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Nov 03 2010

Latest update scan on all Freesat receivers

3 added – 108 BBC One HD, 503 Scuzz, 811 Thane Direct
1 deleted – 503 NME TV
1 changed – BBC HD from 108 to 109

155 Responses to “Update Scan – 03/11/10”

  1. admin Says:

    As predicted BBC One HD has gone live before midday in preparation for launch at 7pm. Please note that until then you may get a series of test messages saying unavailable, or BBC HD is on channel 109.

    Shame that Scuzz has replaced NME; must not be enough money in the pot for them to buy another slot.


  2. Alan Says:

    Giving Scuzz, taking NME



  3. Hoxtit Says:

    Disappointed that NME TV has disappeared, it was the only one of the music channels that I would watch.

    Is this available as free to air?


  4. Gordon S Valentine Says:

    NME was like the best music channel. It will really be missed.


  5. Avit_now Says:

    How long before we start a bring back NMR campaign? Lol


  6. Mike Bannister Says:

    Had to do a manual scan update on my Humax Fox Sat but all went smoothly.


  7. acw Says:

    shame nme has gone.Was the best music channel on freesat.Is the horror channel on the move also.


  8. Shaun Says:

    NME only joined Freesat in July 2010 !


  9. Chris Says:

    Oh that’s ridiculous! We can only have one of NME or Scuzz, the only music channels that cater for something more alternative! Loved it when NME came to Freesat. Are they from the same broadcaster?


  10. Neil Says:

    Good to see Scuzz but a bit miffed about loosing NME as I quite liked some of the stuff on there. Maybe they are planning to ultimately close NME which was why they decided to change it rather than add Scuzz separately?? I’ll have to make some enquiries.


  11. AlexR Says:

    had to do a Manual Scan of Channels to get it, but all in and looking good on BBC ONE HD


  12. monkeymaniac Says:

    What! No more NME and no more STONE ROSES MY favourate band, the only channel that played there stuff. Watched three quaters of an hour of there videos on NME last week, BLOODY FANTASTIC.


  13. satom Says:

    great about scuzz, very bad news for music on freesat NME is gone and a very nice example of how bad BBC promo how good sky is in that field: daily news on DS satellite/media is NOT BBC one HD launching but Sky RElaunches christmas movie channel. Either BBC freesat aren’t that interested in having freesat in the news or they have a lot to learn …


  14. admin Says:


    You do realise though that DigitalSpy is in the back pocket of Sky and has been for a very long time.


  15. satom Says:

    I got that impression lately … the seemed pretty independent some time ago but now … although one sometimes gets the impression freesat keeps a very low profile about the launch. Kind of we are very sorry and don’t rellay want annyone to know about it or bother outside our own viewers but we are launching some unimortant little HD channel … don’t want to know what fuss would be made if that was a virgin or sky channel …


  16. satom Says:

    but about NME any idea why they pulled it from freesat? Do they juts have the money for one slot and will it return? It is an important addidition to the fresat music line up and a well known brand as well …


  17. Chrislayeruk Says:

    The BBC test card sound effects are great and very subtle on my Meridian surround system, should be good.
    I had to prompt my Humax box.
    Cheers Chris


  18. Richard Crichton Says:

    Sky spend gazillions of pounds a year on promoting their closed platform. BBC spend what? Nothing. BBC’s money goes on making programmes not advertising which is as it should be.

    What happens on BBC One HD bewteen 6.30 and 7.00pm and after the 10 o clock news when the regional news is on? Nothing much by the look of it.


  19. Richard Crichton Says:

    admin Looks like you haven’t put your clock back. It’s 3.13 not 4.13 :-)


  20. admin Says:

    @Richard Crichton

    It’s our new channel, joinfreesat+1 😀

    Well spotted 😉


  21. satom Says:

    @ Richard
    Talking about promotion is not always paid advertising there are lots of other ways but they take time and work and even the inhouse promo (mention the channel during programming, info spots, cards) by the BBC were very limited until now. AND that would be the job of that ad company freesat pay a very good amount of money to. And its better for the BBC to use their income to make programs but they should use their other means a bit more.

    During the “live tests” at least they showed a red card to tune to your regional BBC 1 SD channel for regional news (as does the EPG). Somewhere in the BBC one testing thread is a quote of the actual text on card and EPG


  22. satom Says:

    will there be a joinfreesat HD and 3D as well?


  23. admin Says:


    Absolutely, but Sky are offering us bags of money to launch with them first 😉 😛


  24. satom Says:

    in the background the real sat channel just has been renamed to BBC One HD, still showing red card. As I began to think they just switched freesat IDs not actually the sat channels in backgound.


  25. bigal Says:

    @ 24 satom

    See my posts on the BBC one testing thread.

