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  1. the other day thay was showing the showcast tv for some reason on Rural TV will it be comeing to freesat soon on the epg for full time becouse rural tv will be back on freesat on the 14th of june please can you reply back thankyou freesat team

  2. @C14R4N

    There hasn’t been a conclusive response from Rural TV to suggest why it has been down; some believe they had flooding in their American studio. Not quite sure why Freesat have removed only to presumably add it again on re-launch!


    What ‘reply back thankyou’ are you looking for, you didn’t ask a question!!!!

  3. From Rural TV website:

    Dear Viewer:

    We are pleased to announce that RURAL TV will return to air on Monday, 14 June!

    We’ve teamed up with Horse & Country TV to offer you an enhanced TV line-up, more programmes and less repeats!

    Full text here: http://ruraltv.tv/note-to-viewers.php


  4. Admin, is there any chance of you finding out that if Rural TV are joining with H & C, why can’t H & C go on 403 now rather than leave freesat viewers go without another channel and show the programmes they have now, and change on the 14th when the 2 get together. Just a thought.

  5. Horse and Country have already said earlier this week that they would be taking rural tvs epg slot on freesat in order to reach another 1ml households.

  6. I’m not getting too excited about Rural TV. Didn’t think much of it when it was on!

  7. My neighbour is selling his 5 week old Humax Foxsat HDR due to the lack of Fiver and Five US on Freesat. How many other people are dumping Freesat because of the lack of these and other popular channels eg Dave and Quest that are available on Freeview?

  8. #14 – Richard Crichton

    I should give your neighbour a wide berth if I were you! Those channels have never been on Freesat and all the signs are that they will be a long time coming. As a good neighbour, you should have guided him – you knew about this.

    If he has got a TV capable of displaying HD it will probably have Freeview built in, allowing him to have the best of both worlds.

    How much does he want for his Foxsat HDR?

  9. @14

    Amazing – and ridiculous! Still up to him. The phrase, more money than sense springs to mind. Hey Ho.

    Fancy dumping a great bit of kit, just because of a few channels “missing” from this platform. Come on, Five and Fiver!!! Hardly “must have”. Quest and Dave are all repeats from other channels – AND, how many people do not have access to freview either through their set or a STB as well as Freesat. I bet the neighbour has or he will be stuffed if he dumps the Humax unless he wants to migrate [pay] for $KY

  10. @15 That’s good news.
    @16 He will be selling it on Ebay so as much as he can get.
    @17 Perhaps i should add that he has a friend who works for $ky and he has got him the full HD package for £25 a month for a year.

    Personally I would keep the Humax and then after the year is up sell the Sky HD box.

  11. #18 – Richard Crichton

    A quick look on ebay suggests that most sellers are trying to get “new” or “nearly new” prices for the HDR. If I were to pay that price, I would go to a reputable local dealer. This box is available from Humax Direct, refurbished as new and with a Humax guarantee, for £200. Why pay more?

    Personally I would tell $ky where to stick their HD box and carry on supporting free Freeview abd free Freesat.

  12. There is a supposedly faulty HDR on Ebay for £10 with the box and leads etc
    This is a customer return item from a leading national retailer. It might be worth a punt if you want to take a chance on it. I will stick with my Technisat HDFS with 320gb Buffalo hd as I only have a single Lnb and cable.
    I expect the prices on fleabay will drop after the World Cup.

  13. Both STV HD, ITV1 Granada HD & one more HD channel (still encrypted) are currently testing on astra 2d transponder 56, 10.936 GHZ V, SkyHD on twitter have said that STVHD will be on air by 11th of june…

  14. Just thought it might be novel to get this thread back on topic sort of!

    Update Scan relates to the Freesat EPG. One thing I have noticed is that the EPG is occasionally slow to show the programme details and will display not available. I have have noticed this gets worse over a period of time and I find I have to power down my box.

    I have a few questions to ask. Is this problem related to the type and quantity of memory in the box? My box being a Bush HD I would imagine it is build to the lowest spec possible.

    Do other people experience similar problems and what boxes or TVs do they use. Does signal strength also play a factor (I get around 85% on my set up).

  15. @23 kevin
    Yes I get the problem you describe but I expect that as I keep my box (Technisat) powered off at the mains when it’s not being used. It takes a little time for the EPG details to be filled in for all the channels. My first Box was a Bush and it was OK generally but used to crash sometimes so I sold it.

  16. My Bush HD Freesat Box Just updated its firmware to 2.2.6
    Any one know what this change provides?

  17. @JonP
    How long did this update take? We have turned our tv on and it is still updating – 2hours so far and not much progress…

  18. My freesat did a scan Thursday evening and said 1 removed and 1 added. Anyone know what they are? Was it ITV1hd going regional?
    Yes, for example north east England postcodes now have Granada as their ITV1 HD version.

  19. @30

    My system did the same, I agree that i think that was ITV hd going regional.
    I have the borders postcode input and i now get Granada local news instead of London.

  20. Two days after it’s supposed to be launched and it’s still not showing on my receiver even though NME is and it launched today (Wednesday).

    Anyone know if there are any problems in the launch? I enjoy it for the fishing and country side of programmes.

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