STV chose not to at the expense of their Scottish viewers. It isn’t right, but you’d need to address your concern to STV, as ITV did offer them the service a number of times in the past.

    The post code change shouldn’t be necessary but at least that is an option; those Sky customers with a Scottish region card won’t be able to receive other than manually tuning and therefore not benefiting from the EPG programme schedule etc.


  23. terrykl Says:

    According to ITV’s web page for ITV HD,HD will still be accessible via the Red Button


  24. northofscotland Says:

    Not much worth watching these days on STV anyway …


  25. Richard Crichton Says:

    @18 C14R4N
    See post 12
    You need to complain to STV. They do not want any ITV1 to be shown in Scotland. .


  26. peterhb Says:

    I notice there is an announcement today that CH4 HD is now officially launched on Freeview HD and available now !
    So for those in the right area with the right equipment Freeview trumps Freesat.


  27. Ste Rush Says:

    You really are a hero. Thanks for the informative post. By the way you left your bat and ball at the park today.


  28. C14R4N Says:

    @25 Richard Critchton

    Oops, missed that bit


  29. Andrew Morris Says:

    You can only get ITV HD in Scotland if you tune into an English Postcode.
    It would seem that STV still can’t get their act together.
    Lemmings come to mind.
    I live in Scotland but am now watching English ITV.

    Bye Bye STV the noo!


  30. ASK Says:

    Seems to me, that STV are shooting themselves in the foot. If people retune, they may stop watching altogether, due to the hassle of switching to non Freesat.


  31. jmk Says:

    I too have put in a different postcode to get ITV1 HD on the EPG. I had considered just watching it on the “other sat” section, but it’s a lot more convenient when you can check the programmes beyond now & next.

    I’ll watch the Scottish variations on Freeview instead.


  32. Richard Crichton Says:

    Most parts of Scotland can still get STV on Analog (remember that) for now so no big deal.
    @26 not according to the ‘Which’ report that compared the HD quality on Freeview with the HD quality on Freesat and concluded that Freesat was better quality.
    Also there is Luxe HD which is on Sat but not on Freeview which any Freesat box can get in non epg mode.
    Freeview cannot expand. It’s stuck with 50 ish SD channels and up to 4 HD max..
    Freesat can and will continue to grow especially when the BBC get their act together and launch a proper HD channel or two instead of the present part time amalgamated channel. BBC1 HD and BBC2 HD for example..It’s early days but Freesat has far more potential than Freeview and iPlayer.


  33. Robert Hudson Says:

    I can not get Calendar on ITV HD, its London Tonight, can this be changed I live in East Yorkshire, Bridlington.


  34. Andrew Morris Says:

    If you are in southern Scotland, tune into a TG postcode. You will then get Borders ITV plus ITV HD.
    Not perfect but a good compromise.
    BBC Scotland will provide me with all the proper Scottish stuff from now on.


  35. Phil Says:

    Still no ITV HD for me, however men and motors has gone and revelation has chnaged. Everytine there is a new channel added I dont get it but always lose the channels that are taken off. Dont want to do a first time install again, have to do it everytime theres a new channel added.and its inconvenient as i have loads of Non freesat channels added.


  36. Andrew Morris Says:

    Correction – not a TG but a TD Postcde


  37. Phil Says:

    By the way im in Nortrhampton and can receive ITV HD on my main sky box, but would like ITV HD on my freesat box, any ideas why I aint got it?


  38. liz Says:

    re: As suggested by reader Andy B
    I am in NE Scotland and changed my postcode to the borders one .. great! .. I now have ITV1 HD and still have BBC Scotland .. I tried out the new HD channel this morning and the quality is very good!
    Thanks for the suggestion Andy B .. the only thing we usually watch on STV is the news at 6PM .. and to do that now we will just switch to Freeview !


  39. Maurice Says:

    Great ITV HD on its own channel at last. Shame about the DOG its very annoying.


  40. George Says:

    Great ITV HD has well and truely arrived! Is there a nice way on
    Humax HDPVR to replace ITV with ITV HD?

    As ITV is now redundant with ITV HD being about?

    I believe it is catch up time for BBC HD and C4 HD. Come on BBC HD and C4 HD, ITV HD now leads the way for HD viewing!


  41. Ste Rush Says:

    @40 George

    No way to replace the channel except if you set up a favourite channels list which allows you to place any channel anywhere you like. I use this feature and I am very happy with the setup although once you go to the epg you will find that there is no way to exclude the channels you don’t want to see from the process.

    Hope this helps.


  42. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @George 40
    I am a little confused by your statement that ITV HD leads the way for HD viewing when on the 2 April 2010 the only item in true HD is the film King Kong. All the rest is upscaled SD. On the other hand the backward BBC starts broadcasting in true HD from 15:55 to gone midnight.

    The rest of the week shows a similar pattern with the exception of 5 April when there is no true HD offering from ITV.

    And other point that is beginning to annoy me with a number of posters who bang on about removing or moving the SD version of ITV1 is that the vast majority of viewers do not have either access or have equipment capable of receiving HD broadcasts! Why should they be disadvantaged because some folks with HD are too lazy to scroll down the EPG?


