10 thoughts on “Update Scan – 06/01/10”

  1. Why oh why do I have to do an update scan because a channel has added the word ‘Direct’ to their name? Couldn’t this have waited until a proper change or addition of a channel was made?

  2. @1. Why should they Freesat is going nowhere now Freeview HD is nearly here with three HD channels. Sony and LG have announced TV’s with built in Freeview HD. That will be the norm from now on. Sad to say there is no point in having Freesat now unless you can’t get Freeview. HD picture will be just as good on Freeview it seems.

    @2 Agreed. Freesat is desperate now. Any old rubbish makes news. We want more HD channels, end off.

  3. But where I live Freeview is not so good. We only have a few channels and the signal quality is poor. I believe some people have lost two of the ITV channels with the latest upgrade, not that I got them on Freeserve in the first place. For me Freesat is far superior.

  4. Eskimo Sympathiser @ 2:
    The point of the “Update Scan” threads are purely for our information. When you switch on your box & are advised that you may need to do a scan for channels as content may have been moved, changed or removed, you may have no clue after that scan what the changes may have been. For this site to advise us what that change is seems only fair & reasonable to me. Keep up the good work “JoinFreesat.co.uk”.

    Richard Crichton @ 3:
    It must be tough for some TV companies to justify the fee to join Freesat. Some of the shopping channels we casually “diss” make money hand over fist, so Freesat to them is just another market place of 600,000 subscribers (? not sure if that figure is correct), where they can make more money hand over fist. As financial circumstances improve, I am sure there will be more content on Freesat (try launching anything in a recession).
    Freeview HD…same difference surely. Given that a great percentage of the UK population must by now have HD ready TV’s (..and isn’t it the case that some 60% of those do NOT connect them to anything which gives them a HD picture?), the next questions they may possibly consider might be…
    1. Sony & LG have TV’s with built in Freeview HD. Am I likely to want to buy another television anytime soon? (Ditto 3D televisions)
    2. For Freeview HD I will possibly need another set-top box / PVR. Am I happy with the set-top box / PVR I have? If 60% of the population don’t bother connecting anything with HD output to their HD ready set, is a Freeview HD set-top box or PVR going to fly off the shelves in huge quantities? For sure, both you & I would be interested, but I rather suspect that such product will be relegated to a side shelf in Currys / Dixons etc as they seem to want to peddle $ky.
    3. If you look at other threads on this site & others, it’s safe to say the jury still seems to be out regarding Freeview HD picture quality. Let’s wait & see eh? Given that the “roll-out” seems to infer that by the time the World Cup is upon us, large major conurbations will have access to Freeview HD blah blah….let’s wait & see eh?

  5. How much will these DVB T2 set top boxes cost? I dare say they will be around £100. They will reduce in price but if DAB radios are anything to go by I doubt if they will be as low as existing Freeview boxes.

  6. My Goodmans SD box used to tune Channel 108 and include it ih the EPG. Of course, I couldn’t get the HD picture, but the sound was there, as were the programme details – handy for anyone thinking about upgrading.

    My STB is now blissfully unaware of 108; is this what update scans are all about?

  7. hi i am not up to date on this hi tec (getting on in years)but if i get a humax pvr with twin lnb, will i be able to get freeview as well as freesat.?? sky is to much money now so thought i would try this way save money in long term. any help would be appreciated

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