    There was a little problem with One HD just after they switched to ch 108


  26. Alchetype Says:

    what the….so Scuzz has replaced NME TV?? I’d rather have had NME TV if I’d realised it was an either or situation :/


  27. Avit_now Says:


    I’ll second that


  28. Neil Says:

    Five minutes to go folks….


  29. Dan Says:

    That sucks taking away nme i agree with 26


  30. Neil Says:

    Make that (was) under two!!!! The DOG looks neater now, should hopefully keep everyone happy!


  31. Jason Says:

    At last… BBC1HD is great! You can even see John Sergeant’s individual nasal hairs ;-} …Seriously, thank you BBC and Freesat for another HD channel.


  32. Nathanael Adams Says:

    HELP!! My Humax PVR doesn’t find BBC One HD on the auto update, and is now claiming we have an Invalid postcode if I try to re-scan via the main menu?!?! It’s been fine up until now. Tried to manually add it, but of course it switches to non-freesat mode? How do I add it manually, within Freesat mode?


  33. satom Says:

    so now they can start to change BBC HD and rid of that horrible apprentice stuff and get some new ones from the other three channels on it … and for BBC 1 HD can’t wait til Saturday for Merlin. Hope the shoot the 4th series in HD


  34. Paul Says:

    More than happy with the BBC 1 HD DOG. Thank you BBC. [Did they really listen to us do you think?]

    Anyone know what the bitrate is?



  35. neil Says:

    gutted NME has gone :(


  36. Pete Says:

    Hi is anybody else having trouble with the EPG on BBC1HD mine has froze twice tonight, forcing me to reboot foxsat HD box ?? at 8:45pm approx



  37. monkeymaniac Says:

    @ 33

    Totaly agree, finaly Merlin in HD and the 4th series and beyond.


  38. Neil Says:

    You should complain to CSC Media if you are unhappy at the NME removal, I for one also liked NME from time to time.


  39. Valad Says:

    Scuzz is back, yay! Shame they had to take away NME though.


  40. S rowland Says:

    My tv must be really good at upscaling SD cos I can’t really see much difference. Although there was a marked difference with the ITV HD football tonight. Come on BBC give us some proper HD quality!


  41. Saoraer Says:

    Thank god (or whoever) for joinfreesat. Didn’t realise digitalspy was pro sky. Yet another : (


  42. Allen Says:

    @36 – Yep, our Foxsat HD box froze when I was trying to series link The Apprentice on One HD last night. Power cycle sorted it, but expect a recurrence.


  43. swjoduk Says:

    I cant believe NME has gone, absolutely gutted!


  44. Dipper Says:

    During the news on BBC1 HD this morning the screen suddenly reverted to the red banner telling me it wasn’t available yet. Hopefully just a glitch.

    I had to go to work so haven’t seen if its fixed yet.


  45. Russ Says:

    @ Dipper,

    I think you will find this happened when your local news was due. Regional variations are not available on bbc1 hd just yet. It did recommend switching to 101 to access the news from your region.


  46. Richard Crichton Says:

    I didn’t think it would be long before the (give us proper HD) wingers surfaced.

    ‘The One Show’ looked much better on the BBC One HD channel than on BBC1.


  47. Neil Says:

    I watched The Apprentice on BBC1HD last night too and was really impressed at the PQ. The late night film looked good as well, only caught the end of that though as was watching something else. Impressed with PQ on their SD upscaling too.


  48. Richard Crichton Says:

    It may be a good ideal to state on the EPG whether it’s updcaled or native HD as ITV do.
    Apparently the first Eastenders in native HD is not until Christmas day.


  49. Richard Crichton Says:

    Woops. That should read good idea not good ideal.


  50. Dave Says:

    I know it will only be upscaled, but I’m looking forward to seeing the Formula One at the weekend on BBC One HD.
    As long as they run the whole programme on that channel unlike the last race that overran due to weather and got bumped to BBC2 3/4 of the way through. The freesat+ system didn’t track the change of channel as the EPG was not updated…. yet the Freeview EPG was updated and tracked the change. Mmmm….


  51. rodders Says:

    Great that we now have BBC One HD, I notice on my Goodmans HD box that I do not get the Now/Next EPG. Instead it say; Non Freesat Service!! Wierd or should I do another update scan?


  52. Nate Says:

    I too am really really gutted that NME has gone!! It was the only music channel on Freesat I watched… Can it be added to other channels manually at all?


  53. Dipper Says:

    @ Russ at 45

    Thanks for that info. I assumed they would just continue London output on the HD channel instead of that screen. Although that could confuse viewers who would expect to see their local news so I suppose it is a reasonable compromise until the distant (?) future when all is HD.


  54. footy Says:

    Just 4 words to describe the new BBCHD. Great picture-great sound.