  43. Sid the cat Says:

    I use a DVB s card in my HTPC to watch Freesat. Have scanned for new channels and got nothing. Can anyone tell me which transponder this channel is on?




  44. George Says:

    @Kevin Ver1 42
    “…only item in true HD is the film King Kong. All the rest is upscaled SD?”. Is this correct? As the Humax HDPVR can upscale anyway? Also looking at the programs this morning it does seem sharper? Sharper than I have seen anything on standard ITV?

    About the other point that “is annoying you”. My original request is replace ITV with ITV HD for myself on my Humax HDPVR not everyone who has a TV..;-) as that would be silly.


  45. George Says:

    @Ste Rush 41
    Thanks steve. I will play around with favourite channels list. Has not been something I have been using, but will look in it to see if it helps with my HD TV viewing.



  46. Brian Says:

    On my panasonic 81 series I find the most convenient way to access ITV1 HD and still get STV is to have ITV1 HD as the tuned channel (10000) on the “other satellite” tuner and just press the TV button on the remote to move from freesat to other satelilite when I want to watch ITV1 HD. So I make that about 3 different ways to watch ITV1 HD and STV when north of the border!


  47. Richard Crichton Says:

    That just shows how good the ITV upscaling is when some people think it’s true HD.Should have gone to Specsavers. Other opticians are available.
    At least the bitrate is a bit higher than BBC HD lite.
    Where are the figures that show the breakdown of Freesat SD/HD boxes and TV’s sold?


  48. Phil Says:

    Can someone help me please


  49. George Says:

    @Richard Crichton 46
    Was wondering is there a way of getting the bitrate on Humax HDPVR or any viewer?

    Is there a easy way of knowing what is true HD and what is not?


  50. Richard Crichton Says:

    @48 George
    Can’t comment on the Humax or other makes as I have the Technisat which shows the bitrate etc by pressing the status button.

    You should notice a bit more fine detail if it’s true HD. Other than that the easy way to tell is you only get the red button prompt on ITV1 if it’s true HD. As before.


  51. admin Says:

    @Sid the Cat

    10832 H 22000 5/6


  52. George Says:

    @Ste Rush 40
    Works very well. Thanks. The shedule view does not change to match your fav list but still very good. Maybe it can be a future feature for humax updates?

    @Richard Crichton 50
    Am loving the ITV HD. Everything is looking sharper. Ok maybe not fully HD and full HD is limited to a few films etc. But better than ITV SD.


  53. Sid the cat Says:


    Thank you!!!


  54. padster Says:

    Is this the same update for the bush iplayer to work?


  55. Ste Rush Says:

    George @52

    Glad to help. Now the only downside is that sometimes when you watch something recorded it jumps out of your favourites and back to TV.

    A quick press of the list button and the green to bring up your favourite again and a press of OK should have you back on track.

    Phil @37

    What box do you own?


  56. Sid the cat Says:

    I like it, not that we watch much ITV but for the footie it should be good.

    However, can only receive it using progdvb Media Centre won’t find it at all ;(


  57. Brian Damage Says:

    I have to agree – upscaled ITV HD looks so much better than SD. This has got to be the way forward for other channels. When the satellite capacity issues are resolved, I hope BBC follows suit. What’s the point in having an HD channel which is only allowed to broadcast for nine hours a day?


  58. footy Says:

    ITV (119) is certainly sharper than 103. My Humax HD box did “the works” abouit 7pm last night. Tried to do it manually before , but nothing until it did it automatically-great little box.


  59. EDDie Heron Says:

    Hi I live in the dreaded STV area and no update for ITV HD on 119, i was considering the TD1 1AA route to the borders, helpfully suggested. However i note looking at the epg on good old faithful 977 that ITV london is showing HD content throughout the day has this become a copy of 119? or have i got it wrong somewhere?


  60. DigiAndi Says:

    My TechniSat HDFS does not find any channels by using the Channel search. There’s always the message “0 TV channels found. 0 Radio channels found” after scanning (0 -> 100%). What am I doing wrong???


  61. Derek B Says:

    The red button was not available or working last night when I wanted to watch the Bill on 977 ITV1 London.


  62. Ste Rush Says:

    Derek B

    I am aware that the bill has been shown in HD but if I am not mistaken for some reason this episode was not shown in HD. Can somebody confirm?


  63. Phil Says:

    Ste @55 a bush hd, but I have had to do the first time install and am now adding non freesat channels back on


  64. gordon Says:

    will sub titles becoming to itv hd


  65. Mark Says:

    Credit where credit is due….Well done ITV on ITV1HD. Upscaled material at times, yes…but still looks a lot better. The BBC is out of step here. I prefer proper HD versions of existing channels. The BBC now have 2 HD licences under ‘Freeview’ as FIVE won’t be joining…so let’s have BBC1HD and BBC2HD…on all platforms…with upscaling where needed. PROPER CHANNELS IN HD.

    Today is a very positive step. Thanks ITV.


  66. kayb Says:

    I just found this forum and have a question which may have been posted before, so sorry if it has. I have a Lemon freesat+ box, not HD as I don’t have an HD ready TV. I am in Portugal. The box works fine except the EPG. I can only see programs for the next hour or so and understood that I should be able to see the list for the next 2 weeks? The manufacturers helpdesk are not being helpful and are getting too technical for me. Anyone have an idea?


