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  1. As a loyal viewer of Channel 869 “Read Me”, im very sorry to see it go… Perhaps i can tune it in manually! lol πŸ™‚

  2. Is it possible to install a surround system with the humax pvr bearing in mind my tv only has one HDMI connection. If so what type of system would i require and would i require any additional equipment.


  3. Wow! I’d never even noticed channel 869. It couldn’t have lasted very long!

    Why bother with a frequency change, unless something is coming soon which was likely to interfere with it. Here’s hoping…

  4. @Martin
    You need a home cinema system with HDMI inputs to use with your Humax PVR. Then connect the HDMI output to your TV. Most decent Home Cinema amps have 3 or 4 HDMI inputs these days.
    Alternatively just connect the optical out on the Humax to the optical in on the surround system and mute or turn down the TV speakers. Simples.

  5. @Bob – Channels seem to change frequency a lot. It could be to shift the channels around to have a big space for a HD channel instead of lots of little spaces between channels. Or I could have no idea how satellites work. It’s possible that it’s moved from Astra onto Eurobird though (which I think is unlikely…).

  6. I always get excited when the Update Channels message appears. I keep hoping that Sky News has suddenly popped onto the EPG so it can be easily viewed in Freesat mode – sadly not this time.

    Does Admin is able to give any info on if / when this might happen? Thanks.

  7. @brusselsman

    I doubt it will happen for a long time; Sky aren’t going to make it easy for one of their channels to be accessed via a rival platform. However, give it enough time when Sky can see a benefit from advertising revenue not only for third party businesses but also in promoting their own offers, you may see it arrive.

  8. @admin

    Many thanks for your reply. I suppose there is much more advertising revenue to make from Freeview viewers than Freesat.

    I am just keen on getting ready access to a different perspective on issues rather than the safe but often bland view of the BBC. Certainly would have been good over the past month (as illustrated so well by the clip from @Richard Crichton – what a great clip. Thanks!)

    (I still have my old FTA PVR on ASTRA wired up – it is just a bit too clunky to make the swap)

  9. The one channel that really is needed on the freesat platofrm has to be Sky News. It is available manually and also on freeview, but sadly lacked on freesat. Until this arrives I am afriad that freesat is very much freeviews poor sister.

  10. Am i missing something here with sky news ?

    I cannot see what all the fuss about it. On the rare occasions I have seen it on freeview, it always comes across as very inferior to the BBC News channel, plus sky news is also littered with adverts ever 12-15 minutes.

    When you’ve got BBC news, which IMO is the best news channel, why do you need another ?

  11. It seems S4C2 (which puts a placeholder out 99% of the time) has moved of 12129V, looking at Linowsat there is currently 14MB of nullpackets on this TP so maybe there are plans afoot for another HD service to go on to there, who knows!

    @John – I’m more than happy without Sky News, I like my journalism from a non-Murdoch biased perspective! Once they launch Picnic on Freeview you might see the end of Sky News and Sky Sports News too so make the most of it.

  12. I doubt if Sky News would be appearing on the Freesat EPG, however Sky News is on the Freeview EPG together with Sky 3 and Sky Sports News, but I gather Sky have plans to replace them with encrypted services.

    Personally I prefer watching the BBC news channel because you don’t have to sit through Ads.

  13. As we only receive the four main channels here, I installed a second hand Sky box, about 12 years ago, and in all that time, I will only have watched Sky News, about half a dozen times. Freesat has completely changed the way I watch TV, and long may it prosper.

  14. From the BBC’s own website. Feb 25th 2010.

    “Sky News is celebrating after the Royal Television Society named it this year’s news channel of the year.”
    Thats why its needed. (Unless your happy with 2nd best)

    As its free to air everywhere else all I am saying is that its a great shame its missing from Freesat.

  15. @brusselsman 10, I wouldn’t mind having Sky News on the EPG. Although it’s rather amusing watching some of the apparent desperation for it given the frequent anti-Sky remarks that pop up from Freesat-ers. πŸ™‚

    “I am just keen on getting ready access to a different perspective on issues rather than the safe but often bland view of the BBC.”