  55. Phil Owens Says:

    In the TV guide on my Bush box it’s not flagging anything as HD on BBC ONE HD. BBC HD and ITV 1 HD are flagged..


  56. David Austin Says:

    Very pleased with BBC One HD. I only wish they’d put something more interesting on during the regional opts outs. I seem to remember that when digital TV first started in the late ’90s that the BBC ran a programme in place of the regional news that selected various items from around the regions (it was usually presented by Louise Minchin).

    Anyway, that’s not really much of a big deal – what IS a big deal is that BBC One is now in HD – even the upscaled stuff is worth it.


  57. Richard Crichton Says:

    @52 Nade
    You can add NME manually in non Freesat mode.
    The frequency is 11642 vertical, symbol rate is 27500 and FEC is 2/3.

    I believe Harvard group boxes (Bush, Grundig, Goodmans) change the FEC automatically when doing a scan.


  58. Rob H Says:

    I don’t have a HD tv but I love the picture on BBC1HD – might just stick to that in the future – sound is great as well in Dolby.


  59. Yukseek Says:

    Why not replacing BBC One HD on position 101 instead of the SD version ?
    In France, all the historical channels from position 1 to 6 have been replaced by their HD version…


  60. satom Says:

    because the mayority of houdeholds other than you does not use HD equipment and 3 D widescreen 44 speaker real sound with smelling and windmashines … they use standard SD boxes and that will remain s for some time.


  61. Matt Says:

    @60….. My wind machine is a Subwoofer, our dogs add
    extra smell when needed.


  62. Russ Says:

    A poll was conducted on this site,and of those who participated 1,718 in fact owned HD receivers and 230 SD. These figures do not support the theory that the majority still use standard sd boxes. I think that freesat sales figures will also show that HD equipment has outsold SD by quite a big margin.


  63. Allen Says:

    @62 You can’t really take the users of this site as a representative sample – but I agree that pretty much everyone with Freesat has an HD receiver. HD is the only reason I joined Freesat.


  64. Russ Says:

    @ 63 Allen,

    I agree with you entirely, but as this is a freesat site and Yukseek was talking about moving BBC 1hd to 101, I assumed we were talking solely about the freesat platform. Not sure there is a channel no.101 on freeview !


  65. Nate Says:

    @57 Thanks Richard, unfortunately by box is a Goodmans & it wont allow me to change the FEC from 3/4 when I enter in all the other details. It has added a some channels (including Dance Nation TV which is a bonus) but NME is not there :( There is however a channel coming up as “50882”, but when clicking on this channel there is a blank screen & a “service not currently available” message. Could this be NME??


  66. Tony Says:

    Off topic but a quick note to let you know that there has been an update for my Panasonic G20 in the last couple of days (via freesat). Not had chance to see whats been done as I left it running last night . If there any major changes to the software I will post them …My guess it could be to do with future i-players..Lets hope it solves the black problems…Will check out a couple of films to find out…


  67. satom Says:

    @65 Nate

    Are you sure you were on the right sat? Just did a scan for that frequency and did get NME but no 50882 (also on that freq are fe Kix! Pop, pop girl chart show and true entertainment)


  68. Yukseek Says:

    @64 Russ I confirm that I’m talking about Freesat viewers not Freeview. A vast majority owns an HD Tv…


  69. Tony Says:

    @68 Yukseek
    I would say the majority of people who read this forum do have a hd tv but roughly 2/3rds of the population don’t have full 1080p hd. Alot of people I know still have crt tv’s with a digi box !


  70. Nate Says:

    @67 Satom

    Yeah, like I said though I cannot change the FEC, it defaults on that frequency to 3/4… (on crappy Goodmans box)


  71. satom Says:

    @70 Nate

    that can’t be the reason – theres no channel like that ID on the whole sat slot (check with listings for 28.2/28.5 E on lyngsat, kingofsat or flysat).Wrong FEC just results in no channel at all. Are you using a double LNB ie getting two diffferent sats or more?


  72. satom Says:

    may be you can try to change the freq slightly – some boxes can be tricked …
    try 11641 vertical or 11643 vertical instead (27.500 2/3)


  73. Nate Says:

    No, that still doesn’t work & the FEC stays at 3/4. I only have one LNB & it’s an ex Sky mini dish, I didn’t put it up myself & must be pointing at the correct Sat as I get all the correct Freesat channels with a quality of 9. The other channels it added by the way with those settings are Bliss, Tiny Pop +1 & PopGirl +1…I think it’s just a problem with these (or this particular) boxes.


  74. satom Says:

    @73 nate

    sad … and strange since the other 11642 v channels seem to work …
    only two things I can think of – don’t know about those boxes though …

    1st can you set FEC to auto?

