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Jul 05 2010

Latest update scan on all Freesat receivers

2 Added – 142 True Entertainment, 403 Showcase
1 Removed – 810 JML Home & DIY
0 Changed

51 Responses to “Update Scan – 05/07/10”

  1. Vin Says:

    Thanks for the update.

    Always appreciated, seeing as my Foxsat box always tells you that it’s added/removed channels, but never actually tells you what they are!

    For the record, not just did I get the 2 channels added above, but my scan also showed 1 removed. No idea which one.



  2. Emsquared Says:

    We also got 2 added, 1 removed on our Foxsat HDR. Can’t figure out quite who’s gone walkies either.


  3. Phil Says:

    Aaaagh, my box had been turned off at the wall so didnt update, have turned it on now, will it update itself later or do i need to do a manual install?


  4. admin Says:

    Freesat, the free-to-air digital satellite TV service, is proud to announce the addition of ‘True Entertainment’ and ‘Showcase’ to its channel line-up.

    Offering a touch of reality, True Entertainment is a must-view channel for those who want to add a little drama to their lives. The channel features moving ‘true to life’ programming to inspire viewers, including top-rated British series, true story films and dramatised documentaries.

    Remy Minute, Managing Director CSC, said;

    True Entertainment features rich and rewarding programming that we’re sure Freesat viewers will love.

    Joining True Entertainment on the Freesat EPG, Showcase TV offers a colourful mix of music, drama, and sci-fi. The channel introduces a whole host of new programme formats across genres as diverse as country music, alien mysteries, conspiracy theories and classic films.

    Tony Blin-Stoyle, Commercial Director – Information TV, the parent company behind Showcase, commented;

    We’re delighted that Showcase is now on Freesat, a platform that offers access to a million new viewers. As our channels develop and we bring new programmes and formats to digital television, it is essential that the viewer can choose where they want to watch them.

    Freesat’s Head of Channels, Mark Briggs commented;

    The exciting launch of both of these channels to the Freesat service further emphasises our dedication to delivering real choice and high quality entertainment to our viewers. True Entertainment and Showcase complement our existing entertainment and lifestyle line-ups perfectly and we expect them to prove popular with our audience.

    True Entertainment and Showcase will be automatically added so viewers will not need to take any action to enjoy these new additions to the Freesat line-up.


  5. Oska Says:

    Both channels sound good to me, keep ’em coming :-)


  6. ChrisK Says:

    It’s reported in the DigitalSpy forums that the removed channel is JML Home & DIY.

    Have not turned my HDR on today so can’t confirm.


  7. Neil Says:

    I was hoping Dance Nation would have been added with True Entertainment but it seems we’ll have a bit longer to wait! How come has JML Home & DIY gone (confirmed), have JML wound the channel up? Didn’t the last update reorganise some of these JML channels in to different orders?


  8. Richard Crichton Says:

    Why the 544×576 resolution for TE when Showcase is 704×576?
    They must think people still use 19″ TV’s LOL.


  9. Graham Hall Says:

    This is good news. My FOXSAT – HDR has not made the update yet! I’m sure it will do it before the day is out?


  10. monkeymaniac Says:

    Is Showcase 2 coming to Freesat in near future, or is it just for $ky viewers.


  11. Phil Says:

    My box has now added True Ent but not Showcase, what is showcase?


  12. Mark Says:


  13. momalley Says:

    oh boy some people are very easy pleased still
    none new hd content,, paitence is a virtue it needs to
    be with freesat i think.


  14. admin Says:

    I think it is probably more a case of those people having a good understanding of what to expect from the platform given the restrictions etc in place.


  15. Neil Says:

    @10 – I believe it’s on it’s way over the next few Months.

    Out of curiosity, has Freesat released their first quarter sales figures yet? The last press release was back in late March after announcing the 2009 Q4 results but not heard anything yet, was expecting an announcement around the end of June.


  16. John Hereford Says:

    11. Phil – Same here. My box has only added True Entertainment. Channel 403 is still being shown as RURAL TV but with no service.


  17. Alan Says:

    When you look at the comments each time new channels start you might as well copy and paste the comments from each time. You have people thinking it’s great, people saying it’s junk and a waste of time and then someone whining about no HD! LOL


  18. monkeymaniac Says:

    We currently broadcast on four Sky Digital channels; Information TV (Channel 166), Showcase TV® (Channel 201), Showcase 2 (Channel 216) and Russia Today (Channel 512).
    On Freesat, Information TV is Channel 402, Showcase TV, Channel 403 and Russia Today, Channel 206. Russia Today is also on Freeview, Channel 85.
    Information TV is also simulcast via broadband internet.