    Do you watch the other Freesat news channels? You often get much better and more varied perspectives on those than you do on the BBC.

  16. @ASK – Ditto. Freesat has been a real eye opener. I even like the French news channel. My only gripe is lack of variety in the music channels (and Freesat scores over Freeview here). the best ones seem to be non-freesat.

    @Martin theaker. Rather than use a surround sound system I hooked up my hi-fi and sub-woofer. Everything operates from an Eon plug so only one item left on standby. I haven’t really got the space for anything else.

  17. John 11 and 16,
    That’s not what you said, ” Untill this arrives I am afraid that freesat is very much freeviews poor sister.”
    I welcome any channel to Freesat, as each addition, makes it stronger, and for myself, I am not happy with 2nd best, but many years ago, Grandad went to No1, in the Charts, but I did not rush out to buy it, because in my opinion, it was rubbish, but I did not question, or deride those who did, as that was their choice

  18. Admin
    Post 8

    I was always made to believe on previous posts on this forum that Freesat was not a rival platform to Sky, only to cover areas in the country where the Freeview reception was poor. I could not help noting the lines below in post 8 as follows.

    I doubt it will happen for a long time; Sky aren’t going to make it easy for one of their channels to be accessed via a (rival) platform.

    Funny that.

  19. Ultimately they are rivals no matter what Freesat or Sky say; they are after all taking customers away from each other.

    Sky will see inclusion on the Freesat EPG (at cost) as a wrong move at present, as it increases the channel line up and appeal of Freesat, without maybe exposing enough advertising or promotional opportunities for Sky, though that is likely to change as the viewer base on Freesat improves.

    A little extreme but it is like BBC iPlayer offering a ITV Player option within their own service; it might help promote ITV Player, but it certainly wouldn’t fit!

  20. Sky news has become a total joke. Kay Burley and Adam Boulton are two of the worst newsreaders / presenters out there. They make presenters on Fox News look professional.

  21. They have Sky News on in my local Gym and whenever I have to injure it your bombarded with constant promotion for Sky’s channels, films and packages together with a news presentation that I’d describe as ‘showbiz’ – flying graphics all over the place, whooshing noises etc! BBC News is regarded as the ‘most watched news channel’ which I’m sure still stands.

  22. Don’t know if anyone caught “Have I got news for you this week”, but they showed 2 clips of sky news:-

    One clip showed hecklers in the background chanting. “Watch BBC news, sky news is sh*t”

    And the other showed Adam Boulton totally losing the plot with the person he was supposed to be interviewing, just ranting and shouting at him. A perfect example of why sky news is totally inferior to the BBC news channel.

  23. re:24, i just noticed that the adam boulton rant was already mentioned in post 9. (my apologies for repeating it)

  24. Sky news is unwatchable. Adverts every 15 minutes and that annoying Quatar weather sponsor every 15 minutes.

    BBC news is better but that music is unbearable.

  25. Does anyone know why ITV HD on its new position on the EPG still does not have sub-titles? I am a hard at hearing person and use sub-titles to help me enjoy programmes.

  26. #27 – Shane

    I’d like to echo your call for subtitles on ITV1 – HD. Most of the programmes are simulcast in upscaled SD and already carry subtitles in the SD format. I face the choice of enjoying the bright shiny colours and sharp detail (which I stop noticing if the programme is interesting!), or following what’s going on. ITV won’t let me have both.

    BBC – HD carries subtitles, so it is clearly not a technical problem. Come on ITV – get your fingers out and look after your hard-of-hearing audience.

  27. Ha!… you guys make me laugh… I bet you all would abandon BBC News if Sky News HD! came to freesat! then no one would complain about the adverts.

  28. My own standards?! I was just commenting on the silly reasons to dismiss sky news. Like having ads every 15 min and sponsors. ALMOST all channels have these. We have a PVR use it.
    Is that the first time you seen a journalist lose the plot?! Should I quit watching BBC because some of there journalists lose the plot?!! I can give you one example if you want… makes Adam Boultons little rant look like a sissy fit:



    Just trying to bring a little perspective on this as Im bored of all the Sky bashing.
    Please don’t think I am a Sky supporter im not! I have freesat.