  67. Richard Crichton Says:

    King Kong was the only native HD on ITV1 HD yesterday and it looked superb.
    I agree with your post. Lets have two proper BBC channels in HD instead of the made up from 4 channels channel.


  68. Tony Hales Says:

    Dolby 5.1 and subtitles please.


  69. Neil Says:

    Hats off to ITV for sorting this, not seen any native HD on the new channel myself yet but presume in bitrate and quality it’s similar to what the red button service provided?

    @26peterhb: Yes, C4HD has launched on Freeview and maybe Freeview has had a ‘head start’ in the HD race but I am 100% confident Freesat will soon catch up. Four HD channels is all Freeview will get, Freesat can potentially have many more once remaining 2D tps space is made available.


  70. MXS Says:

    I am in total agreement with Mark 65. & Richard 66. split 2 Beeb channels and upscale non HD content.


  71. David Mason Says:

    Well here we are again ITV 1 HD not available in Scotland due to STV’S on going disagreement with ITV over HD. I will no longer recommend Freesat to any one in Scotland. Definitely go for Sky.


  72. admin Says:


    You don’t have a Freesat receiver, just a generic one, so you’ll not receive 7/8 day listings.


  73. admin Says:

    @David Mason

    Why? Same situation on Sky if your card is a Scottish region! You just need to use a borders postcode to get the best of both.


  74. Jeff Says:


    How can i get ITV HD on 119 and STV as 103, is it pssobile with a borders postcode? This is really annoying!!



  75. Tony Hales Says:

    No its not possible to do that with a borders postcode you get ITV1 border on 103 and ITV1 HD on 119 but you get BBC 1&2 Scotland. To get STV use non epg mode, ,freeview or analog.


  76. Richard Crichton Says:

    To get STV in non epg mode go add channels>transponder search>10906V 22000.
    That gives you STV east west and north and UTV.

    To get Luxe HD 12643H 27500

    To get Radio Caroline 11224V 27500


  77. Michael Says:

    No 119 on the EPG for me. I’m in Wales (and my postcode is set to wales of course). Any ideas why it’s not there? The box seemed to do an auto update 2 days ago – but no 119 HD channel appeared. I don’t want to do a first time install again and lose my non-freesat manually added channels.


  78. Michael Says:

    No channel 119 on the EPG for me. I’m in Wales (and my postcode is set to Wales of course). Any ideas why it’s not there? The box seemed to do an auto update 2 days ago – but no 119 HD channel appeared. I don’t want to do a first time install again and lose my non-freesat manually added channels.


  79. Jerr R Says:

    Not sure if anyone else has picked it up but we are having the same problem in Jersey as the Scots are. The re-tune has taken place but no ITV HD. If I put in a mainland post code it miraculously appears. We also don’t yet have any Freeview and when we do I doubt there will be HD. Not very good.


  80. admin Says:

    CI has no agreement for ITV HD, same as STV and UTV.


  81. W.Duncan Says:

    If you are prepared to sacrifice your local ITV channel, retune your box to a London postcode and you will receive ITV HD


  82. Rob Says:

    Great to see ITV HD as a stand alone channel, however I have a question regarding HD programming on the EPG. On the guide, all shows state non-HD on this channel, however, on ‘info’ button all state HD – This is on a Bush HD box. Apart from looking on Freesat’s web site, is there any way to see which programs are broadcast in HD and which are upscaled?


  83. Alex Says:

    I’ve been watching itv1 HD on my sky HD box, and very pleased with the picture. Works in the same way as Channel 4 HD by the looks.
    Havnt had a program or film in 5.1 yet.
    But the picture is good.
    All we are waiting for now is channel 5 to launch their HD channel later this year (in june or july i believe) After that most channels will be in HD.


  84. Jon Says:

    Most channels for Sky viewers will be in HD, we only have two with none on the horizon. Yet it costs me nothing and I’m not tempted in the slightest to go back to Sky.


  85. Al Catraz Says:

    Phil (63): we had a bush HD box – it kept loosing channels and in the end i took it back and got a refund. New channels should be automatically added – you shouldn’t have to do anything – certainly not a first time install every time. I’d take it back if it’s still in warranty.


  86. Oyodi Says:

    The ITV upscaling is excellent; in fact it is so good that I wish Formula 1 was still on ITV!


  87. Neil Says:

    @Jon “none on the horizon”

    C4HD WILL be on Freesat one day, it’s just a case of when!! I was reading through Ofcom’s Pay TV Review today, only parts as it’s nearly 700 pages long!

    I think Sky’s going to have to make some concessions to the likes of FTA broadcasters (i.e. the remaining six 2D transponders blocking FTA HD) if they want to gain any leniency from an appeals process. Ofcom clearly discuss HD and the fact competition is stifled by Sky’s HD monopoly and dominance with the format. It really wouldn’t surprise me if they do make room for someone else on Astra 2D just to show some ‘give and take’ in helping their appeal against what Ofcom have told them to do.

    Back to ITV1HD and the PQ does look excellent on upscaled stuff, looking forward to seeing some true native HD next week.