    Where is Information TV. I got the the above imformation from Information TV website, no channel 402 my Humax EPG, and it’s on the Freesat Official Site channel line-up, or am I missing something here, perhaps it’s coming later.


  19. monkeymaniac Says:

    Email reply to my query about Showcase 2, read the reply below from Fred Perkins at Showcase website.

    Hi…many thanks for making contact.

    Yes, Showcase 2 WILL be coming to Freesat in the coming months – but we have a lot of new programmes coming on, so we have some juggling to do first.

    In the meantime, if you have a Freesat box, you can in fact still tune to the channel, and add it as a “Non Freesat Channel”. Precisely how you do this depends on your specific Freesat box model; but somewhere (check your manual), you will find this option.

    You will be taken to a screen that asks for the frequency to scan. Here, enter 11623 HORIZONTAL (on some boxes, it may be 11.623 HORIZONTAL …ie with a decimal point.

    Then tell it to do the Scan. SHOWCASE 2 will come up. Select it and ADD it to your Non-Freesat channel list.

    To actually view the channel, you MIGHT have to select NON FREESAT channels from your main menu.

    You will only get programme details “now and next” – no full EPG information, as for normal Freesat channels: but you can find the full schedule from our website… and you can watch all the programmes!
    I hope this helps.

    Regards, Fred Perkins (Sky channels 166, 201, 216 & 512; Freesat 402, 403, 206; Freeview 85)
    T: 0+44 (0)20 7131 6693 F: +44(0)20 7131 6698 M: +44(0)7710 008646
    Information TV Ltd, 1 Stephen St, London W1T 1AL
    UK Registered Company No. 4733829


  20. Tony Hales Says:

    @17 Alan
    True Ent at 544×576 is sub SD resolution never mind HD. It’s like watching SVCD.


  21. Neil Says:

    @20 – Tony, CSC fit all of their channels in to one single transponder, obviously to save money, which is why the resolution is low. Saying that what I was watching on there the other day didn’t look too bad.

    Some of the music channels look like they could do with more bandwidth and if all CSC’s channels were split across two transponders they would look much better. That all costs money so for an operation running them all guess they need to keep a close eye on overheads which is understandable in the present climate.


  22. Tony Hales Says:

    @21 Thought as much Neil. Perhaps CSC should consider making some of their channels part time like the BBC do with BBC3 and 4. I would rather have quality over quantity any day which flies in the face of the prevailing thinking it seems.


  23. Oyodi Says:

    @ 21 Neil
    quality over quantity any day!
    On my 50 inch tv its absolute pants.


  24. Al Catraz Says:

    I agree with 20-23 – surely they must realise that people with good quality TVs are less likely to watch poor resolution channels regardless of the channel content – they could increase their audience (and, therefore, revenue) if they upped the picture quality. It’d have to be a really unmissable program before I would put up with a rubbish picture.


  25. Neil Says:

    I agree with you all, dropping one or two services would increase quality somewhat. I have 32 and 37″ LCD Panasonic’s and it’s very noticable the limitations on bitrate, especially on the 37″ and Macro-blocking on fast movement etc.

    I guess it’s all down to money, maybe once the advertising market improves and CSC’s revenues also improve they cold look at spreading their services over two transponders but don’t hold your breath as this requires a fair bit of investment.

    Personally for me the music channels are watchable, yes I agree higher bitrates would look better but rather have what we have than nothing at all. I just wish Dance Nation would make an appearance on the platform, lets hope it, Scuzz and Bliss are next on the list!


  26. Boff Says:

    Both new channels are complete pants – who they hell will watch this rubbish ?


  27. saltydawg Says:

    Gotta say, I agree with Boff, we need quality over qauntity. Is there any chance of the travel channel coming onto freesat? That woulf be a bonus like the food network was!


  28. Phil Says:

    Yeah right


  29. Al Catraz Says:

    26. all down to personal preference, but I tend to agree with you.

    Paint drying is slightly more appealing – and it’s in HD (so long as I’ve got my glasses on!)


  30. Richard Crichton Says:

    Vote for your favourite TV platform here:

    Freesat is currently in third place behind Sky and Freeview.


  31. monkeymaniac Says:


    Vote for your favourite TV platform here:

    Well done Freesat, considering Sky & Freeview have been going a lot longer.


  32. Neil Says:

    Freesat is only 2% behind Freeview, well done Freesat I say!


  33. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    BT Vision is very low despite the advertising campaign. Actually thinking about the saturation advertising by Sky you would think they would have a higher share. It would be interesting to find out the percentage of the subscriptions that is used for promoting Sky?

    I believe that Freesat is benefiting from word of mouth.


