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  1. @ Richard 146
    I agree with you that it seems the way forward is to have both, as you point out all new TV’s will have FreeView HD built in, and some like Panasonic do indeed now have both, It seems the option, (to which I meant to refer to earlier) is which platform to buy for the recording aspect, FreeSat+ or FreeView+. Hopefully a combined FreeSat, FreeView PVR will follow in the footsteps of the Panasonic TV’s and have both!

  2. Admin are you any further with the Q&A’s with Emma as it is nearly two weeks ago since you started that particular post.

  3. Can i get Freesat + HD channels in Germany. Please don’t forget half of the British Army are still over here. It is nice reading all the above information. But where are the Freq number for the BBC HD & ITV1 HD so i can do a manual serch.

  4. Hi No 155 DURCH

    You can check on http://www.lyngsat.com/28east.html for the frequencies of all FTA and freesat channels. Then you can manually add them . You will need a larger dish for germany. According to astras site http://www.ses-astra.com/business/en/satellite-fleet/interactive-footprint-map/index.php you will need a 120CM dish. Should be relatively easy to get in germany. Aim the dish at 28.2SE and away you go! Let me know how you get on!

    PS: which area of germany are you in. The further east you go the weaker the signal. You might need an even bigger dish, if your on the polish border area. I have a friend in the army, on the dutch border as far as i remember. If thats the area your in id say your sorted. A larger dish is the way forward none the less!

  5. @oyodi:

    I’m natuarally disappointed C4HD isn’t on Freesat and more so that it’s arrived on Freeview HD before Freesat, however it’s not the be-all and end-all. Fiver and Five USA WILL arrive on Freesat in time, we all know why these channels aren’t on there at the moment and it’s nothing to do with them not wanting to be believe me.

    Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) has limited bandwidth and whilst in the short term will pip Freesat to the post of FTA offerings, the sacrifices made to other SD services to clear a whole multiplex for HD offerings has annoyed a lot of existing Freeview viewers who have the ‘Freeview lite’ service on many of the relay sites and lost ITV3 and 4, plus other services as a concequence.

    If the BBC go ahead and launch an upscaled BBC1HD or another HD channel (with what is now their allotted spectrum on DTT) then this service will appear on Freesat. Like Paul and Richard have said, there’s plenty of alternatives to existing channels on Freeview including ones that aren’t available. I’m not interested in Sky News when the BBC does a fantastic job, likewise Sky3 is just a mouthpiece for Sky’s Pay-TV services, Viva and 4Music aren’t too bad but the same chart music videos can be seen on Chartshow TV or Clubland, Freesat also has more music channels, more general film channels and news channels (that aren’t all bandwidth shared like Freeview’s).

    I dread to think that if Sky do decide to stomach the Pay TV review (with great pain to them!!), then they’ll go forth with the Picnic service on DTT and thus you’ll loose Sky3, Sky News and Sky Sports News to Pay channels overnight.

  6. Hi ; I have a Sagem DSI86 HD freesat box. As yet there doesn’t seem to be a software update available for this box to enable use of the BBC iplayer. Does anyone know when this will be available? many thanks

  7. Can anyone tell me why I can’t get ITV HD using a Metronic Sat HD 100 box.
    The box has been updated with the lates Metronic software.
    I can get ITV HD when I input a WD18 8PH postcode (Metronic UK) but of course I don’t then get my regional programmes as 101, 102, 103 etc.
    I live in Taunton and use a TA3 postcode. I’ve tried a central Bristol poscode but this doesn’t work either. Metronic are telling me it is a regional issue and to cotact Freesat who say its not their problem and to contact ITV viewer services.
    ITV viewer services say that there are no technical issues as to why I can’t receive ITV HD in Somerset.
    Could my problem be dish alignment?

  8. “156” Liamo,
    Thanks for all that you are “One switched on cookie”
    If i buy a freesat box from the UK .
    1. Will be able to watch all the stuff in Germany including BBC1 HD.
    2. Will i be able to use the red button to watch whatever is on that option at the time.

    At the moment i have a local FTA BOX with my 80cm dish and all is great, but i want the sport in HD etc.

    Can anyone help.

  9. HI DURCH967 – 163 –

    Glad i could help.

    If you get a UK Freesat HD Box you will be able to get everything you listed incl BBC HD, ITV HD, and red button access. Basically you will get everything on freesat plus the list of FTA Stations i mentioned above on Lyngsat.

    Again im not sure if you 80CM dish is sufficient. You need a bigger one to get a proper reception – although the 80 will definitely get many stations, some of them may come and go or the signal may fluctuate .

    I would say 110cm is probably best, and should be cheaply obtained in Germany. Again this depends on the general area of Germany you are in. If you look at the astra site i mentioned above – look at the astra 2D footprint. It is focused on UK+IRE, but i reaches out to Germany.That indicates you may need a bigger dish!

    Its also possible to get a FTA HD Box in Germany, like those available from Comag. You’ll get all of the above. You wont get Red button access though, that’s only for freesat!

    Let me know how you get on, and if you have any other questions dont hesitate to ask!

  10. DURCH967

    Sorry i ment to say 120CM dish which is what they recommend on Astra… The signal is not as focused over europe… But even if your on the polish boarder you should still get it. As your already getting some stations id say get the HD Box first and see what sort of signal you get! Then make the decision on the dish.

  11. Admin, further to your answer at #153, what’s the latest from Emma? On the 7th you said you thought you’d get them “next week”. Today’s the 17th, so have Emma’s people given you an updated estimate. If we’re going to have to wait a while, is there any chance you could post a list of the questions you finally sent her – I’d love to know if mine made the final cut?

  12. @Jeff

    Last night I was able to get ITV1 HD when the football was being transmitted via the red button on 977 on my Scottish postcoded TV.
    Today 15:00 the red button is not offered or effective to get to ITV1 HD. and 119 is not available on my postcode.
    Seems like it is only offered on certain HD programmes as before probably to work around the dispute between STV and ITV.

  13. Liamo,
    Reference (165)

    Thanks alot mate, that was top info. all sorted .
    I opted for a Panasonic DMR-BS850-EBK. (One machine does all)
    But i still can’t get ITV 1 HD. I can get BBC 1 HD.
    If you / anyone can throw me a lifeline and give me any more info: i would be jumping for joy.

  14. Liamo,

    I am all up and running now, One happy teddy. Just waiting for the software update for ITV + 1.
    I would like to say thanks for all the help,. A special thanks to Liamo You are a true star.

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