  88. Andrew Morris Says:

    So #79 – why don’t you – like the rest of us who are in a region that doesn’t condone ITV HD simply move away.
    It’s actually quite painless but VERY effective.


  89. Dan Says:

    So far impressed with the upscaling on ITV1, however Harry Potter which was broadcast in HD still only had a 2.0 DD soundtrack. Come on ITV, if your going to broadcast films in native HD then please broadcast them with a 5.1 soundtrack!!


  90. Oyodi Says:

    I agree 101% with Dan@89; I cannot understand at all why ITV HD is not transmitting their films in 5.1 DD. There can’t be any technical reason surly, so why? The 5.1 transmission with the BBC HD really brings the cinema experience into the living room.


  91. Graham Says:

    What a Shock
    Ch5HD goes to Sky first

    FreesatHD has not got enbough of HD Chamnels
    just 2, this must change


  92. Graham Says:

    What a Shock
    Ch5HD goes to Sky first

    FreesatHD has not got enough of HD Chamnels
    just 2, this must change


  93. Richard Crichton Says:

    Is it FTV like 4HD or subscription? Since 5HD is not on Freeview it could be sub.


  94. john morgan Says:

    I have only just got freesat in and had true movies 1 & 2 on but have lost them all I am getting is no or bad signal yet I am getting all the other channels. any ideas please


  95. Richard Crichton Says:

    What happens when you do a channel search. Are you getting 116 tv .


  96. Neil Says:

    @94 John – True Movies is broadcast on Eurobird which has a lower field strength than the Astra 2A and B tps (certainly much weaker than 2D which blows the windows out in the North West of England!). This sounds like a dish alignment issue as these services will freeze-frame and glitch before other services carried on the Astra birds drop out. Another issue I had is with those wall mounted plates which have a rear PCB for connecting an F-Ftype connector on to. They look nice on the wall but mine had the strange issue of putting ‘notch attenuation’ within the transposed L-Band frequencies which corresponded to some services.

    I’d put my money on dish alignment but if you have any wall plates where the sat feeder is presented on the wall, try bypassing this too.


  97. john morgan Says:

    I have done a factory reset but had problems with postcode so put a London postcode in and it came on, but living in Liverpool I was getting the London news So I put a Manchester postcode in so I could get Northwest news and now I am having trouble trying to detect a satellite signal, the satellite dish is on the roof and I have been trying for 2 hours to get a signal so it looks like I will have to call the person who put the dish up back out


  98. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    Thanks Neil for the explanation to the reception on True Movies. On most days reception is fine but occasionally it freezes. As a matter of interest I have noticed that Channel 4 signal appears to be affected as well but not to the same degree. Is this a related problem?


  99. Richard Crichton Says:

    @96 Neil
    John said he was getting all the other channels so it can’t be that.
    There are many Freesat channels on Eurobird eg Filth, Teachers tv, CBS Action, JML,The Vault, Bloomberg, Price Drop Tv, to name a few.


  100. Tony Hales Says:

    There is absoulely no problem getting Eurobird and the Astras up here in Scotland as long as the dish is properly aligned. Mind you we do have larger (EX SKY) dishes up here than the tiddlers you guys have down south. Astra 2d is at 28.2 and
    Eurobird is 28.5 so if the dish was set at 27.something Eurobird would be a problem but Astra would be OK.


  101. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    Having just checked I can see that Channel 4 is on Astra 2d so the issue I have with Channel 4 could be due to the source ie broadcaster. Every so often the screen freezes momentarily. I have not noticed a similar problem with ITV or BBC.


  102. Neil Says:

    Richard, yes there are a fair few channels on Eurobird but there are three different beams of which services are spread across. It’s these services which decrease carrier to noise (C/N) to a level whereby if, for example, there’s a heavy rainfade they will disappear first.

    I’ve looked at all the different transponder carrier levels on my Horizon HDSM Analyser, I use a Triax TD64 (64cm solid oval) dish which provides a very good rainfade margin however a small handful of Eurobird 1 channels still don’t cut the mustard in terms of C/N level which is obviously down to the uplinks and broadcasters. In satellite broadcasting you pay for transponder power and bandwidth and some broadcasters reduce both of these to save a few quid in carriage costs.

    John, it looks like you need the dish re-panning. Someone with a meter should be able to check this at the receiver end of the cabling, not a massively difficult job when you’ve got the correct kit!


  103. jmk Says:

    I had problems with Eurobird 1 on higher frequencies. (Located near Glasgow, with a 60cm dish, I think…).

    When the guy came round to fix it he found that there was a little crack in the LNB that water could get into, which caused the problem. The diagnosis of the faulty LNB came when he plugged his meter into the dish, he could see the power level (or signal or something) fluctuating.

    He found the dish alignment was OK, although I do agree that it would be the most likely problem.

    My Eurobird 1 troubles are over, although the new TeleMadrid signal is far too weak for me to get a coherent picture with my setup.


  104. Neil Says:

    Yep, water ingress in to LNB’s can be quite common. I dealt with a fault once where someone would loose total reception during wet weather, initially thought to be a dish alignment issue it turned out the cap had cracked and come off the feedhorn thus the LNB filled with water. Surprisingly it still worked when dried out although it was swapped.