  34. Tony Hales Says:

    We are now in the second half of 2010 and still no sign of ITV Player.So what went wrong? More broken promises!


  35. Neil Says:

    Kevin: I believe too that Freesat is benefiting from word of mouth and the World Cup will has done the platform a whole host of good publicity. The Foxsat HDR was up to No.3 in the Electronics top 100 sales for a week prior to and just at the start of the World Cup. The advertising campaign during group stage matches on ITV1 has helped too.

    I do have some sales figures from someone within the industry and whilst I can’t reveal actual numbers, as I don’t think it’s public knowledge yet, will tell you that if these are accurate then Freesat is doing well, especially as I don’t think this takes in to account much of Q2.

    Tony: I guess ITV Player isn’t far away, also when it does arrive it’s implementation on receivers should be quicker than iPlayer as most of the groundwork has effectively been covered. Us Panasonic users are still waiting for the iPlayer, let alone ITV Player!!


  36. Tony Hales Says:

    32-35 Freesat is 1 vote ahead of Freeview at the moment. I wonder if the link from this web site has any bearing on that.

    Hope ITV Player works better on Freesat than on a computer when we get it.


  37. Dipper Says:

    I’m sure the link on this website has something to do with it. (Comment 36)

    I don’t watch anything on TV unless it is “unmissable.” (Comment 24)

    Still people griping about lack of HD channels. Which part of “Free”sat is the bit they don’t understand?


  38. footy Says:

    Dear Admin, a ? I have a freesat Humax HD box-great little number. Also we have an ordinary sky box for recording (LG389) The sky picture is no where as good as the Humax, however through the DVD recorder (which upscales) it is better. My ?, If I buy another hd box just for recording will the pics be as equal to watching it straight from the original Humax box. Both the recorder and Humax are mearly new, should have bopught a twin I know, but your answer would be much appreciated. Thanks


  39. Tony Hales Says:

    @38 “If I buy another hd box just for recording will the pics be as equal to watching it straight from the original Humax box.

    The recorded pictures will be as good as the broadcast pictures. Since you are recording the digital bitstream before it is decoded there should be no difference.


  40. footy Says:

    Thanks Tony(39) quick response.


  41. Jonp Says:

    Maybe this has been discussed , but the DTG site’s receiver update downloads section for Freesat seems to have completely stalled – “Freesat data updated Wednesday 26th May 2010 10:29”
    The other sections all Freeview are up to date.
    Anybody know why?


  42. Tony Hales Says:

    @41 That’s because there hasn’t been any change to Freesat OTA downloads since 26th May. Simples.


  43. Richard Crichton Says:

    @41 That shows that Freeview boxes have problems and Freesat boxes are stable.


  44. Jonp Says:

    @42 and @43
    Agreed that this is true for instability problems.
    What made me wonder is that the Harvard version level 1.9.1 is not the latest.
    My Bush HD Freesat box is currently at version 2.2.6 and has been for months.


  45. footy Says:

    Further to my ? at 38, If the HD box I am using to send the signal from, the HDMI lead goes to where,as the recorder only has a HDMI out to the TV At present the scarts do the work, but what is the point in having an HD box with scarts-defeats the exercise. Any ideas, must be a solution.


  46. Al Catraz Says:

    45 Footy: if you’ve bougth a new freesat hd box with built in recorder, you don’t need an “hdmi in” as you can replace your existing (non-recording) hd box with the new one.


  47. Richard Crichton Says:

    @44 There have been problems with the 2.2.6 firmware (see Digital Spy forum ) also not all boxes can handle that firmware version it depends what the MAC address of the box is so perhaps DTG are playing it the only way they can by not broadcasting the 2.2.6 firmware.
    “Problems since upgrade”


  48. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @45 footy

    There are two reasons I can see for having scarts on a HD Freesat box. It allows it to be connected to any TV HD or SD. I know the quality is much lower than HDMI but it gives the box backwards compatibility. Secondly it can be connected to recording devices for example a VHS video recorder. Whilst this would not be an optimum method for recording as the quality is low it is useful for people who may not be in a position to be able to afford a HD recorder.


  49. Brian Damage Says:

    So what happened to the Panasonic iPlayer update? Isn’t there supposed to be one update in July and another in September?

    Why isn’t July listed on the DTG schedule?


  50. Jonp Says:

    Not reached their due date as published –
    2009 manufactured Viera televisions: End of July 2010
    Hopefully they will meet it!


  51. Paul Says:

    Hi, i have sky+ but want to get the Humax HDPVR. Can anyone tell me the best way to watch in freesat in another room as i have a magic eye with sky. I know thw humax pvr does’nt support that.


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