    2nd I guess NME took over the slot from another channel – if you had that already programmed some boxes are a bit strange when rescanning. So maybe if possible with that box completely erase that freq 11642 v and rescann it after rebooting the box – sometimes that might work

    other than just hope for the return of NME to freesat …


  75. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @74 Satom

    One thing I have noticed with the Bush Freesat box is when you do a manual tune it will only show you non Freesat channels. Is it possible the box thinks that NME is still a Freesat channel? If so the suggested rebooting could help. Otherwise another solution might be to run first time install again!


  76. Neil Says:

    @75 – If NME is still transmitting Freesat EPG data this could be the reason. I’m sure those Bush boxes wouldn’t display channels carrying Freesat data which either were on or off the EPG but might be wrong.


  77. Richard Crichton Says:

    I agree with Neil. It can’t be the FEC as all the other channels on that transponder are using 2/3. When ITV1 HD was testing prior to going on the EPG the Harvard boxes couldn’t pick it up and that was put down to the FEC but more likely they were picking up a Freesat tag.


  78. Nate Says:

    I have tried re-booting & first time install again but still no NME :( Oh well… Just another thing to add to the list of annoyances with this box. Another major one being that after watching the BBC iPlayer the HD channels don’t work, the last software update didn’t fix it for me & I have to unplug the box to power cycle it before the HD channels will come back… *rolls eyes*


  79. Neil Says:

    78 – It must be down to the box itself. Does Dance Nation appear in the channel list when you scan the CSC transponder (as per post 72/73)?


  80. Paul Forge Says:

    It would be great if we could have Magic FM on Freesat.


  81. Phil Owens Says:

    @- 78 Nate & 79 Neil..
    Just tried to tune NME on my Bush box and no joy. Dance Nation come up in the channel list though. So It is the Bush with the problem/hitch.
    Time to invest in a Foxsat me thinks. Need some money first though….


  82. Slug Says:

    @66 Tony

    Did your update for the G20 work Tony? Just tried the update again and mine keeps freezing on the ‘Please do not switch off the TV banner’. Says software update is 100% complete but frozen solid !


  83. Richard Crichton Says:

    @80 Paul Forge

    It would be great but not all that bothered as it’s strong on DAB where I live in Scotland.
    I would like to see 96.3 Rock Radio (Scotlands classic rock station) on Freesat as the DAB signal is weak and can’t I get the FM transmission.


  84. Neil Says:

    @80 – Paul: Drop Bauer (Magic’s owners) or Magic themselves an email and let them know. If I’m correct didn’t Bauer remove a whole bunch of their radio services off Satellite? Is Magic on Sky still??

    @81 Phil: NME must still be transmitting Freesat EPG data for the Bush STB to be ignoring it, lets hope thats because they plan on bringing it back fairly soon’ish!

    @82 Richard: Rock Radio is a great station, listen to it on FM here in Manchester. If they put that on to Satellite I’m sure it would be a success but obviously they are in competition with Planet Rock too. GMG own Smooth which is on the platform and if listening figures prove successful may tempt them to add their other services (Real and Rock Radio) too.


  85. Chrislayeruk Says:

    Watching F1 on BBC HD, the DOG is top right of screen as opposed to the usual top left. Is this the way of things to identify Upscaled programing?


  86. Neil Says:

    85 – No this is so the DOG doesn’t conflict with the on-screen graphics for score/timelaps and other info BBC Sport usually display on the left-hand side of the screen.


  87. Chrislayeruk Says:

    As I watch, Lap is Mid top screen. Positions Mid Lower screen, Nothing anywhere else. :)


  88. Neil Says:

    Perhaps it’s a blanket policy for BBC Sport, particularly for football coverage where scores are located in the 4:3 safe area at the mid upper L/H of the screen. MOTD last night had it shifted to the R/H side.


  89. Tony Says:

    @82 slug
    Hi Slug , my panasonic failed on the first update , then was ok on the second , all loaded fine.. Try re loading update again . Spoke to my mate who has the same tv and he reckons there is an improvement on the blacks bars which have been causing many people to complain , not had chance to watch anything yet so I can’t comment. I think there is a slight improvement on speed of menus but again not really had a lot of time to have a good play with it .. Still can’t seem to find any info on the net about the update which is strange..If you hear anything please let me know..


  90. Mediaman Says:

    The BBC HD dog is now smaller and less intrusive similar to BBC1 HDs logo. Sorry if already mentioned.


  91. Neil Says:

    Word is there’s a new music channel launching on Satellite around the 22nd Nov called WTF – Weekly Top 40 (a chart music CHR based channel). It looks like this channel is going to be FTA and possibly owned by AATW who own Clubland TV. Not sure if it’s going to go on to Freesat but if AATW own it who also own Clubland then there’s a good chance. Time will tell, currently EPG testing using SID label 50882 on 11.623H.


  92. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    Did anyone else see Blade Runner on BBC HD last Saturday? Shame it was on so late but it was such a fantastic restoration I was alert for the whole film.