    TeleMadrid’s signal is marginally lower than other Eurobird services but here in Manchester is coming through at a level higher than services like Clubland, suspect it’s on the Eurobird southern steerable beam and thus in Glasgow the footprint/field strength is weaker than further south. PQ is pretty good, they show some interesting music programmes too as I was watching it last night!


  105. john morgan Says:

    @102 thanks Neil, I was trying to get the signal all day yesterday and when I finally got it, it would not accept any postal codes so I have nothing on the box,
    The satellite dish has only been up about 3 weeks so I will call him out to have a look at it


  106. Phil Says:

    Alcatraz @85
    Bought the box off Ebay, so a bit tricky. Am unable to send it back. Strange this is though it doesmt lose channels, it only looses channels when channels are removed from the Freesat service e.g Men and Motors, and the channel moves take p-lace as normal, e.g when rural and revelation changed their channel numbers. It did do an automatic upgrade but still no ITV HD. Only used in the conservatory so not watched much, buit when it is watched be nice to have the updated channels on there.


  107. Dipper Says:

    ITV HD only seems to be a 119 channel in selected regions. I retuned my Humax PVR with a London postcode and there it was, tuned again with my Channel Islands postcode and there it wasn’t.

    I can’t even find it in non-freesat mode, even if I type in the frequency, etc. manually. Hopefully it will still work in red-button mode.


  108. Graham Says:

    The Red Button is still working on ITV1 on FreesatHD
    because not everyone has got the new stand alone ITV1HD channel
    And that is good news and common sense.


  109. Dipper Says:

    Thanks Graham. They’re looking after us!


  110. Panasonic blu-ray recorder fan Says:

    ITV-HD: Yes!!!
    However: copy protect flags on the Panasonic 850 are set to 0, so no blu-ray back-up. It’s hard disk space or nothing. Come on, ITV!


  111. Jon Says:

    John Morgan @94

    I can get True Movies on my Panny Tv in lounge but not upstairs on Bush HD STB.
    I believe that there is a clash in frequencies of this transponder and that of cordless phones.
    If I switch off power to cordless problem disappears on Bush STB.
    Panny TV was never affected maybe due to position or better RFI protection.


  112. Neil Says:

    Satellite LNB’s transpose frequencies down to L band (1-2GHz), DECT phones utilise 1.8-1.9GHz so any transposed ku band frequencies falling within this range could cause reception issues on Satellite Rx’s. Try moving the DECT phone to a different part of the room away from the STB. You’d have thought the Bush STB would be sufficiently screened to prevent this sort of issue but obviously not!


  113. munc Says:

    ITV.HD looks almost as good in its ‘upscaled’ mode as BBC.HD does all the time.
    King Kong looked stunning and brought back the wow factor to HD which was so evident in the TV store demo’s when HD was an innovation.
    I remember BBCs pre-bitrate reduction offerings having the same super-crisp clarity and colour intensity. It’s still there on my recordings of the ‘South Pacific’ series.
    A simple comparison is now possible between BBC & ITV’s HD broadcast quality. It’s very noticable how much the former has fallen off.


  114. john morgan Says:

    jon @111

    Jon when I first got the freesat it had both 1 & 2 true movies but one night I switched it on and it just said no or bad signal, I got in touch with Humax and they said do a factory reset which I did and then had problems getting a signal, when I did get a signal I couldn`t get the post code, in the end I ended up putting a London post code in and got it but still no true movies.
    The only good thing is I got ITV HD which I didn`t have before


  115. David Says:

    take pity on a NI Freesat advocat who is even further out in the cold re getting Itv HD! Have you the postcode for the Scottish Border area which I can use to bring it in!


  116. admin Says:


    See comment 20 above; alternatively use any English or Welsh postcode.


  117. MXS Says:

    @ 113 Good News!


  118. Jeff Says:

    Come on Freesat, I purchased this box and no one told me I wouldnt get ITV HD in Scotland, NI or Channel Islands! Do we pay a different TV License to the rest of the UK? I dont think so!! Sort it out!!


  119. C14R4N Says:

    @118 Jeff.
    Well ITV isnt covered by the TV license so it would only matter if you didnt get BBC HD


  120. admin Says:


    As said countless times, this isn’t anything to do with Freesat; it is an issue between STV/UTV and ITV!


  121. Jeff Says:

    But if i change my postcode, i get ITV HD, so whats the difference in adding it to the EPG with another postcode. Doesnt make sense. Also, its illegal to watch ITV without a TV License!


  122. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    Just for clarification the following is on the TV Licencing site

    ‘The law states that you need to be covered by a TV Licence if you watch or record television programmes, on any device, as they re being shown on TV. This includes TVs, computers, mobile phones, games consoles, digital boxes and DVD/VHS recorders.’

    By a quirk you do not need a TV license for the BBC iPlayer service but you do if the watch streamed TV if it is going out live (ie same time as broadcast on TV). So it does not matter if you watch or record ITV, BBC, Sky or any other channel you need a license. So in theory if you get a friend to record a programme in their home and they lend you the recording you do not need a license, however you might be breaking copyright rules.