    @34 To be honest I don’t watch a lot of T.V but I am tempted to watch the odd wild life programme and documentaries if they are shown in HD. Like I was impressed with that Richard Hammond’s invisible worlds which looked fab in HD

  29. Why would anyone use a pvr to watch a 24 hour news channel? When I watch the news I want it to be up to date, not recorded early so I can fast forward adverts.

    What you linked to was a tv show, not live news. They could have edited it out and no one would be the wiser. But the BBC decided to leave it in.

    Kay Burley to the wife of a serial killer “Do you think if you’d had a better sex life he wouldn’t have done this?”

    Kay Burley on 9/11 “If you’re just joining us, the entire eastern seaboard of the United States has been decimated by a terrorist attack”

    I could go on, she is unprofessional and so is Sky News for keeping her.

  30. The ads do make a difference on a news channel because you rarely record news channels (or at least i don’t !!). When you watch news you watch it live, so i would rather watch a news channel without regular ad breaks.

    I suppose if its a major news story then it could be good to flick between BBC news and Sky news just to get a different perspective, but on the whole I can’t see it being much of an improvement to freesat by having sky news.

  31. Sky News is worth having, if only for Eamonn & Charlotte on Mon-Thurs breakfast time, Mark Longhurst the Fri. anchor is a most informed news reader & is equal to Jon Snow on Chan 4 7pm news, also the bunch of “nuts” Sky has to review the news is far ahead of the bores on BBC newspaper reviews – Henry Kelly, James Whale, David Davies, the guy from the Sunday Sport, the MP for Slough etc.etc.
    If you want real rubbish then stick with GMTV, you also have the ads. as well!

  32. Dex 35,

    There you go again. What you may think is a silly reason, is your opinion, and you are entitled to it. As for Sky bashing, I can only say, that I have never posted anything anti Sky, but I’m sure it needs you to defend it, after all, we wouldn’t want it bullied, by big Freesat.

    By the way, if you choose to defend something, don’t qualify it, by saying your not a supporter, of that, which you have chosen to defend as it devalues it.

    I am a supporter of Freesat, and I do that, by telling the people, who choose to read this website what I think of it,that may help them decide for or against but I have never, been on, or posted on, a Sky forum.

  33. has anyone any idea how to put channels on a pvr 9150 recorder in the order you want. many thanks m simson

  34. @36 Jon, 24-hour news channels often show special reports, interviews and debates that you might want to record. I wouldn’t normally want to record live news though!

  35. Yeah I use to try and record click on BBC news but gave up as it keeps getting pushed for breaking news. I just watch it on the iplayer now. A programme of it’s quality should be on bbc2.

  36. Yes, Click is often clobbered by breaking news. Not too bothered though as I’m just a casual watcher. If I really need to see something then as you say it’s iPlayer to the rescue.

    Recording from the news channels is in general hazardous because of (a) the breaking news element and (b) often no proper EPG, e.g., just says “news” when there might be a documentary or whatever in that slot.

  37. Rural TV Showing a programming suspended caption. Will this channel be removed at the next rescan?

  38. I think it’s linked to the flooding in Nashville Mark so no.

    it’s like that scene in “True Grit” when Glen Campbell says to John Wayne, “I ain’t dead yet, you bushwhacker. Hang…

  39. #45 & 46

    The Rural TV website is today (May 28) saying :-

    “Dear Viewer:

    We appreciate your concern and want to assure you that we are currently making alternative arrangements for our satellite feed in order to re-establish a better service for you.

    Rural TV will be back June 14, 2010 stronger and better than ever.

    Please continue to check this web site for more details. Alternatively, please feel free to send your messages to: info@ruraltv.tv

    Thank you for your commitment and dedication to RURAL TV, our programmers and advertisers.

    Best Regards from RURAL TV”

    Hope that helps.

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