  93. Chrislayeruk Says:

    Well on BBC 7 You can listen to the Original Story that inspired Bladerunner.
    “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”
    The Pictures are even better on Radio…….Enjoy, Chris :)


  94. satom Says:

    yes 7 still has a lot of good stuff with excelllent picture quality – although they were a lot better before they changed schedule last year … enjoy it still you can, thyx are going to ruin that station totally into Radio 4 xtra very soon …


  95. Nate Says:

    @79 Neil, yeah have Dance Nation added on that freq. Hopefully as you say they may be planning on bringing NME back, I have emailed the parent company anyway…

    By the way I noticed tonight on BBC One HD that Inside Out ‘South’ version was played out. I wonder why they picked this rather than the ‘London’ version?


  96. Neil Says:

    Yep, I saw it, was great. I’m a Vangelis fan so this film is one of my favourites seen as he wrote the soundtrack.


  97. rodders Says:

    Re my earlier post, 51, are you all getting the Now/Next info. on BBC One HD (108)? I still only get Non Freesat Service, so I have to go to BBC 1, to see what is on Now/Next. (Goodmans HD STB).

    Any ideas?


  98. bryan Says:

    re 97 I am getting now and next on bbc1hd 108 on my grundig gufsdtr500hd.


  99. Tony Says:

    @97 rodders
    I would contact Goodmans about the problem.. They may still be working on / or may not of updated their software yet…


  100. Neil Says:

    Nate: I was wondering which version they would play out for Inside Out. Is the South version the South of England or London version?? Maybe they move it around week by week?? We’ll have to see.

    Yep, would be good to see Dance Nation too although they may be a bit strapped for cash at the moment if they can only get other services on there by taking existing ones off!


  101. Glyn Smith Says:

    Had an auto update scan on the Foxsat this evening. Nothing added, changed, nor removed. Strange??


  102. Dipper Says:

    So did I glyn. Just a glitch presumably.


  103. Phil Owens Says:

    @ 97 Rodders..
    I have a Bush, same thing as your Goodmans. I some times have the same problem when new channels come. Did you tune it to the non-Freesat channel list before it launched?
    I found that if I do a first time install it sorts it.


  104. Russ Says:

    Friends of mine like speedway so subscribe to $ky. They came over to my house and saw freesat for the first time. They own more than one tv but do not want to pay for multi-room. Because they were impresses with freesat they paid a visit to a electrical retailer. The salesperson told them they could not use their existing dish to access freesat and sky at the same time, they would need to install another dish. they were quoted Around £400 for the receiver and dish.

    In reality all they need is a quad LNB, cable and receiver. I estimate no more than £150. I wonder just how many people are being given incorrect information by salesmen who,do not know what they are talking about, or deliberately trying to mislead to boost sales.


  105. Neil Says:

    The electrical retailer wasn’t a well known High Street store by any chance?? You should have pointed them at freesat’s own site as they have a fixed fee installation service for single or dual installs.

    If someone approached me in that scenario to run a feed of an already installed LNB I’d do it for about £40 (£50 tops if a long cable run) as there’s no dish installation and alignment and simply a case of putting a hole through the wall with a bit of CT100.


  106. satom Says:

    yes and I remember in the the late 80s lots of experts and people in management of housing etstates a.o. told you there were no such thing like DTH satellite you HAD to subscribe to cable …


  107. Nate Says:

    @100 Neil. Yes the South version is the one from BBC in Southampton (funnily enough my local region) so was surprised they put this version out instead of the BBC London one. Maybe they will swap it round each week like you say…

    Still not had a reply to my e mail about NME :(


  108. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    #105 Neil

    If you swap a single LNB with a quad LNB it is very likely you would need to realign the dish. Don’t forget that the position of the LNB could be different and with 4 cables the weight on the arm would be increased. Despite that it should only require a minor adjustment provided the disk has not been inadvertently moved!


  109. Neil Says:

    Kevin: Yep, agree that if you swap the LNB the dish needs a re-pan, thought they already might have had a quad fitted if they had Sky+ ??

    Nate: CSC have been rather quiet about NME’s removal, it’s a pity it’s disappeared but hey-ho!!


  110. rodders Says:

    Ref 103, many thanks Phil, after first time install I have Now/Next.


  111. John knight Says:

    NME music channel GOOD!!!!!! Scuzz RUBBISH!!!!!

    Bring back NME please!


  112. ian Says:

    Has anyone e-mailed the BBC and got a reply regarding if they are going to clearly mark on the EPG if a show is HD or not on BBC One HD? i sent one and got………… you guessed it, nothing!!

    ITV1 HD does flag up either ‘upscaled’ or ‘HD’ which is more than helpful, yet the beeb dont!!