  123. Tony Hales Says:

    @118 Jeff
    Take it or send it back to the shop that sold the box to you. Simples.
    It is down to the retailer to give you a refund if he did not tell you about not getting ITV1-HD in certain areas.Also complain to the ITV company that is not taking ITV1-HD. It’s just not good enough and should be made clear to people at point of sale.I’m sure trading standards and ‘Watchdog’ would be keen to know about this.


  124. Richard Crichton Says:

    It is a disgrace that large parts of the (so called) UK can be discriminated against in this way and Ofcon does absolutely nothing about it. The five terrestrial channels should provide a universal SD and HD service or loose their franchises,


  125. Jon Says:

    admin – Any idea when your interview with Emma Scott will be posted?



  126. admin Says:


    Waiting on the answers, so probably next week. Had to shorten down the number of questions unfortunately; they didn’t think that Emma would be willing to answer 50+ questions in detail, so have sent 20 (they wanted 10!)


  127. Jon Says:

    Good stuff, hopefully we’ll get some decent replies. Have you ever though about putting a forum on this site? It could help keeping the talkbacks on topic for each of your posts.



  128. admin Says:


    It has been considered but the time constraints and cost of additional hosting/bandwidth make it a difficult proposal at this time. There are already very good Freesat forums over at digitalspy and avforums if you are not already a member of them :)


  129. Liamo Says:

    Hi. Im totally new to freesat! Just wanted to say what a wonderful site this is. Very helpful and informative! I too look forward to seeing Emma’s reply to the questions. I didn’t get a chance to add one myself, but i think you folks covered the basics!


  130. wezo Says:

    Admin! post 127 makes a great point about a forum on this site. You mention digital spy as a forum option but i am sick of the freesat section getting highjacked by someone who goes by the name of Rapture TV (who i think you will be well aware of 😉 At least if joinfreeasat was to have a forum it could/should be soley for the purpose of freesat debate and not stray away from what matters to us freesat users. Just a thought!!


  131. Sparky Says:

    Sorry if someones already mentioned this….
    Going to the EPG on my foxsat for ITV HD channel, I see that EVERY programme has the HD flag next to it, which of course is not correct. They are now upscaling before transmission loads of SD content. How am I to know which are true HD programmes ??? !!!


  132. Chrislayeruk Says:

    You dont !!!


  133. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    I have just noticed that the Freesat site now list all of the ITV 1 Schedule as being HD. I feel this is being dishonest, especially as they only show about one HD programme per day.


  134. Andy B Says:

    The situation with Freesat ITV1HD regional denial by postcode in the EPG could have been a ridiculous April fool – except for fact that it is a seriously detrimental step compared to the previous red button service for those that happen to live in areas with the wrong postcodes. Why oh why cannot both the SD regional channel and the nearest HD variant be included in everyones EPG so that consumers get some choice.

    NO C4 HD, NO C5 HD, NO ITV1 HD – what happened to planning at Freesat/ UK Gov to make such a balls up of the narrow footprint Astra channel allocations. If there was a will there would be a way for a regulated clear up but I wonder if anything will really ever happen to break the Sky HD monopoly.


  135. Soul4real Says:

    I noticed from last night on the Foxsat epg they now use the word remastered for non HD programmes


  136. jace Says:

    just brought the bush bfsat02d new version £29.99 from argos when i scanned the channels i get 110 on the site it says 140 channels .. anyone got this box my soft version is 1.1.5


  137. Richard Crichton Says:

    Same on the Technisat. Not really correct as it’s remastered SD but we know what they mean.
    @133 Kevin
    It depends how you define HD at the end of the day. Some of the remastered SD looks as good as the BBC HD Lite stuff so where do you draw the line?
    @134 Andy
    As far as I know the red button service is still available for your viewing pleasure.
    Astra 2D is nearing the end of it’s service life in 2012 and new birds are coming to replace it.Astra 2D was a white elephant that no one wanted , it just happened to have a narrow beam that Freesat could make use off so no use blaming the UK government or anyone else for that matter. They have done the best they could in the circumstances.


  138. Paul D Says:

    I second that motion about this site having a forum.

    Digital spy is ruined by the RD (edit – admin) brigade. Avforums is just full of sky bores derailing every thread.

    I wouldn’t mind if the admin here monetized the site and put ads on the forum. That would surely make a few quid for running costs.

    Does Rapture TV expect anyone to buy RD (edit – admin) after the way he has hijacked digital spy? I wouldnt even consider it now. The mods there are letting him run riot in the freesat section and his product isn’t even free.


  139. Phil Says:

    On the itv page it says the following:

    Which of ITV1’s key shows will be filmed in HD?
    Upcoming highlights on ITV1 HD will include the final stages of the UEFA Champions League and The FA Cup as well as the FIFA World Cup 2010. Upcoming HD dramas include Father & Son, Law and Order: UK, Identity, The Prisoner, Foyles War and Lewis. In factual programming there’s the chance to see Joanna Lumley’s Nile, Greatest Cities of the World with Griff Rhys Jones, and the brand new Survival with Ray Mears all in pure HD. And, for HD entertainment there’s The Whole 19 Yards, 71 Degrees North, Soccer Aid and the UK’s biggest TV show, Britain’s Got Talent. ITV1’s Prime Ministerial debate will also be shown in HD.

