Update Scan – 08/09/09

We often get asked what changes were made when a rescan is requested on your Freesat receiver, so thought it might be a good idea for us to post the changes up as the software itself doesn’t really give much information which is a shame. We’ll try to update you on these either just before or just after they go live.

Update – 08/09/09

0 Added
0 Removed
1 Changed (810 JML Cookshop moved frequency)

9 thoughts on “Update Scan – 08/09/09”

  1. @Allan

    Not to everyone’s taste but bare in mind that these channels pay for inclusion on the EPG and without them would Freesat be a viable service?!?!

  2. It’s interesting that channels are moving frequency. Perhaps they’re being persuaded to move by the big channels to allow the new HD channels? Or am I thinking too much into this?

  3. I got the update yesterday, however it said:

    0 Added

    0 Removed

    0 Changed

    which is very annoying!! I think I’ve deleted all the shopping channels though, so is that why it’s reported no changes? It’s detected that something has changed and needs ro rescan but has not in fact needed to alter anything in my channel list.

  4. Does anyone else have an issue with rescans preventing any scheduled recording until you go in and accept them ? I seem to be 2 episodes of the wire short after my hols and recall a rescan to accept when I first got home ?

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