  113. ian Says:

    And before i forget, does anyone have any idea when humax are finally going to release the long awaited update for the Foxsat HD/HDR??


  114. Dipper Says:


    What is the long awaited update meant to do?


  115. ian Says:

    Not a clue @Dipper, all i know, is hummy are supposed to be releasing an update for the Foxsat HD/HDR, was supposed to of been live now, but its not, im told its been delayed because of a few bugs, but nothing in terms of a new release date, so was wondering if anyone had an idea of when its going to happen!


  116. Mark S Says:

    Someone on here mentioned the Humax update turning the foxsat into a single tuner usb recorder, Humax emailed yesterday saying it won’t be.
    Oh well, will wait for some more hd channels to join freesat before buying a dual tuner pvr, or 2012 when freeview hd is available.


  117. ian Says:

    I like the current Humax softwear, its consistant, easy to use, and above all else, simple, but if the USB socket can be used to add a portable hard drive and not have issues trying to record, bonus, but the e-mail you got @Mark s, says that is not going to be the case!

    Oh well if were going back to more HD channels on Freesat, i think most know what i want, and that is Channel4HD, and like i said in another post, that a few sources have said they have a transponder space from the BBC, if that is correct, that, i think will be next!
    (again, for the record, not from the BskyB loving digital spy, i have sources that are not speculators, but folks in the know!)


  118. Neil Says:

    Yep, Channel 4 is what I’m looking forward to and I have every faith that it will appear in the future. Yep, DS is in the back pockets of DS, together with some of it’s contributers (one in particular). This will put the platform on an equal footing with Freeview HD.


  119. jhm1943 Says:

    Is anybody having the same trouble as me, when its windy my picture keeps breaking up and it keeps coming up bad or no signal the other night I had to turn it off it was that bad, my dish is on the chimney stack


  120. Jock Says:

    #117 – Ian

    Is “softwear” furry underpants?


  121. Phil Owens Says:


  122. bigal Says:

    @ jhm1943

    A Dish on a chimney stack !. Must have been a $ky installation.

    I would imagine any ‘Qualified’ installer worth his salt would advise against putting any Dish on a chimney.

    I have found that $ky installations tend to be of the ‘Get in, Get out fast type.

    I will say no more.


  123. ian Says:

    Yes @Jock, think willy warmer and your getting kind of close! :-)

    Ive had to adjust the dish $ky installed for me a few years ago, the quality was poor, and if it rained, i had no tv what so ever, a bit of a tinker and aligned it!
    they are shabby when it comes to quality work $ky are!

    @Neil, yes, your spot on, and the ‘contributer’ in question, allot like sky news, 95% not worth the paper (or web page) it’s written on!


  124. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    #121 Phil Owens

    I am very surprised that anyone would consider setting up channel 6 when both ITV and Five have been having a hard time of late. ITV have even been rumoured to been thinking of dispensing of their public service obligations. There are easier ways to enter the TV market in this digital age for example Dave.


  125. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ 122 Bignal

    I gather it is not permitted to install a dish larger than 60 cm on a chimney. I imagine it is to prevent the chimney getting damaged in high winds! However there may be times when attaching to the chimney may be the only practical solution. Clear line of sight may be a consideration also it might not be easy to attach a dish to a wall as it may be covered in tiles. Without carrying out a survey of of the house it is difficult to pass judgement.


  126. satom Says:

    @124 Kevin Ver1
    yes but its not about program and media its about control, power and poiltics.

    Channel 6 mooted as local TV solution

    says no other than lets control who runs the local tv media conservative style like they did in other countries like germany where the media controls stated when they made it impossible for anyone not linked to existing media fe wdr in nrw – some of the biggest not greatest parts of germany – to run a local radio station since no one outside the existing media had of course any idea how to host a show and run a program: no experiments they said … and succeeded – locals radio is boring and state/commercial run none is independent and all those stations share a common source for most of their so called local air time and they are of course everything but local … but under control


  127. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    #126 Satom

    Sorry but I am none the wiser. The last paragraph of your post is very confusing.


  128. satom Says:

    you’re right, can’t get it myself when rereading …

    I am a bit a radio man myself and followed the developement of so called local radio stations in belgium and germany a bit and a sucker for independent local media …

    whilst the belgian stations were grassroots and legelazied after they had been set up by socalled pirates, german local stations were never allowed to be independend. Legal bodies were set up to build holdings run by public broadcasters and local newspaper publishers (ie those who already had the means to get their words out). All Local radio hosts had to follow introductions run by public radio staff to educate the new radio folks in the old ways. Schedules were some hours local dj programming and news from a news central run by the public broadcasters. The remaining hours were programs prodruced at one place for all local radio stations with local jingles inserted by remote control. So the germans had local radio without having local radio. So no indepenendet voices or styles could emerge.