    I know its not really freesat related but BGT starts next week and on my sky planner it isnt highlighted in orange or say HD but other problems are. Are ITV lying?


  140. Wezo Says:

    @138 like I have mentioned in post 130. I agree with you I’m fed up of freesat posts on ds getting railroaded by rapture tv!!


  141. Richard Crichton Says:

    What about AVForums Freesat forum then?


  142. Richard Crichton Says:

    A guide to make MKV files play on a Technisat HDFS box.


  143. Paul D Says:

    @ Richard Crichton

    As I said in post 138, the avforum freesat section is overrun with sky bores trying to derail every thread and make them about how good sky is and how crap freesat is, and the mods are clearly on the sky payroll and allow it to go on.

    I want a real freesat forum.

    I am thinking of starting a forum myself on a free server. If it became popular then rest assured it would be properly moderated.


  144. Oyodi Says:

    Now that Ch4 HD is available on FreeView, it seems to me that the only people that will buy FreeSat in the furture will be the people that cannot get Freeview via the arial. A friend of mine asked me what is the best option here in Devon, I’m sorry to say that I now believe that FreeView is the the way to go, not just because of Ch4HD but because of the other channels available, such as Dave, Virgin 1, Fiver and Five USA, as well as Yesterday and Sky3, he is one of the people now awaiting the arrival of the FreeView HD+ boxes instead of buying into FreeSat!


  145. Paul D Says:

    Oyodi, have you told your friend that freeview HD will only have 1 interactive sports stream while freesat HD has 6? Of course you haven’t. If your friend is into the world cup and the olympics then let’s see if he thanks you,

    Apart from a few channels that mey come to freesat anyway, freesat HD is a far superior service to freeview. Freeview is very limited by capacity and this will show in the long term.


  146. Richard Crichton Says:


    What’s wrong with having both Freesat and Freeview? That seems the sensible thing to do. All new TV’s will have Freeview HD by default anyway and the new.Panasonics have both. It has already been noted that the HD on Freesat is better than the HD on Freeview. Also I don’t think that Freeview has iPlayer and ITV player which Freesat has/is getting soon.What about the Zone and CBS channels, don’t see them on Freeview. there are lots of channels on Freesat not on Freeview and a few on Freeview not on Freesat yet. Freeview has no room to ever add new channels Freesat will have all the room in the world.

    Dave, Virgin 1, Fiver and Five USA, as well as Yesterday are all repeats channels full of old stuff that has already been on the proper channels lots of times.
    Sky 3 is just a barker channels for Sky and is pretty content bare.


  147. Tony Hales Says:

    Tell your friend that Freeview HD quality lags behind Freesat. He will thank you for that.


  148. Jeff Says:

    Is ITV1 HD still available via the Red Button on 977? I tried it with the football yesterday and it didnt work! Just a screen saying “Loading ITV1 HD”. I have a Scottish postcode!! Please help!!!


  149. Tony Hales Says:

    Yes it is. It worked on Foyles War last night anyway.


  150. Richard Crichton Says:

    My next door neighbour has just got Freesat because of the HD football. Way to go.


  151. Oyodi Says:

    @ Richard 146
    I agree with you that it seems the way forward is to have both, as you point out all new TV’s will have FreeView HD built in, and some like Panasonic do indeed now have both, It seems the option, (to which I meant to refer to earlier) is which platform to buy for the recording aspect, FreeSat+ or FreeView+. Hopefully a combined FreeSat, FreeView PVR will follow in the footsteps of the Panasonic TV’s and have both!


  152. wezo Says:

    Admin are you any further with the Q&A’s with Emma as it is nearly two weeks ago since you started that particular post.


  153. admin Says:


    Still waiting for the responses


  154. wezo Says:

    Ok thanks for the quick response!!


  155. Durch Says:

    Can i get Freesat + HD channels in Germany. Please don’t forget half of the British Army are still over here. It is nice reading all the above information. But where are the Freq number for the BBC HD & ITV1 HD so i can do a manual serch.


  156. Liamo Says:

    Hi No 155 DURCH

    You can check on for the frequencies of all FTA and freesat channels. Then you can manually add them . You will need a larger dish for germany. According to astras site you will need a 120CM dish. Should be relatively easy to get in germany. Aim the dish at 28.2SE and away you go! Let me know how you get on!

    PS: which area of germany are you in. The further east you go the weaker the signal. You might need an even bigger dish, if your on the polish border area. I have a friend in the army, on the dutch border as far as i remember. If thats the area your in id say your sorted. A larger dish is the way forward none the less!


  157. Neil Says:


    I’m natuarally disappointed C4HD isn’t on Freesat and more so that it’s arrived on Freeview HD before Freesat, however it’s not the be-all and end-all. Fiver and Five USA WILL arrive on Freesat in time, we all know why these channels aren’t on there at the moment and it’s nothing to do with them not wanting to be believe me.

    Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) has limited bandwidth and whilst in the short term will pip Freesat to the post of FTA offerings, the sacrifices made to other SD services to clear a whole multiplex for HD offerings has annoyed a lot of existing Freeview viewers who have the ‘Freeview lite’ service on many of the relay sites and lost ITV3 and 4, plus other services as a concequence.

