155 thoughts on “Update Scan – 03/11/10”

  1. Just checked and I can confirm folks that the ITV Red Button on 103 is still working but now mapped to 10832H, i.e. ITV1 London HD, so it looks like the EB1 11428H ITV1HD (the original Freesat one) has now disappeared. According to Linowsat it now has 19MB’s of nullpackets too with no ITV1HD showing. I’d like to think maybe we will see an ITV2HD red button service appear next year but that might be optimistic although it has been rumoured in various media circles.

    Satom: All these labels have VPIDs at zero therefore won’t be detectable on all consumer Sky or Freesat STB’s at present. It also looks like two labels have appeared on 10891H today too, these have all got to be for ITV1+1 I reckon.

  2. thanks neil … and once again we’re left with the 2m dollar question: will this one also vanish behind sky bars?

  3. We’re talking ITV2HD or ITV1+1?? ITV1+1 will be FTA, ITV2HD is anyone’s guess! If you ask me they owe Freesat a favour by putting this behind a Red button feed but with Crozier and Archie now in charge Sky have laid the bait in terms of free HD money and they are charging towards it faster than lightning!

  4. I am having a lot of trouble with my freesat . I keep losing the signal on the BBC channels ,ITV, Channel FOUR and FIVE in fact all the channels keep going off but BBC NEWS always works and BBC PARLIAMENT and the two gaelic channels always work can anyone explain to me what my problem is , I have a HUMAX HD box . This problem has been intermitant since I got yhe box about two months ago but for about a week now it hasn`t come back

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