    With TV 6 they seem to fill the spot for local tv stations in the UK, so no independent stations will be neccessary and channel 6 run by an ex mirror exec will be able to control the local tv market and views. Thats imho the reason for setting up that station construct and there will be money coming from interested parties to say and show the right things ..

    I hope thats less confusing with a bit of background ?


  129. satom Says:

    @117 Ian

    Back to the possible HD additions – a bit confused there too. There are two might be infos out there: 1st BBC sublets sat space/bandwidth to one HD channel (prob. on the BBC HD tp 10.847V) which has been bought by Ch4. Alternative info is Ch4 has sublet space from other source ie. sky and with reshuffle of existing tps will be able to add C4HD to 2d=freesat at some time in near/fdistant future. 2d. info would still have another slot for 1 more HD channel (or sev. SD) c.o. BBC free. Which one is nearer to the actual facts? Any idea or info from your sources?


  130. Neil Says:

    I can’t see Channel 6 taking off unless it’s run by someone with money to invest – they then may never get a return or wait a very long time!! How will local TV work on Satellite apart from taking up lots of bandwidth??

    Channel M in Manchester was a pretty well run TV channel under RSL licence, it sadly died of death, certainly on Satellite and Analogue (at DSO) and if they can’t make it work with strong backing then the rest don’t stand much of a chance.

    If it does get off the ground then how long before people moan about wanting ‘Channel 6 HD’, I can imagine the comments!!!!!


  131. satom Says:

    personally I don’t think sat is the medium for local stations – as a standalone that is. If several independent stations joined forces and scheduled a mosaic sat channel from all over the UK that might bring additional income on top of the local advertising (on terrestrial!) which must keep the station alive (or some other construct like non profit organised). Its very improbable a local station could afford a sat channel on their own – apart from their viewers base beeing much too small.


  132. Neil Says:

    Satom – The mosaic idea is good but who’s going to want to watch it and what programming budget would they have??

    In response to the C4HD question I very much doubt C4 would be sub-leasing off Sky without being able to dangle a ‘carrot’ dangled in front of them (i.e. something to offer in the form of Film4HD). It’s not in Sky’s anti-competitive nature to offer a glimpse of support to the competition, if they did then I’m sure it would come at a cost financially prohibitive to C4!

    Look at the BBC on the other hand, they are supportive of Freesat, half-shareholders, have unused bandwidth available and I’m sure what the BBC would charge would be considered ‘breakeven rates’ in terms of them supporting Freesat and C4’s interests. Lets wait and see what transpires over the coming weeks.


  133. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    #Satom 128

    Thanks for providing a further explanation. Would Channel 6 only offer local news programs or will there be a mix of programming? In the link in post 121 it does mention multi-platform so Satellite may well be used, however that could also refer to Internet.


  134. satom Says:

    Following the DS article Channel 6 mooted as local TV solution and quotes it will be a nationwide station with regional/local windows (opt out possibilities) so as I see it generally the german “coat” program system: a centralised nationwide station with a few drops of local content to get public money provided to improve local tv. Further more seen the advised owners and their former contacts/jobs it seems a heavily murochrelated station … some kind of fox local news and entertainment uk might see the sun based on freeview as it seems.

    “Former Trinity Mirror executive Richard Horwood has called on the government to launch Channel 6, a new TV channel for delivering national and local services to 25 million homes.”

    ” involving the creation of a single TV channel on multiple digital platforms, which would air local and national content.”

    “His idea is to establish a channel with a national schedule of programming, but enable local operators to “opt out” in certain areas to deliver local shows and adverts. ”


  135. Graham Says:

    I thought BBC 1 HD had always been on 108; what’s different?


  136. satom Says:

    BBC1 One HD started and switched places with BBC HD (moved to 109)


  137. ian Says:

    @satom, he tells me that its BBC space. (sorry for the age in replying, ‘er in doors, need i say more!)

    The chances of $ky subletting space for FTA HD is almost zero, its like what was said above by @Neil, the only real way for that to happen would be in exchange for something, like Film4HD, they always want something in return!


  138. ian Says:

    Does anyone really think that a Channel6 will ever actually launch, who has the actual clout to fund it right now, not many, ad revenue is streched thin as it is right now, and the fact you can get local news on the RedButton, and the papers, where is the real call for it!
    i remember a few years back that a Channel6 was in the process of happening, but then dissapered at the drop of a hat, one reason IIRC was that $ky, VM and Freeview would not give them 106/6 on the EPG, can you really see $ky giving up 106 where Sky1 is for Channel6, nooooo i dont, ITV would fight tooth and nail to keep 6 on Freeview for ITV2, as im pretty sure BBC would do the same to keep BBC Three on 106 on Freesat as they own them EPG LCN’s (correct me if im wrong!)