    If the BBC go ahead and launch an upscaled BBC1HD or another HD channel (with what is now their allotted spectrum on DTT) then this service will appear on Freesat. Like Paul and Richard have said, there’s plenty of alternatives to existing channels on Freeview including ones that aren’t available. I’m not interested in Sky News when the BBC does a fantastic job, likewise Sky3 is just a mouthpiece for Sky’s Pay-TV services, Viva and 4Music aren’t too bad but the same chart music videos can be seen on Chartshow TV or Clubland, Freesat also has more music channels, more general film channels and news channels (that aren’t all bandwidth shared like Freeview’s).

    I dread to think that if Sky do decide to stomach the Pay TV review (with great pain to them!!), then they’ll go forth with the Picnic service on DTT and thus you’ll loose Sky3, Sky News and Sky Sports News to Pay channels overnight.


  158. Richard Crichton Says:


  159. Andy Says:

    Hi ; I have a Sagem DSI86 HD freesat box. As yet there doesn’t seem to be a software update available for this box to enable use of the BBC iplayer. Does anyone know when this will be available? many thanks


  160. Richard Crichton Says:

    It was supposed to have happened on the 15th of March.


  161. Richard Crichton Says:

    Update @Andy
    The service went live on March 30th for all Sagem boxes so the software upgrade must be available.


  162. Clive Harlow Says:

    Can anyone tell me why I can’t get ITV HD using a Metronic Sat HD 100 box.
    The box has been updated with the lates Metronic software.
    I can get ITV HD when I input a WD18 8PH postcode (Metronic UK) but of course I don’t then get my regional programmes as 101, 102, 103 etc.
    I live in Taunton and use a TA3 postcode. I’ve tried a central Bristol poscode but this doesn’t work either. Metronic are telling me it is a regional issue and to cotact Freesat who say its not their problem and to contact ITV viewer services.
    ITV viewer services say that there are no technical issues as to why I can’t receive ITV HD in Somerset.
    Could my problem be dish alignment?


  163. DURCH967 Says:

    “156” Liamo,
    Thanks for all that you are “One switched on cookie”
    If i buy a freesat box from the UK .
    1. Will be able to watch all the stuff in Germany including BBC1 HD.
    2. Will i be able to use the red button to watch whatever is on that option at the time.

    At the moment i have a local FTA BOX with my 80cm dish and all is great, but i want the sport in HD etc.

    Can anyone help.


  164. liamo Says:

    HI DURCH967 – 163 –

    Glad i could help.

    If you get a UK Freesat HD Box you will be able to get everything you listed incl BBC HD, ITV HD, and red button access. Basically you will get everything on freesat plus the list of FTA Stations i mentioned above on Lyngsat.

    Again im not sure if you 80CM dish is sufficient. You need a bigger one to get a proper reception – although the 80 will definitely get many stations, some of them may come and go or the signal may fluctuate .

    I would say 110cm is probably best, and should be cheaply obtained in Germany. Again this depends on the general area of Germany you are in. If you look at the astra site i mentioned above – look at the astra 2D footprint. It is focused on UK+IRE, but i reaches out to Germany.That indicates you may need a bigger dish!

    Its also possible to get a FTA HD Box in Germany, like those available from Comag. You’ll get all of the above. You wont get Red button access though, that’s only for freesat!

    Let me know how you get on, and if you have any other questions dont hesitate to ask!


  165. liamo Says:


    Sorry i ment to say 120CM dish which is what they recommend on Astra… The signal is not as focused over europe… But even if your on the polish boarder you should still get it. As your already getting some stations id say get the HD Box first and see what sort of signal you get! Then make the decision on the dish.


  166. Paul Eaton Says:

    Admin, further to your answer at #153, what’s the latest from Emma? On the 7th you said you thought you’d get them “next week”. Today’s the 17th, so have Emma’s people given you an updated estimate. If we’re going to have to wait a while, is there any chance you could post a list of the questions you finally sent her – I’d love to know if mine made the final cut?


  167. admin Says:

    @Paul Eaton

    Due this coming Friday, if not before.


  168. Jeff Says:


    Just curious, is ITV1 HD via red button on 977 with Scottish postcode now blocked? Help?


  169. Jon Says:


    Last night I was able to get ITV1 HD when the football was being transmitted via the red button on 977 on my Scottish postcoded TV.
    Today 15:00 the red button is not offered or effective to get to ITV1 HD. and 119 is not available on my postcode.
    Seems like it is only offered on certain HD programmes as before probably to work around the dispute between STV and ITV.


  170. DURCH Says:

    Reference (165)

    Thanks alot mate, that was top info. all sorted .
    I opted for a Panasonic DMR-BS850-EBK. (One machine does all)
    But i still can’t get ITV 1 HD. I can get BBC 1 HD.
    If you / anyone can throw me a lifeline and give me any more info: i would be jumping for joy.


  171. DURCH Says:


    I am all up and running now, One happy teddy. Just waiting for the software update for ITV + 1.
    I would like to say thanks for all the help,. A special thanks to Liamo You are a true star.


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