  139. satom Says:

    the bbc caved a.o. in when “contracted” to finance/control welsh tv which lost de facto its independence from big gov brother – its got a very conservative top atm – so if the ch6ers get government backing and local tv fonds they will get 106 on freesat


  140. Glyn Smith Says:

    Update scan today – one channel got moved, don’t know what. Admin?


  141. Phil Owens Says:

    Is ITV 1 +1 due soon? I ask because according to the Freeview forum on DS there seems to be a place holder on Freesat. I’ll have to do a re-tune as I don’t see anything. Looks like the ITV preview thing will turn into +1..


  142. satom Says:

    @141 Phil
    but that would mean CITV no longer available on (free)sat or ITV +1 just during night shift because that preview thing (resp. both of them were) is like 6945 just a link to the CITV sat frequency


  143. ian Says:

    There is a placeholder on Freeview called ‘ITV Preview1’ that is displaying ‘ITV1+1 coming soon’
    I dont see ITV taking CITV off Freesat, that would be a backward step IMO!

    Wy did my hummy give me 2 update scans though, one at 2:50am and then when i turned it on tonight around 4:30pm, the latter said no changes what so ever, nothing added, removed or changed! yet the one last night said one changed!
    C’mon admin, why do you go so quiet when there threads get so long? :-)


  144. Neil Says:

    Phil: Rumours are that it’s on it’s way. ITV Preview has appeared on Freeview, also on 10906V (the ITV Txp carrying STV variants, Channel (Islands) TV + ITV3/ITV3+1 there’s three new labels appeared.

    Also, for music fans, there’s a new music channel testing on 11623H, label 50882 called WTF (Weekly Top Forty). It’s video testing now and is roughly the same in terms of formatting as Clubland as it’s owned by them, although playing more CHR based chart music. Interestingly today whilst watching it the ticker at the bottom was giving credit to Digital Spy whilst also showing messages about random music video testing! Hopefully this channel will join Freesat, I think it’s going live around the 22nd.


  145. Mark S Says:

    Todays’ changed channel – Five maybe? Just noticed it’s dropped to the bottom of the auto favourites on the Humax.


  146. satom Says:

    @ 144 Neil

    are you sure about 10906V? Still can get preview on 10.758 V only (for the HD test peroid preview 1 and 2 now 1 only)

    Are they on now? If not they may be conceilled somehow because my box can’t find them (neither the last week, did some tp searches there too)


  147. satom Says:

    just read at king of sat news page:

    Freesat: ITV HD has left 11426.00MHz, pol.H

    thats the red button? Leaving only men@war and freesat info on that Eurobird tp?


  148. ian Says:

    If only Mr or Mrs Admin would come and say hi, and spill the beans on what that update scan actually was!


  149. admin Says:


    Suspect as satom has said, it is the removal of the ITV HD red button option, but unfortunately we’ve not received the data for this…as if it hasn’t happened strangely!


  150. Derek Says:

    There was a problem with Five on (at least) Humax this week when items marked for recording on the EPG all failed to start.

    There have been two strange “no changes” updates on the Humax, one before and one after the problem. After the second update the problem seemed to be resolved….. :-)


  151. Neil Says:

    Just checked and I can confirm folks that the ITV Red Button on 103 is still working but now mapped to 10832H, i.e. ITV1 London HD, so it looks like the EB1 11428H ITV1HD (the original Freesat one) has now disappeared. According to Linowsat it now has 19MB’s of nullpackets too with no ITV1HD showing. I’d like to think maybe we will see an ITV2HD red button service appear next year but that might be optimistic although it has been rumoured in various media circles.

    Satom: All these labels have VPIDs at zero therefore won’t be detectable on all consumer Sky or Freesat STB’s at present. It also looks like two labels have appeared on 10891H today too, these have all got to be for ITV1+1 I reckon.


  152. satom Says:

    thanks neil … and once again we’re left with the 2m dollar question: will this one also vanish behind sky bars?


  153. Neil Says:

    We’re talking ITV2HD or ITV1+1?? ITV1+1 will be FTA, ITV2HD is anyone’s guess! If you ask me they owe Freesat a favour by putting this behind a Red button feed but with Crozier and Archie now in charge Sky have laid the bait in terms of free HD money and they are charging towards it faster than lightning!


  154. Dougal23 Says:

    I am having a lot of trouble with my freesat . I keep losing the signal on the BBC channels ,ITV, Channel FOUR and FIVE in fact all the channels keep going off but BBC NEWS always works and BBC PARLIAMENT and the two gaelic channels always work can anyone explain to me what my problem is , I have a HUMAX HD box . This problem has been intermitant since I got yhe box about two months ago but for about a week now it hasn`t come back


  155. Heidi Says:

    Hi, just wondering if I can get magic fm, or if it will be coming soon ? Thanks heidi


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